Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Working and Weigh In

Another day, another far too early start! Even after an early night I wake up feeling like death! I also had the added issue of worrying about how big tonight's gain would be after the last fortnight of birthdays, disasters and girlie lunches! Regardless of all that however, to work it was that I headed, in a world coated by a really heavy fog.

Work was quite busy, due to the joy of running packs with printed film, but first break came around nice and quickly and I decided to have my treat early on.

My bargain-a-licious 59p Aldi pineapples, which have been delicious this time, I might even grab some more before the Super 6 ends on Sunday! Suitably fortified it was back to work, but a busy day means time goes quickly and so it was soon time for breakfast.

The usual for earlies, Dorset Cereal muesli with yogurt, apple and banana, accompanied today by an apple crumble yogurt, a clementine and a cheeky Alpen Light bar :) Once again the work fridge is only stocked with fizzies (Oh no! Aspartame! We're all going to die......O_o). Having survived the onslaught of deadly Aspartame - sorry, it's my current bugbear - back to work it was, with more fun at the expense of printed film!

My last break was a rather muted affair, with just a cuppa and a banana to keep me going, but hey, it's Tuesday, it's weigh in day, can't go too mad.

With the help of an insanely busy last hour it was soon 2 o'clock and time to head home! I was torn between having a nap, or having a bath seeing as I had the house to myself (Hague was busy training for his new job), and in a rather bizarre turn of events a bath won out! I shocked myself at choosing soaking rather than sleeping I must admit. I managed to stay in the bath for well over an hour, and so by the time I was nicely boiled it was time to get ready to meet Hague and head to weigh in *gulp*

Tonight at group was a celebration of our journeys so far, and Claire had asked us to bring in some Before and After photos and some clothes too. You've all seen my before photos, as they're the ones I posted up on my second blog, explaining why I'm on this journey, but I had shocked myself when I pulled out my old jeans. They were huge, utterly enormous - and part of me was actually disgusted with myself for letting myself get to that size. I shall get Hague to take a photo so I can show you all :)

Anyway, onto weigh in, which I was dreading. With our home scales dead, I literally had no idea just how much damage has been done over th e last fortnight and so I got on the scales fearing the worst, would I have gained 4lbs, 6lbs, more? When I looked down I was pleasantly surprised, the gain was only 2.5lbs, and in the scheme of things, I'm more than happy with that after all the delicious food, and scrummy booze I've had since Feb 8th! I treated myself to an Options hot chocolate at class for a change to celebrate!

Hague was more than happy with his result as he had maintained - I'm guessing the girlie lunch must have to take a lot of the blame for my gain :o)

After weigh in we were both starving, but neither of us had any idea what we fancied, so once again dinner was a bit of a thrown together affair, although as I was really hungry and hadn't had a HeA, I put yesterday's left over Quorn roast to good use whilst I waited for my butternut squash to roast :)

Dinner itself was half a roast butternut squash, Quorn sausages, eggs and a mix of beans, spinach and my final two Laughing Cow extra light triangles. I rarely fancy baked beans, but with the spinach and cheese they were rather tasty. Even after dinner the hunger monster wanted more and so I had a snack before heading to bed.

Another Aldi special with the grapes, which were really tasty, but with that little lot eaten, it was definitely time to head to bed as it was nearly 9pm - so rock n roll!

Food Diary (Tuesday)

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
Quorn roast
butternut squash
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli

Alpen Light                  3
Shape yogurt               ½
Quorn sausages           3
8 Mikado                    4

Total syns                   10½

All in all, not a bad day. Work went quite quickly, weigh in wasn't as bad as expected and I had a lovely long soak in the bath.

Sorry for the delay in blogging again today though. Work has been busy once again and so I've actually had to do work rather than spend time blogging! I'm hoping to actually get today's done, well, today :)

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