Friday, 15 February 2013

Plumbing and Pasta

After all my sappy gushing in yesterday's blog, I'll not go over the top with proclamations of love today. In all honesty I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day - I'd rather be romantic, or have Hague be all romantic when it feels right, rather than because the calendar decrees that we should all be in love. I'm in love every day anyway, something that certainly helps when all is falling down around you, or of course the kitchen ceiling....

However, in the spirit of the day, have a Valentine from me....sans flowers and fluffy thingums ;)

Hague and I exchanged our cards last night, and so this morning we could have a lovely lie in - until the postman woke us up with my latest BzzAgent goodies to Bzz about (Vanish stain remover this time - not sure how that fits in with SW though). It's a good job he did wake us up really as not long after that our friendly Leaky Lads plumber turned up. He checked over the whole bathroom and found even more problems, including a dodgy waste pipe connection from the shower, an additional water trap (which was probably causing our shower to back up and fill the tray up), and he replaced the buggered up washers in the bathroom taps. He's a good'un that man!

Due to him working right above the kitchen, and occasionally bits of ceiling and plasterboard drifting down, food was delayed, and so I fortified myself with tea for a while, but then needed food and decided that soup, prepared in a saucepan with a firmly fitting lid, was my best option, and so it was The Other Karen's favourite that I decided upon, spinach and broccoli.

It's really easy to make, with just frozen onions and broccoli cooked in some vegetable stock with a teeny bit of lazy garlic, and then some spinach and 4 laughing cow blue cheese light triangles added in at the end of cooking then blended. It only takes about 15 minutes. Paired with the Crunchy Curls (and more tea) it was a rather nice lunch/brunch.

Poor Gary was toiling away until gone 6pm, but happily we can now have a bath, although no showers until later on tomorrow! So much for our relaxing day spent snuggling together, still at least we now have a means to cleanse ourselves, always nice to know eh?

The evening passed quite nicely, as I carried on re-acquainting myself with Harry Potter whilst surrounded by   The Menagerie - Flumpy is back to her old self, I'm sure you're all pleased to know - and when Hague came back with his dinner (burgers, eggs, chips and beans), I decided that dinner might be a good idea. I'd been discussing some meal ideas with Sacha via text and had plumped for a lasagne or cannelloni with aubergine instead of pasta but I was thwarted by the aubergine being past it's best and so lasagne it was.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it was a bit of a thrown together affair - lets be honest, aren't most of my meals - and with some salad on the side was rather full of superfree food too! As always, it was nice and simple, just onion, quorn pieces, courgette, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, cottage cheese and oregano fried together (cottage cheese added at the last minute) and layered with pasta sheets, topped with my version of SW white sauce (natural yogurt, and egg and nutmeg) and a HeA of cheese and bunged in the oven for half an hour. Another recipe I'll be making again, and probably doubling up so I can freeze some too.

Being the greedy little monkey that I am, I had the rest later ;)

To be honest, I think next time I'll double up the cheese on top, and only have half, and save the rest for another day. After stuffing myself full of lasagne, I wasn't in dire need of a dessert. So we settled down to finally watch the last two episodes of The Walking Dead that had been sitting on the Sky+ box since December so we were up to date and all ready for the new series that starts tomorrow. Squee! Huge cliffhanger, so I'm rather pleased we didn't watch them until now lol!

So it was a couple of hours later that my mind turned to food again rather than zombies and I made up a little plate of treats to have whilst thoughts turned to Halloween at Hogwarts ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
vegetable stock
pasta sheets
quorn chunks
red cabbage
cherry tomatoes
low fat cottage cheese
fat free natural yogurt
Shape yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 4 laughing cow blue cheese light triangles
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar

Milk in tea (4)                     2
Crunchy Curls                     3½
Alpen Light bar                   3
11 Mikado                         5½

Total syns                           14 syns

I hope you have all had a lovely Valentine's Day - although not too heavy on the chocolates, champagne and indulgence I hope - says she who is out for a girl's lunch tomorrow....

Yep, it's that time of the month again, after missing two girlie lunches it's time for another one, and this time my Nieces will be along with us too. Much as I'd like to say I'll be on plan, I doubt I will be I'm afraid, but it'll be back on plan for the rest of the day that's for sure. I'm still desperate to ensure that the damage of the weekend won't be too horrific when we make it back to weigh in on Tuesday! So with you all nice and updated with my kitchen ceiling drama, and the food I've nommed on today, I make it time for me to head back to Hogwarts with another green tea before bed! Night all xx


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