Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Monday and Misery

What a downright horrible day Monday was. It started off crap with a 4.20am alarm and ended up just as bad with me and Hague downright miserable. Joy.

So the work rotation has begun once more, and I dragged myself out of bed just after half four to get myself sorted, and as Hague was still in Barnsley, the animals too. I'd got my breakfast all prepped the night before, so luckily that was just a case of grab it and go, but I also had to remember to send Boo out for her wee, leave some keys for Hague as we hadn't realised I was on 12's today, and get the dishwasher going (again). I did manage to get myself out on time though and headed to work. As only one line is running, I was working on my own, not such a bad thing, it meant I could get my blog up anyway! Monday mornings involve the start up anyway, and so prep work had to be done, which means quite a lot of hanging around, and maybe a sneaky extra break :)

For my first break I had my first delve into my Twinings green tea variety box. I sometimes get bored with having the same tea at work and this seemed the pefect solution. My first choice, to accompany my Benefit bar and apple was mango and lychee. Very nice indeed. With an extra break, I had a chance to try another tea, this time orange and lotus flower - I think this one was probably my favourite, and it wasn't one I was expecting to like, this one will probably vanish first :)

With the machines up and running, and TOK safely on email to keep me sane, it was soon time for my breakfast. Something a bit different today, in an attempt to save a HeB.

Rice pudding :) With 25g of muesli and a banana, wonderfully filling and just perfect for breakfast. Although I might have to skip this for a while in the name of budgeting as I had decided to be all efficient and get April's budget sorted out so we know where we are...answer is....not in a good place, around £120 short for the month, which is nice :( I relayed the news to Hague, which then put him in an even worse mood as he travelled back from saying goodbye to his boys for 3 week. It never rains, it pours in the Mitchell-Hague household, I guess I will be ebaying my old corsets after all!

Anyway, back to work, and as I sometimes do when I get a bit bored I started working out various bits and bobs to do with my weight loss. I worked out that I've now lost 27% of my starting weight, which is quite scary to think of, and I also worked out my loss in terms of the cases of squash my machine produces. Bearing in mind that I can barely lift two of these, I've actually lost 3 cases of squash, so here's a nice visual for you!

No wonder I struggled to get up the stairs and had such aching feet spending all day lugging this lot around on my back! In case you're wondering, each case weighs 14.3kg!

With my maths done for the day, it was time for the shift changeover, which meant my lunch. A rather hefty leftover portion of the mushy pea curry from yesterday's dinner.

It had definitely improved from being in the fridge overnight, much more flavour to it, so perhaps this will be a recipe to batch bake in future. It certainly filled me up anyway, although judging by the after effects, a lot of the full up feeling may had come from gas O.o The last 4 bonus hours at work weren't too bad, TOK was keeping me excellent company and  the machines were behaving, which is the best you can ask for really, with my final break out of the way in the shape of another green tea (apple and pear - not the most flavour, but that could have been because I drank it after eating a banana...) it was time to go home before I knew it. Sort of.

I got home after 13½ hours out of the house to a very down Hague. Which of course dragged me down too. He's always down after seeing the boys as he does miss them so much, but with my monetary bombshell he was proper p*ssed off :( He did make me dinner though, a nice cheesey affair, whilst he did himself burgers, wedges and beans.

Low effort, but highly tasty with my HeA of laughing cow triangles and 5 syns worth of Stilton, I then had myself some pineapple and a chamomile maple tea before bed. I'm starting to sound like a Twinings advert today!

Food Diary

Free Food
mushy pea curry
Quorn fillets

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese light triangles
B - 2 Benefit bars

25g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli          4
Rice pudding portion                                     2½
Shape yogurt                                                ½
25g Stilton                                                    5

Total syns                                                     12 syns

So despite a not very happy household, I managed to stay on plan, after all, what will that gain me except, well, a gain? I'm down enough at the moment without the prospect of a huge gain tonight at weigh in. Although to be honest, with it being my earlies week AND star week, I'm not holding out much hope for a loss anyway tonight, I do struggle to shift any weight on this week, and with the way this week is already shaping up, it'll probably be a big ol' gain :(


  1. Awww, what a day! BUT, you stuck to plan and did not fall off.
    I am well impressed about the cases of squash as a weight-loss visual! What a great way to keep you motivated.
    :) xx

    1. I did stay on plan, still gained though :( 4lbs back on, how horrible is that? xx