Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Onesies and Weigh In

Monday's always seem to appear far too quickly, even more so when you've only had one day off over the weekend. As I'm working nights, I like to have a huge lie in on the Monday, but much as I tried this morning, it wasn't really happening. Hague got up, and I found myself checking out Facebook and chatting to friends rather than falling asleep. When the doorbell rang and I heard it was the postman delivering a parcel, all thoughts of sleep were banished as my Onesie of Awesomeness had finally arrived!!

How amazing?? I love it to bits, and in a way, it's a bit of a non-scale victory, as I'd have never fitted in it before I started SW. As I was up, I had a couple of cups of tea, but then was sent back to bed by Hague as otherwise I'd have been beyond shattered for my night shift.

A few hours sleep later and it was time for me to get up and head to weigh in. I normally weigh in on a Tuesday, but as I have the joys of a 12 hour night shift tomorrow, I plumped for weighing in tonight at another local group. I'm pleased to report that I managed to get rid of last week's gain, and another 1½lbs on top of that, a loss of 5½lbs, and a total gone now of 6st 12½lbs! Next week, I really want that 1½ to get my next award! That loss also means that I'm back over halfway!

After weighing in - and attempting to start a video diary on YouTube, without much success - I just about had time to eat and have a coffee before I had to get ready for work. Hague pretty much had dinner ready for me though - and my lunch for work too :)

Quick and simple, pasta with vegetables and in a tomato sauce, topped with my HeA of cheese. Perfect to keep me going during the night. With that eaten, and a coffee downed it was time to head to work.

I did manage to make it in on time, despite spending far too long in the car trying to work out why my YouTube videos were too quiet. I discovered that the skin on my phone actually covered up one of the microphones, and so a bit of adapting later and my first successful diary was uploaded (it's here if you want to take a look). Wih that sorted, it was a bit of a rush to get in and get onto the line :)

First break was something a bit different today. In the name of budgeting the Crunchy Curls have been ditched in favour of Asda smartprice maize snacks, a mere 57p for 12 bags, and they range from 3½ to 5 syns a packet, depending on the variety.

The salt and vinegar sticks are the highest synned, at 5 as they're 100 calories, but it made a nice change (and they're certainly a hell of a lot cheaper than Crunchy Curls!). I had some Bear yoyo's too, and a couple of Fruit Shoots from the work fridge.

A busy day meant that lunch arrived quite quickly. It's funny how you manage to train yourself to accept eating at all sorts of times when you work shifts, and lunch was eaten at just gone 2am!

Another Hague special, this time egg fried rice with some stir friend veggies and baby corn, along with a Shape crumble yogurt and a hifi bar. The only problem with having something nice and filling at this time of night is that I want to go to sleep after eating it....but alas, I still had 3 hours left of work before I could head home and nod off! I even had another break to take, and fuelled myself for the last couple of hours with a banana and a cup of green tea.

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
stir fry mix
baby sweetcorn

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 2 Bear yoyo's and 1 Alpen Light

milk in tea (2)                               1
200ml Almond Breeze milk          2
Salt and Vinegar sticks                 5
2 Fruit Shoot                                1
Shape yogurt                               ½

Total syns                                     9½

Hydration - 3.8L

So there we have Monday. I'm writing this as my shift draws to a close, I still have an hour left, but when I get home it'll be straight to bed for me to get some sleep in before tomorrow's 12. I hope you do take a look at my video diaries (apologies for the first two which are stupidly quiet), as I'd love to have a bit more interaction with you all!

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  1. The onesie looks ridiculous how old are you? Get a life

    1. Well...thanks for taking the time to comment...but I'm quite happy and content with both my life and my "ridiculous" onesie.
      Ridiculous must be some new code for amazing :)

    2. I think it looks like quite good fun...how sad is life if you can't enjoy a onesie?! x

  2. lynz53@hotmail.co.uk26 March 2013 at 13:17

    Really enjoyed your blog Karen welldone on your weightloss imweighing in tomorrow but am expecting a gain as ive been away for the weekend to celebrate my birthday so will try to make up for it next week.By the way i love your onesie! x

    1. Thank you, I had a gain after my birthday, but that's what birthdays are for, to enjoy yourself right?
      I rather love the onesie too...but obviously it's not everyone's cup of tea!

  3. Very brave to comment as anonymous! Love the onesie!! Well done on your weightloss!!

  4. Yay for the loss!!! :D Over half way again, huh? That's an achievement to be so proud of! =D *High five* I tried a onesie on once and it was so tight and I looked like Tinky-Winky the teletubbie as it was purple. Your so lucky to be able to wear one! I've never seen one like that before, the hood makes it extra awesome! ;) (Some people drink funny tea :p)

    I'm re-joining SW tomorrow so fingers crossed there. ^_^

    Jiggipop @ Onwards & Skinnywards

    1. It's nice to be back over halfway again, I was starting to doubt myself, which is silly! This one is super baggy, and I'd never have even ordered it before I lost all the weight! It's pink and purple stripes too :)

      You'll have to keep me updated as to how you get on at SW! xx

  5. Love the onesie Karen.

  6. I have a fluffy reindeer one, makes me smile and the kids too when I put it on, not as fun as yours though

    1. If something makes you smile, that's all it needs to do, smiling makes everything so much better x

  7. Not a fan of it either and to be honest K spending that much on something when you are already complaining of being skint is ridiculous - sorry and people who say otherwise are not doing you any favours perhaps you do need up grow up a bit?


    1. I wouldn't be so frivolous to spent hard earned cash like that when we're so skint. I did lots and lots of surveys, competitions and website clicks to earn the Amazon vouchers to pay for it. I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I adore it, and it makes me smile, which is what life is about.

  8. hiya karen what are the bear yoyos? Also, I do not understand why people are hating your onsie. everyone has their own tastes - they have no right to say anything against what you like. and with reguards to what you spend YOUR money on is your choice. you work hard enough for it. im angry for you because I dont understand why people have to say things that they do - ur doing this to help other people and people just try and bring you down.. ahh im ranting lol. hope u have had a good day reguardless :) Jakki xx

    1. Bear yoyo's are dried fruit spirals, and you can have two packets as a HeB (4 spirals). Next time I have them I'll take a photograph with the pack open.
      As for onesie-gate, M has a point, it would be highly hypocritical of me to spend over £40 on a onesie when we're so skint, but it wasn't cash, it was Amazon vouchers earnt through many a survey, our only source of income that we can spend on "fun".
      No need to be angry on my behalf, people will always have their opinions. xx

    2. if they dont have nothing nice to say they shouldn't say anything at all. lol. how do you get involved with the surveys? also where do you get the bear yoyos from? they sound yummy xx

    3. I do surveys at a few places, if you send me an email minxy@theslimmingworldfiles.com I'll send you the links.
      I get the yoyo's from Asda :)