Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Big 2-0-0!

This is my 200th blog post! Quite scary to think that I've been merrily blogging away for well over 6 months now. In that time I've lost over 6 stone, but have gained so many friends and so much support from what started out as just a way to record my journey! Madness, but thank you all so much for reading it, and continuing to support me via comments, Facebook, Twitter and email. It means so much.

That's more than enough sappyness for one blog though, so I shall swiftly move onto yesterday's food :) As is becoming common on earlies I'm just too tired to blog after dinner and so I'm sneakily typing away as I watch many hundreds of bottles of squash whizz past me :)

Yesterday started far too early. At 4.20 am when my alarm went off. Hideous. Luckily, I have me a Hague and he had prepped my breakfast so all I had to do was grab some fruit and a yogurt in my bleary eyed state as I left for work. First break came rather quick, and as always I was already hungry!

Please excuse the mood lighting, we've had a new ceiling put in the tea room and some of the lights weren't working lol! I'm on the green tea at work now, and that, along with a banana sorted me out nicely until breakfast.

Breakfast was my early shift staple, simply fruit Dorset Cereals muesli, mixed with fat free natural yogurt, banana and aple, along with some clementines and another yogurt. Once again the work fridge is devoid of water and so sugar free fizzy it was!

For my last break, I'd bought some snack-a-jacks "just in case" but ended up eating them anyway as I was feeling really tired and needed that sweet hit to keep me going.

I really didn't get much sleep on Sunday night, so every little helps!! With snacks eaten, and work done, it was time to head home to Hague, who had been working hard all day on his job searching. He was totally engulfed in online applications when I got in and so I sorted out my own lunch (shock horror!)

I attempted my own version of minestrone soup, and it was actually rather delicious! I softened some onion and garlic and then added a tin of tomatoes, some tomato puree and herbs, I simmered it for a while and then blended it up to make a smooth base for the soup. Then it was back to my usual method of cooking and I lobbed in some frozen casserol mix, frozen spinach, frozen mixed peppers and some macaroni and left it to simmer with some stock. After 20 mins or so it was done, and it was gorgeous! Highly recommended for a quick lunch.

Followed up, of course, with something sweet. The remainder of my rhubarb yogurt from yesterday's  breakfast.

My absolute favourite yogurt! I'm glad Asda do their own version as well, save me running all over bloody Yarmouth to get the shopping ;)

I then assumed the position I would remain in for much of the afternoon, and one the cats would happily stay in all day if I let them!

However, I couldn't spend all evening doing nothing, and so I headed up for a bath with my Kindle, still leaving poor Hague with his frazzled brain searching for jobs :( My bath was gorgeous, nice and relaxing, and I could have quite happily headed to bed at that point, but dinner was needed first. I really wasn't sure what I wanted, and even chatting to TOK about dinner options didn't help as we both seem to have been infected with the CBA's today, although we're both firmly on the SW wagon! Dinner therefore was a random plateful of Quorn roast, cheesey wedges and a salad.

Quorn roast seems to work really well with cheese, and so it tasted rather yummy, for barely any effort. It made a change to have cheesey wedges too, I rarely seem to have the cheese left now I'm down to one HeA a day so it was a nice treat :)

I then had a cheeky little dessert of 6 Mikado before heading to bed.

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
tinned tomatoes
tomato puree
frozen casserole mix
frozen spinach
frozen mixed peppers
Quorn roast
red cabbage

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli

Snack a jacks                           5
2 tbsp Asda extra light mayo     2
6 Mikado                                 3
Shape delight yogurt                 ½

Total syns                                 10½

A busy day all around yesterday really, with Hague busting his chops looking for work, and me back at work. Today holds the dreaded weigh in for me, and the start of training for bank receptionist work for Hague. I'll let you know how weigh in went later! Trust me though, it's going to be bad, but at group this week it's Celebration Week - so no matter what the gain tonight, I shall be celebrating what I've lost so far :)

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