Friday, 8 March 2013

Another Slight Delay!

It really hasn't been my week for keeping up to date with my blog! I woke up on Thursday morning, feeling tired but okay. It was 7.30am, but I'm used to a bit of weirdness after a migraine, and I had slept quite a bit on Wednesday so I wasn't too bothered. I ligged in bed for a little while, but in the end got myself up as Gary was returning to do a bit more work on our ceiling, and I wanted to get a cous cous quiche sorted to take into work. I know....up at stupid o'clock and being productive, I should have known something wasn't right!

With the quiche in the oven, I wasn't really sure what I wanted for breakfast, and didn't want to get in Gary's way and so had a very low effort plate of bits and bobs.

I washed that down with a couple of milky coffees (thank you Almond Breeze milk) and unsurprisingly headed up for a quick nap before work. I was up in time for work though, and got myself up and sorted and on my way...

Then it all started to go a bit wrong. I'd not got more than a few hundred yards when I realised I was really having to concentrate on what I was doing. My vision was a bit odd, with dark circles around the outside of my view, and I felt, well, odd. A couple of times I almost stopped and turned around, but I'd promised I'd be in and so managed to make it to work. Someone spoke to me on the way in - and it sounded like I already had my ear plugs in. Not good. I did try, and spent an hour on the line, but I felt utterly unable to safely work. I felt like I was doped to the gills. This isn't something that's every happened to me after a migraine before, and quite frankly, I'm finding it quite worrying. I heading home, fuelled by a bottle of water and an Aldi benefit bar in case it was a sugar crash, very carefully and tried to get some sleep. I didn't manage it , but spent the rest of the day in a bit of a fug - food was secondary. Luckily the cous cous  quiche that I had made came to the rescue for dinner.

I just warmed it through and did some wedges, and added a dollop (2 tbsp) of Asda extra light mayo. Not long after that I wanted to head to bed, but Hague was a bit concerned that I'd not had much to eat, and that I hadn't had many syns, and so I had one of the little packs from my most recent Graze box.

It was rather delicious, although I'm not sure it was worth 7½ syns! But Hague had said he wanted me to have some :)

Once in bed I went pretty much straight to sleep, however I woke up a couple of hours later and then struggled to settle again and so decided to try a hot chocolate to get myself back to sleep.

It worked eventually, and as it was made with more of the Almond Milk, made Hague's concern about syns a bit of a moot point really....

Food Diary

Free Food
cous cous

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar (on top of quiche)
B - 2 Aldi benefit bars

600ml of Almond Breeze milk                3
2 tbsp Asda extra light mayo                  2
Banoffee graze nibbles                           7½
Options hot chocolate                            2

Total syns                                              14½ - so much for not enough syns eh? ;)

I'm getting faster at getting up to date anyway! I'm not at work again today - I don't want to risk another day like yesterday, and will get myself good and fit over the next week as I'm off work anyway. For now, I'm planning a relaxed day, with Hague looking after me, and watching Twitter for anymore fallout from Weight Loss Bitch's blog yesterday ;)

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