Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Days and Devastation!

After not blogging in approximately forever, I'm back to update you on what was a truly wonderful weekend - and the not so wonderful welcome we got when we came home, which may have delayed our return back to the Slimming World wagon!

This blog may also contain lots of collages so you aren't scrolling through pictures for about a week, and a rather huge warning that I was totally off plan for the entire weekend! It's only your birthday once a year right?

Anyway - we shall first go back in time to Thursday, my last day on plan, which actually ended up as a flexi day as I fancied a few drinks to celebrate my upcoming birthday week, so had 35 syns :)

I also discovered that Reese's miniature peanut butter cups are only 2 syns each, which was a rather marvellous birthday discovery :)

Onto Friday, and I started the day on plan as the rule was that we were only off plan once we were away ;) So breakfast was scrambled eggs on toast, followed by coffee and a hifi bar. It all went downhill from there, with a visit to Morrisons for a roll, many, many espresso martinis and a chinese - although to be fair, the chinese wasn't too bad....ish....

After drinking quite a few too many alcholic drinks (some honey JD, plus regular JD may also have passed my lips along with the martinis, I woke up a wee bit fragile on Saturday and most definitely in need of some food! 

Peanut butter on toast did the job, along with some orange juice. We then headed to the new Westfield Centre in Stratford for food and shopping - both of which were amazing. Perhaps the wrap (top left) wasn't so bad, but I'm pretty sure the cocktails and the utterly amazingly delicious cheese toastie with a side order of macaroni cheese wasn't quite so good....Oooops! In my defence, we were walking around Westfield for quite a few hours, so that's surely some body magic? Maybe?

We also had more booze when we returned to Chris and Anna's :) I told you I'd be off plan :)

And so onto Sunday....MY BIRTHDAY! Yes, I do still get that excited, plus I knew a surprise had been planned for me - how exciting is that??? We woke up and after a fruitless search for low effort breakfast we ended up enjoying a rather tasty home cooked fry up, which too be honest, with poached eggs, quorn sausage and oven baked hash browns probably wasn't all that bad (I'd given up taking pictures by now though...) After breakfast we decided on a nap to fortify ourselves for the surprise...I went to bed with no idea whatsover what the surprise was, and woke up with a Eureka moment that I barely dared to hope was true.....but I'd guessed right, and to be honest, I was MORE excited! So off we went, piled into the car and heading to Leavesdon, Chris and Hague vaguely excited and me and Anna almost bouncing with excitement!

Whilst there I took tons and tons of pictures, but the ones of me and Anna pretty much show just how much fun we were having :) So if you like Harry Potter and have ever fancied the studio tour. DO IT! It's utterly fabulous, amazing and magical - the perfect birthday cue lots of photos...sorry ;)

HUGE Cheesey grins from me and Anna :)

With the tour booked at 6pm, and myself and Anna dragged (almost) kicking and screaming from there at 9pm, we'd left it a bit late to eat, and so headed to Pizza Hut (I know, there's off plan, and there's off plan..) Unfortunately, as we snuggled up in bed that night and got ourselves out early the next day that was the end of what had been a truly lovely weekend spent with the amazing Chris and Anna who I've known for far too many years to politely recall, and who become closer friends with each year.

We trundled home up the A12, stopping for brunch at a cafe I'd wanted to stop at for ages (off plan whilst we were out of the house) and picked up Boo still full of the joys, looking forward to a lovely birthday and Valentines week with nothing to do but enjoy each others company.

I'm sure you already know how luck pans out in the Mitchell/Hague household, and you might not even be surprised to learn that our happy moods were not destined to last very long :( This was the sight that greeted us as we walked through the door...

Isn't that just a sight for sore eyes? *sigh* I sometimes think the phrase FML was invented for me. After a fruitless phone call to the insurance company - stand up Policy Expert, nice work with your shite customer service - and another far more constructive phone call to my Brother in Law (plumber extraordinaire at Leaky Lads if you should be local to me!), quite a few tears and a clear up, I'm sure you'll all forgive me when you hear that we may have dived head first into pizza/kebab/chicken before skulking off to bed in horrible moods :(

I'll leave it there for now, as you're up to date with me up until Monday, I shall be back later with the Back On Plan blog for yesterday and today :)

I hope you all didn't miss me too much, but I'm sure you'll forgive me for feeling a bit too upset and down to blog over the last day or so. Sorry x

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  1. glad you had a great birthday weekend and sorry you came home to a bit of a disaster . hope it all gets fixed soon .hope you have a good week and good to see you back blogging .