Monday, 14 January 2013

So Stuffed!

Today has been a rather hungry day. I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but it seems like I haven't stopped eating. When I actually look at my food though it doesn't seem that bad - but I still have that empty feeling in my stomach, despite what I've eaten...odd. Perhaps the joys of star week, just over the horizon are playing having with me already? Who knows!

Another lie in for me today - and disappointingly it wasn't a gorgeous, snow covered winter wonderland outside when we woke up either. It was just bloody cold :( An executive decision was made (by me) that today would be a duvet day and so a spare one was dragged downstairs so we could snuggle up. Lovely. For once I actually got going with breakfast quite quickly after getting up, I'd only drunk half of my cuppa before creating this plate of delights.

That's what you call a Sunday brunch :) I was immensely proud of the hash browns. I sprayed some fry light into a shallow yorkshire pudding tin and put it in the oven to preheat. Whilst that was heating up I grated potato and finely chopped some spring onion. I put the potato into kitchen roll and squished out most of the liquid and then mixed them together with some seasoning. I smooshed the mix into the pre-heated tray and cooked them for about 20 minutes! I put the sausages into one of the spare holes in the tin, and then popped the mushroom in the other. It is now re-christened The Breakfast Tin. I heated up some tinned tomatoes with some spinach added, scrambled some eggs, and that was that! Now after a plate of food like that you'd have thought I'd be stuffed for hours. Unfortunately, that just wasn't to be, and it was only a couple of hours later that I was hungry enough to need a snack.

 I just about managed to avoid eating Boo :) I'm still enjoying the Crunchy Curls, just 3 1/2 syns and perfect for getting rid of those crisp cravings. Hague helped with the grapes. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that once again it wasn't long before I was hungry again - in fact the snack didn't even really touch the sides. I'm not talking about just eating out of boredom, I genuinely felt empty and hungry. Odd indeed.

Another of goodies in my SotW basket was a bag containing 3 small potatoes, a leek and a parsnip. When I saw it I thought it was a fabulous idea, and with the addition of half an onion, a couple of bay leaves and some stock, lunch was prepared (along with my HeB of Ryvita wholegrain crackerbreads spread with Quark).

The soup was so delicious, as well as being rich and creamy, so thank you so much Ann-Marie for such a thoughtful addition to the basket, it was appreciated by us both as Hague had the rest mixed with noodles for his tea :)

With an evening of more Twitter/Facebook/Text fun with various Slimming World lovelies, including TOK and the Weight Loss Bitch from my fave blogs *points to the right* I was obviously building up a huge appetite once more and so put a Quorn roast into the oven. Now, I feel I must highlight yet another hazard of healthy eating after my tomato juice report from the other day. Things which are put in the oven to pre-heat are in fact rather hot, yes, it came as a shock to me too......

Please send much pity ;) Anyway, I soldiered on through the pain, and got the roast into the oven, and sorted myself out a minimal effort dinner.

After putting that lot away I was finally feeling full, but not in a good way. The food seemed to be stuck in my chest and was starting to hurt. After a bit of whinging and a couple of Rennie that seemed to ease off though, but I did give the food a rest for a good few hours until I needed a sweet fix.

More Daim Mikado's (10 to be precise) with a cuppa. I merrily snacked on these whilst watching Godzilla and so far no more pain - so eating through was the way to go ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
LM sausages
spring onions
tinned tomatoes
vegetable stock
Quorn roast
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 6 Ryvita wholegrain crackerbreads

Crunchy Curls                          3.5
10 Daim Mikado                      5

Total syns                                 8.5

So another weekend is done. Today has been rather special for me though, my Facebook page is getting close to 200 likes, which is phenomenal, my blog came dangerously close to 1,000 views in a day for the first time ever (just 36 short), and with each view, and with each like, and with each comment you are all keeping me going, getting me close to target and I love the support I get from you all, be it via a FB message, a tweet, or a text. So thank you.

As I didn't mean to end on such a soppy note, and I'd hate for you to think I'm a sentimental old numpty - please enjoy a farting hippo :)

Thanks to Helen aka WitchyPoo for the link (I think it was you, if it wasn't please correct me) x

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