Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chilly and, er, Chilli :)

Wow, get me. Blogging on the actual day I'm talking about, a rarity indeed, but I figured as I have time to do this tonight, I'd best get it done, especially as I'm on a 12 hour shift tomorrow :( I'm afraid that once again my food is pretty samey, but early shifts do not make for creative meals I'm afraid!

It was rather chilly today, the temperature is definitely dropping again, and according to my weather app, it's only going to get colder!

Brrr! And yes, I do have an awesome weather app ;) I guess I'll be having quite a lot of comfort food this week! Enough about the rest of the week though, you're here for today's food, although it doesn't hold many surprises I'm afraid!

First break was a bit late today as the machines decided that they were going to play up for most of the first few hours, and so it was rather nice to sit down to something sweet and delicious when I finally got a break.

I'm definitely going to have to pick up a few more pineapples before Sunday, they are just SO sweet! Definitely my top tip for the week, get thee to Aldi and treat yourself to a 59p pineapple :)

Onto breakfast, which I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear contained a HeB of Dorset Cereals muesli....

Today's citrus accompaniment was a tangerine, not as impressed with that as I have been the clementines though, and I didn't eat the Alpen Light bar. I was just about to open it when I realised that I was in fact full up and would have only been eating it out of habit rather than hunger, and so I left it for later. A good habit to get into I think!

I wasn't hungry for my final break either, and so just had a green tea, although after talking to TOK whilst at work, methinks I might try out some other flavours rather than my usual pineapple and grapefruit flavour.

When work was done, I actually felt a bit peckish, and so (rather naughtily) ate the last bits of my lunch on the drive home.

 I was rather pleased to get  back indoors, even though it was rather chilly. I decided that a nap was a good idea, but by the time I had checked email, FB and various SW groups and then settled down, I managed about 20 minutes sleep, still at least it was nice and cosy :) I had set an alarm to go and pick up Hague for 5, but as today had been a quiet day he had finished at 4 and had called me to see if I could pick him up early.....whoops! Luckily he's awesome and didn't mind. I think the fact that I'd put a chilli in the slow cooker before I headed to bed helped his mood a wee bit.

By the time we fancied dinner, the chilli was ready, and we had it with potato wedges and topped with cheese, for once we both had the same meal! Shock!

Perfect for a cold day, and there are some leftovers too, which will probably be making an appearance next week at work :)

This evening's picky snacks were courtesy of Mikado and Shape :) We're down to our last box of Daim and white Mikado though, so I'd best get them on Friday's shopping trip!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
quorn mince
chopped tomatoes
baked beans
mixed beans
mixed peppers
tomato puree

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli

Alpen Light                        3
Milk in tea (2)                    1
10 Mikado                        5
Shape yogurt                     ½

Total syns                          9½

Today feels a lot more back to normal, with using the slow cooker and not eating when I'm satisfied. Unfortunately I can't make it to weigh in next week, but that has made me set myself a challenge. I've got 5lbs to lose to get into the next stone bracket, and I think that is totally do-able in the next two weeks, and so that is the target for when I'm back at  group on the 5th of March, to get into the 18 stone bracket! Plus to keep up my work towards my bronze body magic award - 5th time lucky for that maybe?? :)


  1. ah no gonna miss u next week n it is gonna be MY week

    1. Definitely going to be your week, you'll have to keep me updated how you all do :) x