Monday, 11 March 2013

Out With The Old

After blogging yesterday we headed upstairs to settle down and watch a film as bed is both warmer and more comfortable than the sofa. However I got slightly side-tracked by sorting out my wardrobe. My SW group is having a charity clothes swap on Saturday and it's a good an excuse as any to finally clear out the masses of far too big clothes from my wardrobe and basically try on everything in there to see if a) it still fitted and b) if I still liked it. I think we can safely say I had quite the clear out...

Plenty of room in the wardrobe for new clothes now eh? I still have some boxes under the bed of clothes that I've outgrown, and I figured I might as well go through those as well. Some highlights of the sort out were discovering a size 18 River Island top that fitted me again, and a pair of size 20 jeans that also fitted. What a boost :)

That was last night though, so shall we get our butts moved into today? I had a lovely night's sleep, and actually managed a lie in for the first time in days and days and so woke up feeling refreshed. Didn't stop me wanting to stay in bed though as it was freezing out there! We did finally get ourselves up though, and I started the day with my normal cuppa (or two). I had decided on magic pancakes for breakfast but I ended up getting lost in the world if internet surveys in an attempt to earn lots of Amazon vouchers - I think my total for today is £30....not bad! Although it meant that I didn't get my pancakes done until gone 2pm - whoops.

I'd not had them for a while, and they were as nice as ever, even without the honey that I hadn't realised we didn't have :( They are great for a filling breakfast though, even if I did make 4 larger ones rather than the 8 or 9 wee ones I normally make. The topping is just natural yogurt and chopped apple. 

I then decided to embark on an experiment with my swish double slow cooker. Preparing mushroom soup in one side and rice pudding in the other, it was pretty easy to get everything prepped. I had both courses of my dinner in the slow cooker within 10 minutes, and then just had to wait for 3 hours for it to cook. I used the time productively chatting away to TOK whilst getting the clothes for the swap washed, dried and folded. And still trying to earn Amazon vouchers :)

By about 7, dinner was ready. The soup was gorgeous as always, and I had enough for two nice warming bowls over the course of an hour or so.

Perfect for cold, lazy days. The rice pudding however was a wee bit of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong the recipe is just fine, it was more the fact that the slow cooker doesn't actually separate the two compartments and so my rice pudding had a distinct hint of mixed herbs about it that even banana and muesli couldn't mask. Lesson learnt!

The rest of the evening was whiled away reading and texting TOK - whilst washing, drying and folding more clothes! I did need a snack as fuel for blogging though :)

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
stock pot
pearl barley

Healthy Extras
A - 875ml Almond Breeze milk (in the rice pudding)
B - 35g porridge oats (in the magic pancakes)

Milk in tea (3)                                     1½
Shape crumble yogurt (in pancakes)     ½
100ml Almond milk in soup                 1
25g simply fruity muesli                       4
12 Mikado                                         6

Total syns                                           13 syns

And so the first day of my week off is nearly done and dusted. I'm finally feeling back to normal, and it felt good to be productive, even though I still have lots more clothes to sort out! Looks like I've actually managed to get my blog up on the same day I'm writing about too. Go me :) So all that's left is for me to wish you goodnight, and to ask for crossed fingers for tomorrow's weigh in as I'm a mere ½lb away from that next shiny sticker!

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