Saturday, 16 February 2013

Monthlies and Munchies!

The arrival of Saturday should be a time of joyous celebration - but this one means that my week off is nearly  over. Monday morning looks far too close from here - and to add to the joy I came on today too! Sorry if that's TMI, but I'm pretty sure that's why I can't stop bloody eating today!

I actually had a pretty good night's sleep, but (as always) woke up hungry. Hague had been up a couple of hours already though, and was getting ready to prepare himself a cooked breakfast so he kindly made one for me too :)

A bit of a change up today as Linda Mccartney sausages are no longer on offer at Asda (boo) and so we're back to Quorn ones at a syn each! Hague had also done some hash browns to go with the eggs and veggies (just tomatoes and spinach today - we are once again devoid of mushrooms in the Mitchell-Hague house). A huge breakfast that should have kept me nice and full up for ages, but after watching Soccer Saturday and heading to Tesco for some more mushrooms I was hungry once more! I really didn't know what to have so dinner was a bit of an off the cuff effort I'm afraid.

The pieces of buttenut squash were supposed to be sort of chips, but I think a return to the oven and some more fry light might have achieved that, and I'd just roasted it and chopped it. Along with the BBQ quorn fillets I merrily made myself a salad, as I'd forgotten I'd chopped up a courgette to have with it, and so I lobbed the salad ingredients (red cabbage, spinach, radishes and tomatoes) in with the courgettes and ended up with a mountain of warm salad. Was very tasty though! There was just rather a lot of it! I'm blaming the forgetting of the courgettes on coming on too :)

I then decided that after talking about a lemon cheesecake on numerous occasions, and mentioning it to TOK again today I would finally give it a go....

Oooh it was good! It might have contained a HeB plus another 3 syns but it was very yummy indeed! Easy too!

Lemon Cheesecake
2 lemon drizzle Alpen lights
1 tbsp lemon curd (2½ syns)
lemon juice
5 mini meringues ( ½ syn)

I microwaved the Alpen lights for 30s and then smooshed them into the glass. At this point I should really have let that cool, but I just got on with the cheesecake-y bit. I mixed about half a tub of quark with some lemon juice and most of the lemon curd (I'll be honest, I should have added sweetener too, but I forgot...) and made sure it was nicely mixed, then I just put it on the Alpen base and topped with the rest of the lemon curd and the mini meringues. Not bad for 3 syns, and I'm sure I'll make it again.

Even after a huge dinner, and a dessert, I still didn't feel full, so I kept on drinking, hoping that I'd feel satisfied at some point, and even the distraction of Scary Movie 3 and 4 and chatting to TOK couldn't turn my mind away from food and so I put together a quick dinner.

Quorn meat ball bake, it couldn't have been easier really. I microwaved the meatballs and just simmered together some onions, garlic, tinned tomatoes, tomatoe puree, spinach and herbs and then poured that over the meatballs, topped with my HeA of reduced fat cheddar and grilled it. All done in 10 minutes, and hopefully that will at last satisfy me for longer than half an hour, although I can feel myself craving something again! Terrible!

*brief musical interlude*

Sorry, went and got yet more food! Thank goodness for free food, that's all I can say. Where would I be if I had to stick to calorie counts on a day like this!

A lovely plate of fruit, plus a syn free yogurt, after this I won't be having anymore as it's approaching midnight and I'll not sleep if I'm stuffed full of food - I just wish I felt full of food!

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
butternut squash
Quorn BBQ fillets
red cabbage
Quorn meatballs
Shape yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - 2 Alpen light bars

3 Quorn sausages                     3
1 tbsp lemon curd                    2½
5 mini meringues                      ½

Total syns                               6

Somehow, on a day when I haven't stopped eating, I've managed to have less syns than I've had in ages...not sure how that's worked! Still, I'm well within my syns, and I've eaten lots of syn free - so hopefully no harm done. I shall leave you with this, as it seems to describe my day perfectly!


  1. We all have days like this (in my case it's been a week and a half...ahem) but well done for keeping it so low syn! The cheesecake-y thing looks lush, where do you get the mini meringues?x

    1. It was definitely better than Sunday! I got the mini meringues from Aldi, they're actually cake decorations, but they work as mini meringues for me! They're fab in Eton Mess too. You can have 10 for a syn :)

    2. Amazing! Aldi here I come :)

  2. ahh, now I know where to look for the mini meringues in the shop PROPERLY! I wondered why I could not find them!


    1. Hopefully you can find them now, they're in a blue tub :)