Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rather Sucky Saturday

Following swiftly on from Not So Fabulous Friday, may I present Rather Sucky Saturday? Just to add that little bit of joy to a week of earlies, we are rostered in to work the Saturday as well. I'm sure you all appreciate just how much I enjoy getting up at 4.30am on a Saturday. Sometimes we're lucky and the work for the week is all done and we're not needed, however, I knew we'd be in today, but judging by how the lines were running, I was hoping it wouldn't be for long....

I was wrong...

Ah well, I'm rostered to be in, I shouldn't really be grumpy when I AM in eh? I hadn't taken quite enough food though, as I was expecting a 10-11am finish. As well as being at work for far too long, the tea-room was having a refurb and so tea breaks were accompanied by the smell of paint and workmen moving around all the tables. Not the best of days, but I managed to squeeze in enough breaks to eat this little lot (including my emergency mug shot that stays at work for days such as these).

The new Crunchy Curls (sweet chilli) get a big thumbs up from me, but due to my lack of preparation and overly long shift it was all a bit heavy on the old syns :( Whilst loitering at work, cleaning away, TOK kept me sane, and also offered to ring work to tell them to let me go :) Luckily that wasn't needed and we got out a whole hour sarcasm there, honest guv.

The original plan for today was very much based around me getting home early, and had involved lovely naps and relaxing baths. When I didn't get home until 2 that had to change somewhat, and so instead of a nap I cracked open the Blue Diamond almond milk and had me a milky coffee (or two)

The verdict on the Blue Diamond milk? It works! It separates a wee bit in the coffee, but a stir and it's fine. Plus it means that I can have a proper nice milky coffee for just a single syn with 200ml of milk in it. Fabulous! As I was so tired when I got in, lunch was always going to be very lazy, and so the very minimal effort meal of a jacket potato was on the menu.

They weren't huge, and so I had two. As well as being tired I was hungry too! I topped them with some chive and onion cottage cheese, cheddar and a couple of Laughing Cow extra light triangles...yes, it's the dreaded triple cheese spud that my Consultant dreads seeing me eat...sorry Claire!

I then settled down to do not a lot. With me and TOK window shopping on Etsy though the time flew by, although I'm now not sure if the world holds enough purple, gothy, fluffy, slytherin-ey, unicorn-y awesomeness for us should either of us be lucky enough to win the lottery - Etsy beware should that day ever arrive :)

With all that window shopping to be done, and my bum firmly lodged on the sofa, it was quite late when I finally got my minestrone soup on the go, but as it doesn't take long I managed to get dinner down me before too late.

Another nice and easy creation, and I have loads left over for next week at work. I just have to wait for daylight to find containers to put the soup in, as the only lights we have in the kitchen at the moment are the under cabinet ones, not overly helpful in finding plastic tubs in the bottom cupboards when the lids like to play hide and seek!

Minestrone Soup

Once again this involves my tried and tested cooking method of Lob It All In, so what did I lob in?

A carton of passata
tin of chopped tomatoes
tin of baked beans
frozen onions
frozen spinach
frozen casserole mix
tomato puree
stock pot
mixed herbs
salt and pepper
boiling water

So with that lot lobbed in, I brought it to the boil, then simmered until the macaroni was cooked - around 20 minutes. I'm sure I threw lentils in last time, as it felt like something was missing this time, never mind, it was still warm, tasty and full of superfree, so all good!

No dessert tonight, as I'm pretty full after a large bowl of soup, and I'm quite high on the old syns once more, besides, I'll be heading up to bed before too long. How's that for a stupidly short weekend? Cue grumpy face again.

Food Diary

Free Food
Asda cottage cheese with onion and chive

baked beans
casserole mix
tomato puree
stock pot

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - 1 Alpen Light, 1 Benefit Bar

Crunchy Curls                                         3½
Shape yogurt                                           ½
Creamy Cheese pasta MugShot              2½
Laughing Cow extra light triangles (2)      2
400ml Blue Diamond almond milk           2

Total syns                                               10½

With no Hague, and no nap, today is already drawing to a close. At 9.30pm. On a Saturday. Damn you early shifts! Still, I'm hoping that an early night tonight means that I might actually get up at a reasonable time tomorrow and actually do some slightly productive things. Maybe. 


  1. Big hugs xxx I promise if you ever need it I am happy to call work and advise you have to come home early due to a unicorn emergency xx