Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Things You Forget

When you're big, you take some things for granted. Not being able to fit into the clothes you love, sore feet from lugging about your bulk, and (for me anyway) having to put up with hideously uncomfortable bras. I know, it's an odd one, but I seem to have spent years being stabbed by, impaled on, falling out of and just generally being hideously uncomfortable in bras. A lot of it is down to the fact that I have a large back, and teeny boobs. Not the best of combinations, as it's stupidly hard to find a B cup bra in a large back size, so I end up with either too large cups, or a bra that cuts into me constantly. 

Whilst at work today, it dawned on me that my newly purchased bra was just being a bra - it wasn't digging into me, the underwire wasn't attempting keyhole surgery, and I hadn't had to try and readjust the bloody thing discreetly once. In fact I had barely even noticed I was wearing it. I guess this is one of the rather huge benefits of now fitting into a more regular sized bra (38C - get me - going up a cup size)! It was a rather pleasant realisation, and a comfortable one! In fact, that could be the reason for my strangely happy mood at work today!

Anyway.....onto my food :) Pretty much all of it lovingly prepared by Hague today - he's a good'un that man :) I'll get work out of the way first, as it was much of a muchness compared to yesterday, and besides, I was bored at work and so I was tweeting about it all day, so if any of you follow me on Twitter, you'll already know how my day went lol!

Plenty of fruit, trying to keep it nice and light as it's weigh in day today! Plus one of the delicious Activia yogurts that are my latest addiction.

With work done and dusted, I headed home ready to put my feet up for a while before heading to SW. The class today was starting early, due to the weather, and so we took advantage of that to get in and out quickly so I could get dinner eaten, and my blog written before too late tonight as I have a 12 hour shift to plough through tomorrow :(

I'll be honest, despite my protestations that I'm always happy with any loss, I was a wee bit disappointed with losing 2lbs this week - I was expecting a bit more after 5 days of Success Express - but, it's a loss, and it meant I got rid of last week's gain, so I'm back on track! Team Hague has stormed even further into the lead as he lost 3.5lbs this week and gained his 1/2 stone certificate, proper proud of him :)

With weigh in done, next on the agenda was dinner. I'm proper tired today - and when I get that tired I don't feel hungry, and always have a huge case of the Can't Be Arsed's. I really didn't know what I want, so when Hague declared that he fancied Quorn roast and macaroni cheese, it sounded good to me :)

Under the Quorn roast is a mix of Batchelors macaroni cheese and veg. It was actually quite nice! With a dessert of a cuppa and 10 Mikado, I'm all done for the day!

Food Diary (Green Day)

Free Food
Quorn roast

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar

Alpen Light                            3
Activia                                   2.5
Batchelors macaroni cheese   2
10 Mikado                            5

Total syns                              12.5

Sorry for today's blog being so short and to the point, but despite it only being 7pm I'm shattered and ready for bed, so once my tea is drunk, I'm heading up for an early night! 


  1. Hey Karen.
    I saw the link to your blog on twitter and just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading it. I'll tell some of my SW buddies to look it up as well.
    Margo x

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! My blogs are much more interesting when I'm not on earlies :) xx

  2. Hi
    Love ur blog and have passed onto my leader to share. She is very good and has given me a great recipe for superspeed food soup. Stayed same this week but happy as was busy and not very food optimising weekend. Lol

    1. You'll have to share the recipe for super speed soup! Thanks for reading xx

  3. Did u get the email with the recipes? X