Friday, 22 March 2013

More Thanks and Too Much Work!

Yesterday was rather a big day for this little blog. A blog that I started just to help keep me on track on my Slimming World journey. I wasn't expecting many people to read it, and certainly never intended to find myself with over 100,000 views and with over 400 people liking my Facebook page! I know I've said it before, but every view, comment, email and message keeps me going. I vary my meals so as not to bore you, I photograph everything I eat so as not to mislead you, I share my life so you understand the pressures I put on myself and those that life throws at me. In return, I get support that is immeasurable, and will eventually help me get to target, and stay there. So again, thank you all.

After that lovely little bright spot shall we drop back down to earth with a bump? Back to the land of a 12 hour shift in a squash factory? Righto.....Thursday morning, 4.30am and a weary eyed me swears at the alarm clock before dragging herself out of bed, into clothes, and off to work. I do find earlies so very hard, and this was my second 12 hour shift of the week, so you can imagine my mood! The machines weren't behaving very well either, and so it was with relief that I made it to my first break, and I was already feeling rather hungry.

The usual first break fare of Benefit bar, banana and green tea. I am enjoying the different flavours in my little variety box, and find them all refreshing, which is what you need at work, well I do anyway! Speaking of drinking, ever since the lovely Weight Loss Bitch talked about hydration in one of her blogs, I've been pondering how much I drink. I always put away much more than 2l a day, and I was wondering just how much I actually need. There are a fair few calculators online, and so I had a play in a quieter moment. They consider your weight, levels of exercise and diet to work out how much fluid you need. It was quite an eye-opener to realise that due to my work, where I'm lifting, walking, and on my feet a lot, I'm classed as highly active when I'm here, and I was recommended to have around 4l a day to keep myself hydrated at work, and about half that when I'm at home (weekends and weeks off). I've been using a little app called Waterlogged to record what I'm drinking, and most days I do manage at least that - so obviously, when I'm feeling hungry, I actually am :)

Back to work, and to my breakfast then. Once again, it was a similar story, except it used the last of my pineapples :( Hopefully Aldi will still have some when we go tonight, and instead of muesli I had rice pudding, which is officially my favourite breakfast!

So filling and totally yummy! With work busy it was a struggle to keep up chats with Hague and TOK, but I did my best, got to keep myself sane after all, and my final break passed with just another cuppa. At 2pm on a Thursday, we have a quick team brief, and so it was to that I headed before having my lunch. The one chink of hope in a 12 hour shift on a Thursday, that extra break from the line :)

Lunch was leftover chilli, snack a jacks and a yogurt. Leftovers really are a godsend when you want something quick and I would always recommend overcooking everything you make so there are always quick meals in the freezer for when the Can't Be Arsed's strike! With the combination of briefing and lunch it was 3pm before I was back on the line, not so bad, and those 3 hours passed by soon enough and I could head home to Hague.

We'd already talked about what I fancied, and I'd decided on something reasonably light as I pretty much had to head straight to bed afterwards and so he did me a lovely frittata, full of veggies and topped with cheese, simple, but delicious and exactly what I'd fancied.

Accompanied beautifully by some Disney fairy spaghetti dosed with HP Guiness sauce. We then turned our thoughts to budgeting, I've already told you how tight things are looking in the coming month, so we have decided to bargain chase this week with our shopping. We have a Tesco and Asda close, plus an Aldi and Lidl, so we have decided to give MySupermarket a go, where you can compare current prices of anything you buy to find out where it's cheapest, so we worked out which meals we'd have for the week, and what extra ingredients we needed to make them. Hopefully this will become the norm for us to try and save those pennies!

Before we got finished though, it was time for bath and bed, so up I went, with some Mikado as a little treat to enjoy whilst I had my soak.

Food Diary

Free Food
veggie chilli
spaghetti shapes

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - Alpen Light and Benefit Bar

Rice pudding                  2½
Snack a jacks                5
Shape yogurt                 ½
milk in tea (2)                 1
HP sauce (tbsp)             1
9 Mikado                      4½

Total syns                     14½

Another high syn day really, but I'm still within them. I'm blaming a combination of tiredness and the horrible weather! I am finding myself struggling a wee bit this week and I'm not sure why. I'm craving sweet things, and thinking about off plan foods for no real reason. Perhaps I'll treat myself to something that feels bad, but is on plan tonight to try and curb the cravings. I'm not feeling unmotivated at all, I'm still on plan, but my mind is turning to the wrong types of food, I shall not let naughty food win though, can't let you all down eh? ;)


  1. hi Karen I love reading your blog you ate doing so well. not sure if I could drink all that water though! Just so you know shape yogurts are freethey used to be syns but the recipue changes this year

    1. I seem to happily drink all day long, it's not all water though, I have tea quite a lot too :) The crumble yogurts are still syns :( x

  2. I think u are truely inspirational. ive always struggled with long shifts and not having the money and have used it as an excuse for not doing well - u have shown me it can be done. im so glad I have come across your blog. I read it every day to keep me motivated. Thank you :) jakki x

    1. Thank you so much, I honestly think that if you want something bad enough you'll find a way. Leftovers are a godsend when working stupidly long shifts. I'm so, so glad I can help you xx

  3. You're a little bit inspiring, you know that? :) I came across your blog this morning when debating on if I want to go back to my local Slimming World group.

    I've added you to my dalies and I look forward to following your journey!

    - Jiggipop @ Onwards & Skinnywards

    1. I really don't see myself as inspiring, but I'm hearing it a lot more! Thank you so much :) For what it's worth, I'd say go back to SW. The support is priceless really :) x

  4. I have 2 coffees then drink water the rest of the day. It definitely helps to keep me full.
    Even though I don't do Slimming world I still love reading your blog.