Sunday, 6 January 2013

Synful Pity Party

I don't know what is up with me today. I'm feeling like total crap, food is going straight through me, but all I seem to be doing is throwing rubbish down my neck :(

After sleeping for around 13 hours I woke up still with a painful and rather delicate stomach, yet all I wanted was pizza. Instead of that I had something that was on plan but felt naughty. 

Wedges with a sausage sarnie, with a syn of ketchup, and a couple of syns of mayo, plus my attempt at super free, some gherkins.

It didn't sit that well, and didn't last too long inside me (sorry if that's tmi). The thing is, when I eat, I feel rough, my stomach rejects it, and then I feel hungry and sorry for myself and today that seems to have become a vicious cycle :( I thought a vegetable soup would be lighter and easier on my stomach. 

I was wrong. 

However, I have no explanation for what then followed. After the swift departure of the soup and curls I managed to put away fried eggs and wedges, with 2 more slices of bread, then 4 weetabix with lots of milk and sugar. Followed up with four penguins. 

My stomach is churning and bloated. I feel SO sick, and I just have no idea why I've done it. I was feeling sick anyway, and I've just made it worse. I know I shall pay for this in spades tonight, and on the scales this week, but it's a bit late for my sensible head to appear now eh?

I have no-one to blame but myself, but from now on I shall stop acting so stupidly and actually just take on fluids and bland light food until I'm better. Perhaps not the blog you all log on to see, but honesty is the best policy eh?

After such a depressing blog - hopefully this picture of my view whilst eating my soup will cheer you up :)


  1. I am poorly today also and have done the exact same thing. I have eaten 2 slices of toast, toad in the hole and veggies (which came back up) then I had a whole selection box of chocolate, followed by soup and 6 slices of toast and just had some porridge and raisins. I was having a great week until today, feeling really low now. Its so stupid to fill yourself with crap when you feel like crap already. Ugh well tomorrows another day I guess. Hope you feel better soon! x

    1. It's ridiculous isn't it? Everything I eat is making me feel awful, so why eat anything, let alone a mountain of crap. Which as you can probably tell by the time of this comment I'm still paying dearly for :(