Thursday, 7 February 2013

More Wishes Coming True!

After getting my Christmas wish of getting my 5 stone award, I thought I'd try another wish to kick off the year - to get my 6 stone award by my birthday, and lo and behold.....another wish has come true :)

I managed to lose 1½lbs at my morning weigh in to get this little blue beauty, and it was a rather good class, as someone I know from back at my first Great Yarmouth SW group is now attending Claire's group, and so me and Mary had a bit of a catch up, interspersed by applause for the losses! Thanks to FB, we won't lose touch again, so that started of the day in rather a wonderful way! Unfortunately after such a nice morning, work beckoned, although first things first....Breakfast!

Hiding under that tidal wave of sploops (Yes, sploops, that is what spaghetti loops get called in this house), is a rather large omelette, stuffed to the gills with tomatoes, mushroom, onion and courgette, plus a HeA of Cheddar, and damn fine it was too - the perfect fuel for an afternoon at work. Work was much of a muchness, and my first break snackage was rather welcome :)

Quite synful maybe, but worth every one! Thanks to the generosity of my rather sweet friend Sacha, we now have lots and lots of Lemony Alpen Lights, and so they shall be featuring heavily for the next week or so :)

Lunch was once again leftovers, this time the BBQ steak and bean bake - which on second eatings still needs some more BBQ flavour! It was immensely filling though and meant I only wanted something relatively light for dinner.

Didn't stop me having a quick snack during my last break though ;)

Work went a bit nuts in the last hour or so, we were run off our feet - but that meant that 9.45pm came around nice and quick and I could head off into the freezing cold to battle through insanely heavy hail showers and sleet that desperately wanted to  be snow to get myself home where the ever marvellous Hague had dinner waiting for me :)

A roasted butternut squash stuffed with spinach, broccoli and stilton, and served with a salad. It made a nice change to have something a little bit lighter in the evening, although the fact that after an hour or so I made myself a cuppa and then had a plate of picky things to eat whilst I blogged, probably negated the whole light dinner thing ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
sploops (spaghetti loops)
BBQ steak/bean bake thingum
Shape yogurt
butternut squash

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 30g Stilton

Crunchy Curls                                      3.5
Alpen Light                                           3
tsp of tex mex seasoning (in lunch)         1
milk in tea (1)                                       ½
2 magic muffins                                    2
8 Mikado                                            4

Total syns                                            14

Quite high syns again today, but I just feel like I need them at the moment at work. Mind you, with the news that I shall be needing shoes that are comfy to walk in for my birthday surprise, I might be getting more body magic than expected over the weekend! I know I'm going to be 38, but I just can't help still getting excited about my birthday! I can't remember the last time me and Hague had a nice break away from it all - in fact I'm pretty sure the last time was the last time that the Lyon's had us down! :) Thank goodness for those types of wonderful, hospitable, through thick and thin kinds of friends eh? I really can't wait to see them - just one more shift to get out of the way before it's mini-break time! 

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  1. Haha, sploops! I'm going to be adopting that name from now on. My other half has just turned 38, I wish he could muster up a bit of excitement on his birthday. I hope you have a lovely birthday break, I'm getting excited for you now!