Monday, 18 February 2013

A Tale Of Two Meals

The final Sunday of my week off is normally the shortest day of my week. My body clock, as always, had merrily reverted to it's preferred state of getting up at way past midday and not wanting to sleep until at least 3am. So shifting back around to my early shift means that Sunday doesn't last very long :(

I got out of bed at midday, reasonably early for me when I'm off, and after sorting out my work clothes to  be washed we were planning a day of rest and not a lot else. After eating just about everthing in sight yesterday I wasn't massively hungry and so had a couple of cups of tea before my mind turned to breakfast. As I wasn't overly hungry, I had something a bit lighter than normal to start the day - quite a good thing considering how the day panned out!

I only ate half the yogurt, and the little box of nibbley things was from my latest Graze box and as it was 120  calories, it was 6 syns. I was planning on a roast dinner later, so didn't mind splashing out some syns on it.

Suitably fed, I threw myself into the main task of the day...

However, an unexpected text meant that rather than lazing about all day, and eating lovely Slimming World friendly food, we welcomed friends for the evening and I may have fallen off the wagon slightly....

Luckily, as it was a school night, and an early school night at that, I didn't indulge in too many whiskies, only two or three very conservative ones - but that wasn't where the damage was done. I love my friends to pieces, so many of them are generous beyond belief, and so it was last night, when the purchase of a takeaway was offered. What can I say, once again this week my willpower crumbled to dust and for the third (yes, third, isn't that just bloody awful!) time this week, I had pizza :(

I won't lie, it was bloody lovely, not greasy at all, and with plenty of proper garlic too. Delicious. However, not very SW friendly. I think we can safely say that the scales on Tuesday will not be friendly, but I'm sure we've all had weeks like this. Where life well and truly gets in the way of all good intentions. Unfortunately this week the little devil on my shoulder has had the loudest voice - but he shall be banished today! In fact I'd already walked 2 miles before 7am, I think we can safely say I'm back on the wagon :)

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