Friday, 22 February 2013

Not So Fabulous Friday

Friday should be made of awesome, it should mark the end of the working week and the start of a weekend, time to spend with loved ones, chilling and having fun. 

However, I'm working tomorrow, so another 4.30am start for me, and Hague is in Barnsley - so not the greatest of Fridays for me really, oh well, it is what it is, and I'll enjoy the weekend when it finally gets here!

Today started far too early once again, and luckily I had me a Hague to prepare some bits and bobs for my 
breakfast :) So first break was definitely courtesy of him (and Aldi).

Today at work wasn't too bad, the machines were behaving themselves and so boredom was the only hazard, and one I'm happy to deal with lol.

Breakfast was a lazy option, the other half of the cous cous quiche from yesterday. Much as I enjoy muesli and yogurt, it does get a bit much if you have it every day and I needed a change.

It doesn't look very appetising, but it tasted lovely, couscous quiche will definitely be batch baked from now on :)

Last break was pretty standard, cuppa and nana. 

When work was done I was absolutely shattered. However I had to go via Asda to pick up the shopping, and courtesy of a substitute I shall be trying a different flavour of Crunchy Curls this week as we have sweet chilli rather than the cheeky chutney, I've also got some of the almond milk that you can have over 800ml of as a HeA to try, if it works in milky coffee's I'll be a happy bunny! With a quick pit stop at Aldi too for more pineapple it was a long way home, but I got here eventually, and a house without a Hague is a bit of a boring one, and so once the animals were fed I headed up for a cheeky little nap.

Due to my nap being fabulous, and lasting around 3 hours, lunch was missed out completely and I went straight for dinner. I couldn't be bothered with anything fussy, and as I haven't had pasta in a while that did the trick perfectly.

I splashed out some syns on extra LowLow to make my macaroni cheese extra cheesey and added loads of broccoli too. It really hit the spot, although if I'm honest, I could have eaten a wee bit more! So shortly afterwards I had some grapes and Mikado.

After munching merrily on these whilst writing these very words I'm now feeling pleasantly satisfied, although I think I'll treat myself to a low syn hot chocolate with my almond milk before bed.

Food Diary

Free Food
couscous quiche

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - 60g LowLow cheese spread

Shape crumble yogurt                    ½
60g LowLow                                6
10 Mikado                                    5
100ml Almond Breeze milk           ½
Options hot chocolate                   2

Total syns                                      14 syns

Quite high syns again, but I really fancied some proper cheesey pasta, and some Mikado! We're getting low on them though, and that's not good! Roll on payday when we can actually afford to stock up rather than just getting the basics. As I'm working towards my bronze body magic award (again) I'm hoping to get some time on either the WiiFit or exercise bike this weekend, I really need to make exercise a habit - a feature of my life, but with such an active job, it's hard to be motivated when I get in. Does anyone have any tips?


  1. you have such an active job maybe you could use that towards your bronze x

    I miss mikado damn there being more month than money

    1. I probably could use work, but I just feel body magic should be on top of my daily activities if that makes sense?
      I do have a few Mikado left - thank goodness it's payday next Friday. Stupid wages not lasting long enough x