Monday, 21 January 2013

It's Snow Joke....

Sorry, but that is my first snow pun (so far) please forgive me ;) Today really has been no joke though. With not much sleep, although I did have a cheeky small hours chat with Hague, waking up at 4.15 really was a struggle. It had to be done though as the snow hadn't relented overnight and it was looking rather dangerous outside, so I had to leave myself plenty of time.

So armed with a cup of coffee I set out at quarter to 5 - so very wrong - and managed to get to work 50 minutes later. I only live just over 20 miles from work, but the roads really weren't very good at all, and the snow was still coming down, still the most important thing is that I got there in one piece, and that I managed to achieve :)

I'd even been organised enough to sort out some food for work, and even more surprisingly, I'd managed to make it Success Express compatible too! Sometimes I surprise myself :) Despite my big ol' cup of coffee on the way into work, I was hungry by my first break and so started on the snacks.

It was really cold in work as well, and so I needed a warming cuppa along with my Alpen Light and banana! It did warm up eventually, but it took a fair while, not surprising really with all the snow outside! The shift did go past quite quickly though, and soon enough it was breakfast time. 

Quite a synful meal for me to be honest, I usually save them for the evenings, but with the Snack a Jacks at 5 syns, the Fruit Shoots at 1/2 a syn each, and the yogurt for another 1/2 a syn that's quite a hefty amount for me. The box only had fruit in though - raspberries, banana, grape and an apple, so all superfree :) It filled me up though, I didn't have anything else at work, which is quite the rarity for me on an early shift.

When I got home, I didn't have long before I had a Dr's appointment and so I wanted something SE friendly, and very quick, and so I went with the "magic" soup. I made half the usual amount though, so it contained half a tin of beans, a tin of tomatoes, some stock and a couple of silverskin onions. All just simmered for a little while then blitzed.

I have some left for another day too - so all good really. I managed to get another Alpen Light down me too. I then popped to the doctors to get my certificate for the rather lovely vomiting virus I had a couple of weeks ago and then settled down on the sofa for many snuggles with the returned Hague :)

As I knew I'd need an early night, it wasn't long before my mind turned to dinner. I knew I wanted it quick, SE friendly and cheesey - and decided that a vegetable pasta bake type thing would do the trick.

I cooked some macaroni (only a teeny amount as it could only be a maximum of a third of the meal), and whilst that was boiling I chopped up a pepper, courgette, some mushrooms, tomatoes and broccoli and cooked them until they were softened, then I added in some spinach, 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles and the cooked macaroni. I then put it all in a dish, topped it with 40g of reduced fat cheddar and put it under the grill.

It really wasn't much work at all - and very tasty for such a simple meal. It definitely hit the spot anyway! I didn't really fancy any Mikado this evening, and so settled for an Options hot chocolate made with the remainder of my milk, which I've been enjoying whilst blogging :)

Food Diary (Success Express)

Free Food

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles

B - 2 Alpen Light bars
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar

Snack a Jacks                5
Fruit Shoots (2)             1
Shape Yogurt                1/2
Options hot choc           2

Total syns                      8 1/2

Tonight has been rather short and sweet, reflecting in the blog. I didn't get to sit down and relax until around 4.30, and now, just 3 hours later I'm heading to bed. I've not even been able to yabber away on Twitter for hours tonight! Earlies really are the worst of shifts for me, as well as getting up far too early, never getting enough sleep, and barely seeing Hague, I always struggle to get a loss on this shift. That's probably down to the fact that I have nearly a whole day's food before I weigh in, rather than not eating, which is the norm on my other shifts. Mind you, I've only had one day this week that hasn't been a Success Express day, so it will be interesting to see how that shows on the scales....After all, Team Mitchy needs to pull back some ground after the disastrous first weigh in of the Mitchy vs Hague challenge eh?

I'm nervous, and excited about tomorrow's weigh in, but as always, as long as my weight goes down, I'll be happy :)  


  1. Good luck as always my sweetpea xx I am so glad you got to work safe

    1. Me too! Roads were much better this morning! xx

  2. Good luck for tomorrows weigh in

    1. Thanks April, I'm really nervous and excited for some reason! x