Friday, 18 January 2013

The Plans They Are A Changing!

Snow is so beautiful, so picturesque, but it's a bugger for screwing up your plans! Today should have been a girlie lunch day, but a little text session with my Mum this morning ended up with the cancellation of lunch - mainly as she'd spent the morning trying to push Dad's car back up the drive! Yes, I did say this morning! I'd set an alarm for 8.30, and didn't get myself back to sleep, despite valiant efforts. I gave up the ghost at 9.30 and got myself out of the lovely warm bed to be greeted by several inches of the white stuff! Lovely! Well, lovely for me (as I'm a big kid), not so lovely for Hague, as Sunday is a contact day for him, and driving over 350 miles in snow is not much fun. I love snow, but I'm not a fan of driving in it, and the prospect of driving that far, in snow was not overly appealing and so the second set of plans fell apart. Cue a quick search for last minute train tickets, and phone calls to ensure a bed was available for his Hague-ness at his Mum's! With all those jobs done and dusted it was definitely time for breakfast :)

The much discussed, and rather delayed eggs on toast lol! I'm still on Success Express, despite lunch being  cancelled, and so made sure there were plenty of veggies! I had to use my other mahoosive mushroom though as we had no other mushrooms :( With that eaten, and with the snow still falling, I really couldn't resist the snow anymore as so wrapped myself up lovely and warm and headed out with Bayleigh Boo.

She LOVED it :) 

She met a friend too :)

I had a great time too, despite being rather chilly - but how can you not be happy when you're wearing an Elmo hat?

After that rather bracing walk around the park and along the seafront - and with 30 minutes of chilly Body Magic under my belt - something warm and filling was the order of the day, and so whilst I enjoyed a cuppa I got some soup on the go by roasting half a butternut squash, 2 red onions and a garlic clove in the oven. When they were done (after about 35 mins) I put them in the blender with some dried thyme and with some stock, and whizzed. 

It was delicious - my favourite butternut squash soup so far, and as I added the stock bit by bit this time, it wasn't too thin either. After getting up so early, and being all active, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that once my soup had been eaten, and the shopping collected from Asda, I felt the need for a nap! For once it was a rather satisfying one, and I woke up lovely and refreshed. But hungry! I really fancied pasta, but being on Success Express means that I'm restricted to 1/3 of my plate being pasta - much as I like veggies it didn't seem feasible to have that proportion of pasta, and so I decided on a lasagne. Much easier to make SE friendly.

There are tons of veggie hiding in there, and just two lasagne sheets :) I fried off some mushrooms, courgettes and a pepper and added some spinach when the rest were softened. I then layered them up with the sheets, topped with some chopped tomatoes (which I'd mixed with garlic and herbs) and my HeA of reduced fat cheddar. It was really lovely - and not too much effort either. With the salad as well, that's a lot of superfree! Even with the reason for me trying Success Express gone (the girlie lunch), I might as well stick with it and see what results I get eh?

On Success Express, snacks are supposed to be your HE's, superfree food or syns, and so I combined the lot in my little bowl of sweet treats to finish my day - all washed down with a white chocolate options :)

Sometimes it's hard to believe I'm dieting - it really is :) I spoke to a friend today, she's just started WW and is struggling, finding it hard to keep count of her points, I've never tried WW - but from what friends have told me, I don't think I ever will. I'll stick with my unlimited healthy, real foods and satisfying my hunger thanks ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
butternut squash
red onion
vegetable stock
lasagne sheets
cherry tomatoes
red cabbage

Healthy Extras
A - 250 ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar

B - 2 slices wholemeal bread (400g loaf)
B - 2 Alpen Lights

Options hot chocolate                    2
8 Mikado                                      4

Total syns                                      6

So with Friday done, the weekend is now upon us - with no Hague for the whole weekend now, I'm going to try and get some more Body Magic done, and maybe give my wardrobe a sort out - no point keeping clothes that are way too big, as I'm not planning on ever needing them again! Well, with the exception of my size 32 jeans, which will be kept for the obligatory Standing In One Leg Of My Old Jeans And Pulling Out The Waistband weight loss shot :) I can't wait :)

So if you see me spending hours on Twitter with my SW ladies, or on FB liking random statuses - tell me off and tell me to be productive :) I hope the snow hasn't caused any of you too many problems, and that you all have a fun weekend ahead! x


  1. I love your elmo hat and the boo video!!

  2. I daren't go out at the minute, I can tell from looking out of the window that the estate I live on has become a rather large and dangerous ice-rink. I know for a fact that the 2 routes to walk from home to the seafront will not have been gritted (they never are) and with my bad back and general habit of tripping/losing my balance I'm not taking any chances, so for now my BodyMagic is limited to indoor activities.