Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pallets and Ponderings

Last night at work was a weird one. Very stop/start as we'd run out of pallets, how a huge factory and warehouse managed to run out of pallets is another question....but it meant that we had a lot of time of waiting around as the lines couldn't run. My mind always seems to have a wander at times like that and last night was no exception.

I found myself thinking about how much weight I've lost - and how much I still have to lose. About how much I still seriously dislike my body and wondering if that will ever change. I'm worrying about being left with loose skin, which I'm pretty sure I will be left with after losing such a huge amount of weight. I guess these are quite negative thoughts, but they didn't feel particularly negative at the time - they're things I will have to face up to at some point, but I won't let myself get despondent. I always knew this would be a long journey, and at the end of the day whatever body I'm left with, it will be smaller than the one I have now, and it will be a healthier body as well. Night shifts really are a bugger for overthinking everything!

Shall we get onto my food? Once again I found myself not overly hungry, perhaps my stomach is shrinking? Nah, it'll just be a non-hungry week lol! Anyway, I didn't get up until really late, 6.30, and so hadn't left myself that much time to get fed and showered before work! Once again I fancied comfort food though, and so sausage, mash and veggies was the order of the day.

I think I may actually be addicted to Quorn sausages! So yummy though, and I thoroughly enjoyed the cheesey broccoli and cauliflower too :) With that eaten, it was time to get going as I needed to top up the car as well. Why do I always forget these things until I'm just about to leave and have to rush? 

When I got to work we were making this....

We make this most weeks, so I have no idea why the smell was so overwhelming today, the factory smelt delicious, a mix of spice and fruit and I knew I had to try some! There never seems to be any in the shop, so I hadn't tried it up until now, but when I had my first break there was some in the tea room and so I treated myself.

Ooh it was yummy! I had it warm (obviously) and I will definitely be trying to get some more, perfect for when it's cold! As I said, work was a pain, with the lines stopping all the time, so the highlights were pretty much my meal breaks! Lunch was something a bit different, but as we're budgeting, using up bits and bobs is a priority, so I had some gnocchi in a tomato sauce.

Hague had sorted it out for me, and the sauce was amazing! When I asked him about it, all he'd done was reduce down a tin of tomatoes with onion, salt, pepper and dried was so flavoursome, and all he'd done was mix it and left it to boil, top tip there from the Kitchen of Hague! I had both halves of my HeB too, and this time I opened up the Bear yoyo's for you to see what they are :)

My final break involved, some more red berry squash and a banana to get me through the last hour or two (with the lines still stopping far too often).

After work I made a quick pitstop to Tesco to pick up the few bits that are cheaper there, potatoes and courgettes before heading home to bed, there really is nothing like crawling into a lovely, cosy warm bed after a night shift! 

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 2 Bear yoyo's, 1 Alpen Light

3 Quorn sausages                    3
Shape crumble yogurt              ½
125g gnocchi                          2½
milk in tea (2)                         1

Total syns                              7

So there we have my Wednesday :) Not a bad day really, despite my overthinking of everything! I woke up today with lots of lovely comments about my latest video diary too. I never set out to be an inspiration, or brave, or any of the other lovely things people say about me, but if I can help any of you, in any way, then that makes me happy :)

Oh, and coming over the weekend, 25 random facts about me - as I've been challenged by Slimming Mum :) 


  1. In order to not overthink bad stuff here are a list of things to think about tonight

    1. How awesome a unicorn onesie would be
    2. How awesome dog onesies would be we could dress boo as doug and vice versa or as something equally cute like a bear
    3. Cheese and the many merits of cheese
    4. New words that can be used like awesomesauceness and nomesis (spelling may be wrong)
    5. How to build a time machine


    1. We need unicorn onesies....and I shall endeavour to find a Basset one now :)
      I shall also be pondering my random facts and what to warble on about in a new video diary or hang with broadcast whilst cleaning tonight!

  2. haha cant't wait to read them!! Don't stress too much over the skin thing I had really big worries after having 3 children in a relatively short space of time and being considerably overweight most of my life but mine is not as bad as I anticipated so far honey x

    1. I can only hope that my skin goes back to some level of normality, guess it's a case of wait and see :)
      I'm working on my facts right now!

  3. thankyou for showing the bear yoyos :) jakki x