Sunday, 20 January 2013

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I'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear that I actually managed to get a few bits done today :) All the little jobs I wanted to get done (washing, dish washing etc) are done and dusted, along with much tweeting :) I also managed to get up in the morning, which was probably the biggest achievement!

As I knew today would be a short one (early night for me tonight) I wanted to get breakfast in nice and early. I'd already decided that today would be a green day as I'd been missing my carbs, and so breakfast most definitely reflected that :)

Hash browns, eggs, LM sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms - it really did hit the spot, I've enjoyed Success Express, but it was nice to have a bit more variety on my plate :) With that eaten, and the weather looking rather scary outside....

I decided to stay warm and cosy on the sofa, once again tweeting merrily away, chatting to friends new and old, and texting T.O.K once again - my days may not be exciting, but I enjoy them lol. As I said earlier, I've been reallly craving carbs, so the hash browns at breakfast were never going to be enough, and thanks to our visit into town, and the market last week we finally have some large spuds and so a jacket potato was my lunch.

For an on plan lunch it was rather naughty. No superfree at all, and 3 types of cheese :) I just didn't fancy a salad, and so skipped it, and inside the spud are two Laughing Cow extra light triangles, cottage cheese and reduced fat cheddar. The combination that concerned my consultant before (sorry Claire)! It was just what I wanted though and I enjoyed every mouthful - and much as it felt naughty, it is actually on plan! I followed it up with a dessert of sorts too.

Banoffee again :) I wasn't actually planning on having anything else to eat, as it was quite late when I ate this, I was planning on a nice long soak and an early night. I'm working earlies tomorrow, so I'm starting at 6am, and with this weather I'll have to leave early too. I just hope I make it in in once piece! However, after my bath, I figured that having something light so I didn't wake up hungry was probably a good idea, and luckily I had some left over soup in the fridge. Perfect for a late, light meal.

Soup and a Boo :) Can't have Doug being the only SW food photo dog can we ? I followed it up with sweetyness which I've  been munching whilst blogging.

Food Diary (Green Day)

Free Food
LM rosemary and red onion sausages
spring onions
fat free cottage cheese
butternut squash 
red onion
vegetable stock

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar

2 Activia creamy yogurts        5
2 LC extra light triangles         2
10 Mikado                             5

Total syns                               12

So with my week off finished, my munchies munched, and breakfast all ready for tomorrow, all that remains is for me to get my clothes sorted, and to get myself up to bed. Plus hope that Norfolk council have done their bit and got the main roads gritted! Wish me luck on my journey tomorrow?? It's going to be an experience!!

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  1. Boo and Doug will be battling it out soon xx drive safe tomorrow sweetie xx