Thursday, 28 February 2013

Is It The Weekend Yet?

I'm slowly losing track of the days now....working nights, then blogging about the day before is really throwing my grip on the days out of whack! So it's now Thursday evening, I'm about to blog about Wednesday's food before heading to work. No wonder I'm a bit odd!

Yesterday started way too early, as I said yesterday, we lost TiggerPig and then supported a friend on a hard day, unfortunately with me having to work it was all a bit rushed as I had to eat and get ready for work! 

Just what I fancied, a quick, tasty dinner. Can't beat egg and chips really can you? I needed dessert too, and had forgotten that I had one of these yogurts in the that's something to smile about! Suitably fortified, and with only an hour or two in Hague's company yet again, off to work it was for me, only the 8 hours today though, so not so bad. However, I was on my own so was pretty busy. Not such a bad thing as time went by quite quickly, but it meant it was midnight before I got my first break!

My standard first break fare, banana and green tea. I'm already getting a bit low on teabags though - so it might be blackcurrant and vanilla ones tonight! Lunch was a bit later than normal today too, but I wasn't feeling as hungry as normal. I'd taken lots of food but brought a lot of it back home! I still had quite a substantial meal though.

Once again it was Ryvita and blue cheese triangles, but today accompanied by radishes as well as cherry tomatoes, plus my pineapple. Only two of Aldi's finest left now though, whatever will I do?? Of course I had two cups of water to accompany my meal. I'm trying to remember to take photos of my fluid intake - I'll get there eventually :)

Last break was a bit of a change, and quite synful for me really.

It felt really naughty, having crisps and a cereal bar, but only 6½ syns and I thoroughly enjoyed it! With last break down it was all downhil to the end of the shift. Not a bad one today really, but I'm already ready for the weekend....and I'm only just over the hump :(

Food Diary (Wednesday)

Free Food
Asda fat free rhubarb yogurt
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese light triangles
B - 4 original Ryvita

3 Quorn sausages                          3
Crunchy Curls                               3½
Alpen Light                                   3

Total syns                                     9½

So HumpDay is done and dusted, all downhill from here! At least I got today's blog done and dusted early(ish). Roll on the weekend.

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