Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Squeezing In A Sneaky One!

The combination of working nights, and 12 hour shifts means that I don't get much time to get a blog up, so I thought I'd squeeze in Monday's whilst it's quiet(ish) at work!

Today (Monday) started off quite well as as soon as my alarm went off it was up and out to go and get Hague from the station, when you add in the fact that whilst on the train he received a phone call inviting him to an interview on Friday it was a very good start to the day :)

After spending a little bit of time with Hague, catching up on all the news from his weekend with the boys I headed back to bed to get a bit more sleep under my belt before work. As I'm working a 12 tomorrow, I wouldn't have made it in to class this week, and so I decided to head to a local group tonight instead. At the moment the group is without a consultant and so it was my lovely consultant Claire who was there to greet me. I got on the scales hoping to have got rid of my gain, but certainly not expecting the result I actually got - 6lbs gone! So I've once more earnt my 6 stone award, and am now sitting comfortably in the 18 stone bracket. Funny thing perspective, I'm sure most of you reading this blog would be horrified to be weighing 18 stone something, but to me, it's fantastic! I'm now back around the weight I was when I first met Hague, over 4½ years ago, and a mere 4½lbs away from halfway. I think we can safely say that I left rather happy!

I got home to dinner, practically ready for me, and enormously filling.

A cheese and vegetable omelette along with some sploops and potato wedges. It certainly was a mighty plate full, and kept me going for hours! With dinner eaten it was time to head to work, and reluctant as I was to leave my lovely boyfriend, needs must and off I went, with a bag full of nommy food to keep me going.

First break came along quite swiftly, and I'll be honest here, I ate because it's what I normally do, and to keep myself going, rather than because I was hungry, as I was still feeling pretty satisfied from dinner. I had planned to have my pineapple, but just went for a lighter option of banana and Benefit bar instead.

Even with lots of running around, and a gap of 3 hours I still wasn't starving at my lunch break, just hungry, and so rather than tucking into just about everything I'd brought with me, as I normally do, I just had the soup and a yogurt. To be fair the bowl of soup was rather large, and really filling though, so I wouldn't have eaten anything more anyway.

After such a lovely, warm and filling dinner/lunch I came back down to the line feeling very full and very sleepy. There's a lot to be said for having smaller meals on nights thats for sure! I finished off my breaks quite late on, and managed to squeeze in the other half of my HeB along with yet another bloody 7Up :(

It's rather annoying now at work, as the vending machine that used to dispense cold water is no more, and the new one doesn't....so I'm stuck with 7Up for now, until I remember to take in a plastic cup so I can use the water cooler! Anyway, with that eaten it was back to the line for the final stretch, which I'm now on. Just 40 minutes until I can head home and snuggle into a nice warm bed!

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
spaghetti loops
minestrone soup

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - Benefit bar and Alpen Light bar

Shape yogurt                 ½

Total syns                     ½

I certainly didn't plan to have such a low syn day that's for sure, but I am still feeling full and so won't be having anything when I get in after work. Strange isn't it, how some days you just can't stop eating, and then other days you're satisfied for hours on a couple of meals. Am rather wishing I had used some syns on more cheese on my omelette though ;)


  1. Karen I love reading your blog, well done on losing 6lbs and what a great suprise for you :-)

    1. Thanks so much! It was a rather wonderful surprise that's for sure! x

  2. well done on your 6 pound loss you are doing so well with your weight loss i love reading your blogs every night and looking at what u have eaten . i got my 7 pound award tonight so was really pleased its my 3rd week just hope i keep loosing i am trying my hardest this time i can tell the difference in my body for doing the healthy eating i dont feel so sluggish and bloated anymore x

    1. Thanks Julie, I'm so glad you enjoy my blogs! Well done on your award, if you keep trying, and keep to plan you'll get there, it's a great feeling when you can feel the changes in yourself. Good luck! x

  3. That omelette looks delicioius, I'm so hungry now!

    I used to find working nights really difficult with food as well, it used to make me feel a bit queasy too!