Saturday, 9 March 2013

Queen Of The Grumps

The lack of sleep, and feeling like shite erupted in a rather narky way yesterday...stay clear...Queen of the Grumps was out in force!

I wasn't too bad when I woke up, just proper tired and still feeling a bit woozy, but EVERYTHING irritated me. Little things, big things, insignificant things *sigh* Not a great way to start a day :(

I tried to improve it with a nice cooked breakfast though.

Didn't work, delicious as it was. So as Gary worked away on the ceiling, I sat, watched TV and the grumps just descended even more. Hague mentioning how grumpy I was just made me more grumpy as well. Not even a soak in the bath cheered me up :( 

Once Gary was done we headed out to do some various bits and bobs. It was raining. Lovely. Even picking up Disney fairy spaghetti, Hello Kitty mouthwash, Mikado and 3 new Gerbils didn't work. Yes it was that bad O.o

I had a real craving for gnocchi, and seeing as we'd been to Tesco to pick up a steak for Hague, I grabbed some there and treated myself to 5 syns worth for dinner. We saw a friend in Tesco too, always nice to run into him, but I was still grumpy. I won't lie, dinner was absolutely lovely, but I wish I'd been in a better mood to enjoy it more - does that sound silly?

Mixed with the gnocchi was courgette, broccoli,  tomatoes and spinach, plus 4 blue cheese light triangles and my HeB of Stilton. I'll be having it again soon as it really was gorgeous!

With that eaten, and quite frankly my mood getting much worse, I decided to call it quits and head to bed. Even tales of Crufts from TOK couldn't pick me up, and when you get to that point, there's no hope!

Food Diary

Free Food

Healthy Extras
A - 4 blue cheese light Laughing Cow triangles
B - 30g Stilton

3 Quorn sausages                    3
250g of Tesco gnocchi            5

Total syns                               8

Wow, I really was a cheery little morsel yesterday wasn't I? There were some high points of yesterday though, getting the new Gerbils for one, and I'll make sure I add some pictures of Minky, Al and Flash soon. I also got a cheque from my home insurance for £25 cashback I didn't know I was getting, and my Twinings samples arrived and the Camomile and Maple tea is simply to die for.....Hmmm all that happened and I was still a miserable bitch. Personally I think that takes quite some effort, well done me ;)

Mood improvement today, I promise x

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