Wednesday, 13 March 2013

One Hell Of A Hump Day!

I know what you're's Tuesday, not Wednesday (although technically due to my warped body clock and slackness in getting my blog up it is actually Wednesday now, but I digress.....) but today, I finally made it over the hump.

Yes, today I made it over halfway :) My halfway point was a loss of 6 stone 8½lbs, just half a pound short of the most weight I've ever managed to lose on Slimming World before. Today at weigh in I needed 2lbs to actually make it over that hump....and I did it :) I managed to lose 4½lbs this week, to take my loss to a total of 6 stone 11lbs. Which means I also got this today....

It's strange, I've been losing since June last year, but it's only really today, when I realised I was just 3lbs away from a 7 stone loss that I have realised what I've achieved. People tell me on here, on FB and on Twitter that I'm an inspiration, and I really don't feel like it, but today, when Claire read out my total loss I just thought...."OMG, that's nearly 7 stone, that's an insane amount of weight". I'm sure everyone has that moment, but it's taken me losing 95lbs to get there! All downhill from here right? ;)

I had a shocking day really though. I woke up after 3 hours sleep, and tried to nod back off to no avail for hours, finally dropping off again at around 11am. Hague then came and stirred me at 3pm! I guess the old body clock is reverting back to it's nocturnal ways after a few days of waking me up early eh? Obviously getting up so late meant I wasn't going to be having a large breakfast just a couple of hours before weigh in, so I fortified myself with a cuppa before heading for the shower, and then group.

I've already regaled you with how my weigh in went - sort of - but a rather large round of applause must also go to Hague who this evening got his 2 stone award, his Club 10 award and (joint) Slimmer of the Week award, not a bad haul! I'm pleased to add that the joint Slimmer of the Week award was shared with me ;) Pretty successful weigh in for the Mitchy Hague's today!!

Obviously after dinner I was rather peckish to say the least, and I had planned on having sausages and wedges, however my mind had turned to pizza. I've been having a niggly little craving for a while and so I decided to indulge myself :) 

Were you expecting a take-away?? Shame on you! ;) As Claire said today at group, if you've read your book you'll know that Treat Night is not actually mentioned as part of the plan, and this week was no different for me, it was carry on as usual, as we do every week. The pizzas were made on Warburton's Sandwich thins, and served up with sweet potato wedges, coleslaw and peppers. 6 syns for that plateful, rather than the 600 or so I could probably have eaten in syns with a large takeaway one! Dessert was courtesy of the SotW basket, a gorgeous, sweet pineapple.

You may have noticed I'm rather partial to a pineapple, and as they are once again part of the Aldi Super 6, I have 3 more that we picked up today :) Gotta love Aldi! With the rest of the evening being whiled away trying to earn Amazon vouchers by completing nightmare surveys designed purely to get your contact information, I was rather peckish again as the clock turned towards midnight and so I rustled up that super quick favourite of egg on toast.

Not just eggs on toast, I had some Disney fairy spaghetti, mushrooms and tomatoes on there too. It's funny how children's spaghetti can put a smile on your face, it's all TOK's fault that I'm now addicted to it though :) With that eaten, I sorted myself out a cuppa and Benefit bar to enjoy whilst I completed my blog for your viewing pleasure.

Food Diary

Free Food
coleslaw mix
sweet potato
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread from 400g loaf

Milk in tea (3)                                        1½
Apple puff slice (at group)                      1
2 tbsp Hellman's extra light mayo            1
Warburtons sandwich thin                      5
Benefit bar                                             3

Total syns                                              11½

I know Treat Night can be a controversial subject to those that follow Slimming World, or any weight loss plan. By reading the FB groups, and talking to those in my group - including Claire who admitted today to succumbing to Treat Night on her own journey - I know it's a pretty common thing to do, and it's quite often followed up with the comment "I still lose every week". However, my main concern about Treat Night is the mindset behind it ....

"I've had a great loss, I'l treat myself tonight"
"Oh well, I've gained, I might as well have something I want tonight"
"It doesn't count"

For me, they are all such damaging behaviours. I'm determined to get myself out of the mindset of using food to treat myself, as it then becomes an emotional crutch, a treat and a comfort, which is part of the problem. Having a Sod It night when you've gained can be downright destructive, letting a downward spiral start, which can quite easily get out of control. As for it not counting.....why? The minute you step off those scales, your next week has started, why would you want to start it off trying to claw back damage straight from the off?

Sorry for getting all preachy, but when I say I follow the plan 100% when people ask me how I do it, this is what I mean. No treat nights, weighing and measuring healthy extras and syns and having my 1/3 superfree as much as possible. No magic tricks, no luck, just following the advice I pay £4.95 a week to get :)

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