Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hitting Home and Happy Days

It's been quite an exciting day today. I woke up at 9.30 after a decent amount of sleep, and a quick check of my email showed me that I finally had my Amazon voucher and could order The Onesie of Awesome. Now stage 2 of the impatience must start as I wait for it to be delivered. I did a bit of Facebooking and then decided that I might as well settle down for a bit more sleep. I only got about half an hour or so though before Gary turned up to put some finishing touches to the kitchen ceiling. As the kitchen was out of bounds I decided to get my Greatest Loser entry form finished off. As I won my group's award, I have to fill in an online form for the national competition. I am under no illusions that I'll win it, but I needed a decent "After" photo, and so decided that before we went out today, I'd get Hague on the case.

First things first though and once Gary was done it was time for breakfast, courtesy of Hague :)

As you may have noticed, we're getting low on vegetables lol! It was still a lovely breakfast though, only disturbed by the postman, who delivered some pretties that I had ordered to celebrate reaching halfway towards my target. How beautiful are they?

Handmade by the wonderful Whimsical Wren - I love them so much, and decided to wear them today :) As I also needed an after picture, I decided to dress up a wee bit. Something I rather enjoying doing nowadays, and do at every opportunity! So would you like to see a Before and After shot?

Okay, so it's not technically after as I'm only just over halfway, but it really hit home, when I put these pictures side by side just how much weight I have actually lost, and how much difference it has made, not just to how I look, but to how I feel too. I shared this picture on Facebook too, and have been massively overwhelmed by the response I got. So many kind words from so many people, and it has really given me such a boost. Quite a few people were saying that they're not sure where another six stone could possibly come from, but trust me, at 18 stone and 5½lbs, there is still plenty left to lose, and as we are all our own worst critics I'll point out the tummy held in with the tights, and the fact that one leg is in front of the other ;) Self deprecation aside, it made my day to have such positive feedback from so many people, so thank you all.

After posing for Hague, we headed into town. We had a couple of bits we had to get, but ended up having a wander around some of the local charity shops as it tried to snow. I didn't pick up anything, but Hague treated himself to a couple of new shirts for the princely sum of £3, and I bought myself some large spuds and mushrooms. I'm a sucker for a large vegetable ;)

Once we were back indoors, one of the spuds went straight into the oven for lunch, it's been ages since I've had one and I was rather looking forward to it.

There are two Laughing Cow extra light triangles lurking in there, as well as some cottage cheese, and I thoroughly enjoyed it :) 

With the rest of the afternoon spent reading all the comments on my picture and texting TOK it was dinner time before I realised it, and with the help of TOK I went from not knowing what on earth to have for dinner to formulating a new idea, influenced by my lunch yesterday.

Two of the large mushrooms I bought in the market topped with a cheesey orzo creation. Now, there is a A LOT on this plate, and I realised as soon as I dished it up that there was no way I'd eat it all, and so put aside half of it for later. It was really tasty, and as it's something I'll have again, here's how I made it.

Cheesey Orzo
Knorr herb pot
Quorn steak strips (I was going to use the chunks but I didn't have any)
4 blue cheese Laughing Cow light triangles

I put the orzo in to cook, and whilst that was cooking I fried the onion, garlic and steak strips in some fry light. When the Quorn was cooked I added in the courgette and the herb pot with a little bit of water. When the orzo was nearly done, I stirred the spinach and Laughing Cow's into the veggie mix, along with pepper, a little bit of lemon juice and some of my garlic and chilli grinder. I then removed it from the heat and stirred in about a quarter of a tub of the Quark. I then threw the orzo in and mixed it all together. Then I just topped the mushrooms that I'd had in the oven whilst everything else was cooking.

It was really good, I surprised myself with how tasty it was, and I think it will become a regular dish. I did manage to eat the other half of my meal after a couple of hours, good job really as it had my HeA in it :)

I also had some good old Mikado and the Camomile tea that I'm currently addicted to :) 

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
tinned tomatoes
fat free cottage cheese
Kraft fat free Italian dressing
Knorr herb pot

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese ight triangles
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese

3 Quorn sausages                                   3
Milk in tea (3)                                        1½
2 Laughing Cow extra light triangles        2
12 Mikado                                             6

Total syns                                              12½

Today has actually been rather a lovely day. So many good things have happened that I'm feeling incredibly content, happy and blessed. Silly things, such as buying my onesie, simple things such as walking around town holding hands with Hague in the snow and things that just made me feel on top of the world in the form of all the comments, likes and tweets I've received today. So I shall sign off, in my happy little mood, hoping that tomorrow shall continue in this same, wonderful vein.



  1. Just read yr page you already have an amazing result, such a difference in photo's well done you :)

  2. U r awesome! & u look gorgeous. I hv no doubt u will succeed wiv the rest of yr journey. As I am reminded regularly, its a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the view as u go! xx

  3. Well done pet you look gawjus xx