Saturday, 23 March 2013

Budgets and Buns!

Friday, the day most of us spend all week waiting for, the day that marks the end of work and the weekend at last. Not for me, despite already working 40 hours this week, Friday was just another day as on earlies I have to work Saturday too. Seriously, this shift has no redeeming qualities whatsoever!

Anyway, onto the food of the day, which I'm sure will contain no surprises :) First break at work was slightly diferent as we have run out of bananas, so a different fruit accompanied my cereal bar - today brought to you by Slimming World for a change.

So the usual start to my working day, which wasn't too bad as I was in a strangely good mood, and the machines were sort of behaving themselves as well. This is very odd behaviour for me, and so I put it down to lack of sleep, especially when I realised I was singing and talking to myself too.....ah, sanity, how I miss thee ;)

Soon though it was time for breakfast, and as I walked into the tea-room I was attacked by that most delicious of aromas......toasted hot cross buns. Is there anything nicer? This of course got me and TOK discussing hot cross buns, their hideous synnage and general nommy-ness, I think I have found another of my diet nemesis, or as I christened it yesterday on Twitter, a nomnomesis :)

So I sat in the tea room, eating my muesli, trying not to be obvious in my attempts to inhale the aroma right out of the air whilst I munched away! With TOK in command of operation Hot Cross Bun, trying to search out a SW friendly recipe, it was back to the line for me, to clock watching and general busyness until I could have another break :)

This break may actually have been worse. With no food to distract me, just a cuppa and a texting TOL (I'd forgotten my Kindle too!), someone was actually EATING the hot cross buns this time. There they were, a few feet from me, hot and buttered and smelling divine....I'm just hoping that smells don't have syns, otherwise I may have just had my limit as I sat there with my cuppa taking in the deepest breathes you can imagine! Torture, pure torture! However, I managed to survive, and headed back to the line with a task in mind. I had to come up with a list of meals for the week. Now, I never know what I'm going to fancy on any given day, so I didn't do a list for a meal for each day, just a list of several meals that we'd usually have during the week anyway. Then I worked out what we actually needed to cook them. This all sounds really simple, but usually we shop for things we've run out of, without thinking about what we already have in to cook from. So with Hague having stock counted the kitchen, and with our meal plan put together, a shopping list was created :) Quite a productive afternoon really, seeing as I was also running a packing machine :)

I was planning to have a cuppa, something to eat and then head out to get the shopping, however, once I'd got in, donned my scruffies/pyjamas and had a cuppa in my hand I seemed to find it rather hard to move. I was absolutely shattered. At this point I'd worked 48 hours, and been up for 10 hours. I was so tired :( So rather than actually go shopping, I consulted MySupermarket, found out what items on the list were cheapest where and drew up an Asda list to be clicked and collected, and a very small list of things which were cheaper at Tesco to go and pick up afterwards. My mind then turned to lunch, and a very budgety lunch it was too....

Remember the chilli we had the other day? Well, it turned out really quite liquidy, and so we'd dished it up with a slotted spoon and in rather a wonderful brainwave, Hague had saved the excess liquid and put it in the fridge, so with that thrown into a pan, along with a generous dollop of frozen mixed veg, lunch was go, and it tasted absolutely lovely, and once again, a way to use a meal twice!

My usual routine of nothingness was then disrupted by WeightLossBitch, who had discovered a new iphone app called hang w/. What this little app does is allow you to broadcast live to your followers, and then interact with them in real time, as they can ask you questions. It's a great little app, and it meant that I spend quite a while listening to her broadcasts from the day, myself and Hague chuckling away at her turn of phrase. I, of course, signed up (as MinxyMissK) and shall be broadcasting myself later - quite a scary prospect, but it would be lovely to have some of you listening, and maybe ask any burning questions you may have :)

Onto dinner then, which for once was the same for both of us.

That simplest of SW dishes, tomato and vegetable pasta topped with a HeA of cheddar. Just what be both fancied and it was delicious, funny how something so easy can really hit the spot! As I'd been to Aldi to pick up the things cheapest from there on the way home, dessert was a pineapple. Lovely.

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
chilli juice
mixed frozen veggies (peas, carrot, cauliflower and broccoli)
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 35g Jordan's unsweetened muesli

Hifi bar                       3
milk in tea (2)             1

Total syns                   4

So that was Friday, although today feels like Friday as it's finally my last day of the week. I'll work 56 hours this week, and I still don't have enough to get through April....fabulous! I shall not end on a negative note though. My blog is now up to date, I have a shopping list that should feed us both for a least a week for under £35, my onesie should be here any day now, and when I get home later I can have a big fat nap, a big fat bath, and the weekend can begin! Yay!