Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Little Bit For Charity, Mate

The wearies overtook me yesterday and so my blog fell by the wayside I'm afraid. I'd had an immensely lazy day really, only leaving the house to go shopping, which was immensely annoying and grump inducing.

I did manage breakfast before we headed out though, and inspired by a chat to Rosie about St Paddy's Day, a craving for Guinness was lurking and so a quick search of the cupboards yielded a bottle of the HP sauce with Guinness, which I decided to mix into my tomatoes. Verdict......amazing!

I'm not sure if they even still sell the Guinness HP, but if you can find it, it really added a lovely dimension to a very simple breakfast.

As is customary on Friday, it was time to go shopping. For some reason as soon as I left the house, a grump descended. I grumped my way around Aldi, although we did find some super lean mince for just £1.69 a pack so stocked up for Hague. We then headed to Asda to get the rest of the shopping. I started to get narked at trying to feed us both for a week for £50, everything seems to be going up and up :( Add to that the fact that they had no SmartPrice mushrooms, have stopped selling the Dorset Cereal simply fruity muesli, the shop was full of idiots blocking every aisle, and I was overcharged for my Crunchy Curls and surely you can see why I was rather pee-ed off as we headed home?

I did manage to cheer up, but was left with the CBA's again, and spent ages pondering what to have for dinner. I already had a rice pudding in the slow cooker, so knew that was waiting, but I couldn't just have that for dinner! In the end I went with a nice basic pasta dish.

Just Quorn meatballs in a tomato sauce, which I'd added some of my veggie worchester sauce to, which I'd forgotten about, It's called Henderson's Relish and it adds that same kick to meals. A great little discovery.

It was followed (quite a lot later) by my rice pudding. As always served up beautifully with some chopped banana :)

Not long after nomming on that we went to bed. An early night was definitely needed and I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. Although I'm not sure if I've remembered all my syns.....

Food Diary

Free Food
chopped tomatoes
Quorn meatballs

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

Milk in tea (4)                                    2
tbsp HP sauce                                   1
Rice pudding (900ml milk)                 4½

Total syns                                         7½

Saturday dawned very early as it's the day of the charity clothes swap arranged by our SW consultant. We all donated our old clothes that we'd slimmed out of, and then had the chance to buy new ones for the grand price of 50p an item. Fabulous! Although my favourite purchase wasn't clothes :)

How cute?? They need names though, any suggestions?? I did also buy a couple of tops and a skirt in my current size and a skirt, playsuit and dress in a sz 14 ready for target :) Dan also managed to pick up some jeans, not a bad little haul for not very much at all, and all for a good cause, the Leah Wilby Foundation.

After the shopping I had to drop Hague off at the station for another trip to Barnsley, however, as most of the local railway lines are out of commision this weekend I had to drop him at Norwich. With him safely deposited I headed back home and assumed my position (in my new 50p pyjamas - thank you Lisa x).

As you may have noticed, I hadn't actually eaten though, and so getting some brunch down me was rather essential!

There's actually quite a lot hiding under those eggs. Disney fairy spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, toast and 3 Quorn cumberland sausages. Nice and filling, and it fortified me nicely to sit and watch Soccer Saturday so I could keep Hague informed of the Barnsley score :) I failed slightly as I nodded off - but only for a little while. This is what happens when I wake up at 9am on a Saturday! 

Obviously, as it was heading rapidly towards 6pm, I was hungry again, so whilst I put a spud in the oven I munched on some gherkins to keep me going.

With a serious dent made in the gherkins, it was time for my spud, and I'd roasted some red onion along with the spud to both have some superfree, and to add another flavour to it.

It was very tasty, and roasted onion might become a permanent addition to my jacket spuds from now on. It was my standard triple cheesed spud, with 2 cheese triangles, cottage cheese and my HeA of cheddar. Good, lazy dinner.

The evening has followed quite the standard pattern for when Hague isn't here. Watching lots of Come Dine With Me. This is actually essential as we only have 13% left on the Sky+ box! I was also chatting away to TOK, Hague, Sacha and Shane - hence this blog taking me hours this evening :) Definitely not complaining though, as it's rather lovely to have four very different, and deliciously random conversations going on at the same time - Hello Kitty pyjamas, chewing pen tops, OFSTED and screaming foxes being amongst the gems today :)

Obviously, this is hungry work and so I rather bravely attempted to chop a pineapple all by myself :)

I did it! It was rather a proud moment - although I'll be honest, the hardest part was resisting this face as I was eating it....

This is Boo's "I'm so cute, please give me people food Mummy" :) Much as I love her, she only got the last couple of chunks as I was full - I shouldn't really let her do it, but she's just too cute :)

The pineapple kept me going for quite a while, but I really couldn't be bothered to do myself another meal. Discussions with TOK covered many options, but in the end I decided to "waste" the rest of my syns on Mikado, washed down with Camomile tea.

I'll be honest, it was hard to stop at 12. I could quite happily have munched on the box, but somehow, the desire to lose weight overrode that urge. I shall be bashing down the last hunger pangs with a banana before bed :)

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

3 Quorn cumberland sausages         3
1 tbsp brown sauce                        1
Milk in tea (2)                                1
2 Laughing Cow extra lights            2
12 Mikado                                     6

Total syns                                     13 syns

I'm afraid my unexciting life has spilt over into my blog today - with not much going on. I'd love to say that I'll have more interesting tidbits from my life to share with you tomorrow, but as it's the last day of my week off, it will probably consist of a lot more sitting, with a soupcon of whinging about going back to work added in....I shall try and make an effort to do more than sit. I promise :)

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