Saturday, 30 March 2013

Discoveries and a Damn Good Friday :)

Hmm, is calling it Damn Good Friday blasphemous? Oopsie! Today has been a damn good day though, just simple, but lovely :) 

I got out of work an hour early last night and so got into bed an hour early. I was a bit fidgety last night, and when I stirred at not long after 12 I didn't feel like I'd had enough sleep, however, an hour spent lazing in bed with Hague, chatting about everything and nothing and I felt much better when we finally did emerge into the cold...we're keeping the heating off in the name of budgeting! I did need a rather large milky coffee though, just in case ;)

With a bit of wake up juice inside me, we had a bit of a sit whilst deciding whether to eat or shop first. This took quite a while though, and in the end we just wanted to get the shopping out of the way! A bit of research had ensured we didn't overspend and in the end, by getting bits at Tesco, Asda and Aldi we got our weeks shopping for less than £30, £27.50 to be exact, not bad going eh? We also discovered these little beauties in Aldi....

99p for each pack of 10, and the Crunchy Fries are just 3½ syns, whilst the Cheese Curls are 3 syns, bit better pricewise than the Crunchy Curls at £1.40 for four! So get thee to Aldi for low syn bargains, they also had 29p bags of pasta and lots of veggies in the super 6. With the shopping done, including some inventive parking due to the hideous traffic, we headed home to finally get ourselves something to eat. In a rather worrying turn of events, we had the same breakfast.

I say the same, he had beans, but I'm a good girl and wanted my superfree, so went with mushrooms and tomatoes. We then set to the main business of the day....and sat on t'interwebz chatting to various lovely friends, well I did, Hague did lots of Avengers missions on his Facebook game. I got my 25 random facts up as well. Then, as it was bloody freezing, we decided to have a bath to warm up! Two hours, two episodes of Derek and many hot water refills later we emerged, nice, warm and relaxed. I had slipped into my onesie and an evening of much relaxing was planned. Firstly though, dinner. I had planned on making cannelloni, but decided that stuffing the tubes was way too much work for a lazy day and made lasagne instead. It was a team effort, with Hague making the tomatoey awesomeness from the other day (which had sweetener in it too) whilst I made the spinach and cheese mix for inside.

It was utterly gorgeous! Really full of flavour, and yet another for the make again list! It was pretty easy too. As I said, Hague did his tomato reduction, and I cooked off courgette, mushrooms and spinach, then I just stirred in some Quark and cottage cheese with a touch of nutmeg. I used that to make the lasagne layers, topped it with the tomatoey noms and cheese then baked for 25 minutes. It was already quite late though, so I spent most of the rest of the evening catching up on Twitter - when I say catch up, I mean engage in random awesomeness with TOK - and chatting to Shane. Not a bad way to spend an evening, and the simple fact I was wearing my onesie made me happy! After a while I needed something sweet and so my King of the Pineapple chopped my last one for me.

Nom, my last pineapple. Hurry up and get them in again please Aldi! After a bit of Rocky 5, I was peckish again and decided to give the new crisps a go, along with some Mikado, my nod to Easter :)

The verdict? A big thumbs up from me for the Crispy Fries, very much like French Fries, but much cheaper and fewer syns. Lovely job! With my snackage nommed, and the time now edging close to 1am, that's it from me for the day, and a lovely day it's been too.

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
lasagne sheets
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

200ml Almond Breeze milk (in coffee)         1
Crispy Fries                                                3½
Milk in tea (1)                                             ½
10 Mikado                                                 5

Total syns                                                   10 syns

A slightly different Good Friday to last years where I stuffed myself with many, many buttery hot cross buns. Just too dangerous to have in the house this year, as I can't stop at one, yet another diet nomnomesis! I hope you've all had a lovely Good Friday, and have resisted those evil little curranty b*stards! Next stop resisting the Easter eggs :)


  1. Love all your tips about budget food! x

    1. I know I'm not the only one struggling, and a lot of people see SW as an expensive plan to follow, I'm showing that it really doesn't have to be :)

  2. Karen well done sounds like u no what ur talking about all sw does is reminds u how to eat properly and that not all food is banned I've been doing sw since last August I'm now at target after losing 3 stone I love sw enjoy

  3. hope everything is okay karen as u havent updated in a few days. jakki x