Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Golfy Gains

A golfy gain I hear you say, whatever can you mean? Well, at weigh in last night, my fears were realised and I had a big ol' gain :( 4 lbs on. So, plus four.....can you see what I did there? Sorry! Now regular readers will know that nothing has changed particularly in my eating this week, no bad habits have crept in, and I haven't gone over my syns since the girlie lunch last Wednesday. However, as I've said, I'm on earlies and it's star week, so a gain was my result.

Now, you all know that I am a member of quite a few of the Slimming World Facebook groups, and regularly on there people will post saying that they've stuck to plan 100%, and they've had a gain, so they're going to have whatever they want, or give up completely. Well, I'm now in that situation again, fair enough I had an off plan lunch, but the rest of that day, and my week was totally on plan. Was I annoyed and frustrated when I got off the scales? Hell yes, I'd gone from touching distance of my next award to half a stone away. Did I go home and console myself wih crap? No, I didn't, and I wouldn't. Have I decided to chuck my dummy out of the pram and give up on Slimming World? Of course not. It's those decisions that make or break your weight loss journey. You might turn around and say to me, it's alright for you, you've already lost over 6 stone. Well yes, I have, but I still have over 7 stone to lose, that's still a mountain to climb, but you know what? I'd never get to the top of the mountain if after each slip I'd just let go of the rope would I?

Our bodies like to play tricks with us, they like to retain water, process food a bit slower, bloat when you've eaten something different. They like to give us odd losses when we don't really deserve them, and whack on a gain when we've had a lovely on plan week full of super free foods and different meals. Such is life, and it's only by giving up that the real damage will be done, and I don't plan on doing that. Ever.

Phew, bit of a preachy one from me there, shall we move swiftly onto food? For some reason, during my first break at work, I'd decided I wasn't hungry and so just had a cup of tea.

I then returned back to the factory floor and felt really hungry. Numpty girl! Another lesson learnt, always have something to eat at first break! Luckily, my next break was my half an hour one, and so I could nom on my breakfast, lovingly sorted for me by Hague.

My usual breakfast of muesli with yogurt, apple and banana, some pineapple, a Benefit bar, and due to lack of water in the fridge again, a small can of diet fizzy.

Speaking of drinks, I've been trying out some new apps to track what I'm drinking. I'll be honest, I'm not sure why, as I know I drink plenty, but I'm never one to dismiss a new app fad :) I'm using two at the moment, iDrate and Waterlogged. Both have their good points, but I'm not sure which I prefer...anyway, once again I have gone off on a tangent!

Shall we return to the exotic locale of the Brivic factory in Norwich? With the machines running well, I had plenty of time to natter away to TOK whilst she was at work, and Hague once he joined the land of the living. Not a bad way to pass a day really, and my final break came around rather swiftly.

Yet another cuppa, along with a banana. I knew I wouldn't be eating again until after weigh in, so made sure I had something. With that eaten, and the final hours of work then done it was time to head home. I had planned on a little nap before heading to group, but instead, Hague came upstairs with me and we had a rather long chat about his weekend and so I pretty much only got to be all nice and cosy for a while rather than napping, but I'm not going to complain about that!

I've already covered my gain this week, so I shan't dwell on that anymore. Hague had another loss, 2½lbs off for him, so he's still going great guns. Whilst at group, we decided on dinner of cottage pie, and so when we got in, Hague set to preparing that whilst I had a cuppa and caught up with the online world. As you know, I follow lots of blogs, and have recently been posting a list of them on the Slimming World Files Facebook page. One of those lovely bloggers, who doesn't use her name on her blog, so I won't here, mentioned me yesterday as an inspiration to her, and said that my blog had given her a kick up the bum. It was a lovely thing to read, especially after a crappy weigh in, so go and give her a read, and give her some of the wonderful support you all give me just by reading about my journey every day. You can find her blog here.

I've hit a tangent again haven't I? Sorry....right, I said, cottage pie was on the menu, and as neither of us had had many syns, or a HeA, it was a rather cheesy-licious meal.

It might not look much, but it tasted lovely, especially with my rediscovered new Favourite Thing (HP Guinness) liberally poured over the beans. Yum! I had seconds too! The problem was that by the time dinner was eaten it was nearing 9 o'clock, not good. So when I headed to bed I was still rather full. One of the hazards of an early shift and not getting in until gone 7pm from weighing in. Whoops!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
Quorn mince
mixed frozen veg (carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower)
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A - 60g LowLow cheese spread
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruit muesli

Benefit bar                     3
milk in tea (1)                ½
30g Cheddar                 6
1tbsp HP sauce             1

Total syns                      10½

I'm not sure what to change up next week to get the result I want. Claire mentioned in class this week that something to look at if you're struggling is using syns on HeB items, which is something I do a lot, so that might be something to ponder if I struggle to lose this gain. Another thing that was mentioned to boost weight loss is to eat a lot of the super speed foods from the book, so again, something I'll look at, but as most of it seems to be fruit, and we're on a tight budget, that tip might have to wait for now!

Finally, as it's now Wednesday, it's officially TOK's birthday, so I'd like to wish her a truly wonderful birthday, as she totally deserves it as she's amazeballs and I love her lots!


  1. I'm glad you gained. Your attitude to that gain is truly inspiring. When i'm struggling your words of wisdom just make sense. You have to look at the whole months losses not just that one week then you'll find you've actually lost quite a lot.

    1. Whilst I'm still not glad I gained, I AM glad that I might just have helped you through a sticky spot xx