Monday, 4 March 2013

Just Not Enough Time!

These night shifts really do play havoc with spare time. As does taking boyfriends to interviews and train stations and seeing films! I really don't seem to have stopped in the last few days and so my poor little blog has suffered! I shall update you all on the various thingums I've been getting up to over the last few day that have kept me away from my blog!

Thursday night was a normal 8 hour shift at work, and the first time this week that me and Hague have actually managed to spend any proper time together!! The day started off with a large coffee, as sleep hasn't been that easy to come by this week :(

Made with 200ml of the almond milk, for just a single syn :) This was swiftly followed by my dinner! 

Lots of mushrooms and spinach along with 45g of Stilton - I fancied splashing some syns out :) With that eaten it was all too quickly time for work, and to save on time and space I'll just post my foodie pics up :)

 As you can see, I kept myself nicely hydrated on Thursday, and shall just update you on the fact that I had 8½ syns over the course of the day before I rattle on to Friday :)

Friday was manic. After getting in just after 7am, I was awake again at 10.30am to take Hague to a job interview. We got back home just after 1, and so I tried to get a bit more sleep, I was woken at 3pm by a rather happy Hague to tell me he'd been offered the job! No point in trying to sleep any more after such wonderful news and so when I had to get up at 4 to eat and get ready for work I was a wee bit tired! Dinner was ready though :)

 I know it's Friday, but I really fancied a nice roast dinner to set myself up for a 12 hour shift, and the lovely Hague certainly delivered, it was delicious :) Nicely stuffed it was time to head off for work - shattered though I was!

Now, I quite often mention that I always take plenty of food in with me at work, seeing as the only other source of food at work is the vending machine, I have to, so as I'm not tempted. I've mentioned this a few times, so I thought I'd share just how bad this vending machine is!

I think you'd struggle to find anything in there under 10 syns!! Much safer to take my own bits and bobs in eh? I'll rattle through my various meals again, as Friday was a long, long shift, spent on my own on the machines - so not much to report except that it consisted of working and breaks.... ;)

As you can see, I plumped for another salad, as I'd really enjoyed the one I had on Thursday, and the rather odd looking microwave thingum is in fact a Quorn cottage pie, quick and easy when you have nothing in the freezer! Total syns for Friday were just the 3½ for the cottage pie and the ½ for the yogurt. Quite a good thing really as Saturday was a tad off plan...

Saturday was another day that started far too early, this time at 11.30 as I had to take Hague to the station for a Barnsley visit, then pick up the shopping. Despite spending the best part of £60, we still have no cereal bars, baked beans or tinned tomatoes, so I have to make time to head to Aldi at some point this week :) With all my jobs done, I settled down to try and catch some more sleep, only managing an hour or so before having to get up showered and head to the cinema to finally watch Les Miserables!

Oh it was good, it was better than good it was utterly amazing. So much better than I'd expected or even hoped it would be. It's just a shame that crying isn't Body Magic or I would have had a good two hours under my belt :) I did take a couple of cereal bars with me to stave off the hunger, but I was so enthralling with the film I didn't get around to eating them. 

After the film, myself and my friend seemed to find ourselves in the pub, where we partook in a couple of cheeky drinkies, which were going to be my only syns of the day. However, we both headed back here, and as we were both starving we called for a take-away....very naughty. Even more naughty was the fact that I washed it down with some wine...

I won't lie though, it was bloody handsome! Really delicious, and much as I'd like to say it wasn't that bad, I had egg fried rather than boiled rice, and the option of tofu with spring onion and ginger, which was probably quite SW friendly, was negated by the dolloping of a rather large helping of Satay sauce on the top. Oops.

When finishing off the wine I seemed to find myself eating my cereal bars, some Mikado and a pack of Crunchy Curls dipped in the remaining Satay sauce. Very bad indeed, and most certainly a day off plan! So once food diary!!

Shall we head back to normality? Well, normality-ish, as I finally nodded off past 3am, and then find myself wide awake at 6am. I tried to get back to sleep to no avail, and so caught up with some episodes of Derek and fed the animals before finally dropping off to sleep again at about 10am. Next thing I knew it was 6pm and I had a phone full of frantic message from Hague who was worried sick about the lack of contact :( With him suitably reassured, and myself suitably told off, it was most definitely time to get something to eat!

A perfect weekend brunchy type meal. As I was hungry, and it seemed silly to put a single sausage back in the packet I had four of the bad boys, as well as my HeB of bread, eggs and wedges. After enjoying Les Mis so thoroughly yesterday, and then falling asleep during the DVD last night, I decided to have a bit of a musical day :)

With the DVD of Les Mis watched, I put some more rice pudding in the slow cooker, this time with an added Options white chocolate sachet and settled down to watch Hair. Sometimes it is rather lovely to have control of the TV :)

When the rice pudding was ready, I decided to ignore convention and didn't have dinner, just dessert :) As I'd put my HeA of milk into the pudding, I just had a rather large portion, with a banana and some muesli stirred in.

It might not be a conventional Sunday dinner, but it was lovely :) As it's hurtling past midnight, and my film is over, it's probably time that I headed up to bed. Roll on tomorrow and a more normal routine with any luck!

Food Diary 

Free Food

Healthy Extras
A - 875mls Blue Diamond Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf

4 Quorn sausages                         4
Options hot chocolate sachet        2
25g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli         4

Total syns                                                     10

So there we have it, the manic last few days duly reported on. I can only apologise for not updating you, and also for the rather rushed nature of this blog. I shall be back on much better form tomorrow I promise :)  Thanks for sticking with me!!

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