Friday, 25 January 2013

Hungry Days and Special Guests

Normally I love a Friday, the looming weekend, the freedom of a few days away from work - but not on earlies. Just to add to the torture of my week of earlies, we also have to work the Saturday, so today is just another day during the week, with no respite until 2pm tomorrow *sigh* Anyway, enough whinging about my early starts, and onto the mountain of food I've devoured today as I'm having the mother of all hungry days!

I woke up hungry, which is never a good thing, and so needed my first break to come around nice and early so I could demolish my snacks.

Despite my first break food normally keeping me nicely satisfied until breakfast, I was still hungry. So when breakfast came around, I ate all of it, plus the snack-a-jacks I'd taken in just in case.

I had a bit of a variation today, with some of the Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli and yogurt rather than just fruit, so in theory more filling! Wasn't though, it wasn't long before I was hungry again, but alas, had brought no more food with me - the curse of having no shopping in!

I had to go via Aldi, Asda and Dorothy Perkins on the way home, to collect some fruit and veg, the weekly shopping, and some bargain-a-licious clothes (size 20 again - go me). I do despair about some of our Asda staff though, as a replacement for two 15 packs of eggs, I was given 6 1/2 dozen boxes of eggs! Perhaps they just didn't know when to stop scanning them in? So coming up in the next few weeks on The Slimming World Files - tons of egg recipes ;)

When I finally reached home, I was absolutely hank, and so Hague came to the rescue with a rather lovely (egg-based) dinner!

An omelette stuffed with veggies (mushrooms, courgettes, onions and tomatoes) and topped with a HeA of cheese, with some coleslaw and sweet potato wedges. I've still got half the omelette left for breakfast at work too :o)

Being a super hungry day, I needed dessert and so had a healthy helping of fruit - you can tell we've been shopping!

I'm still loving the clementines, especially as they're from Aldi so nice and cheap. I shall take a moment out from my mountain of food to show you one of my latest purchases. I am a bit of a sucker for the sales, and I've been looking for some silicone baking cases so that I can make mini versions of quiches, curry loaves and magic pancakes, and although I'd seen some cheap ones they seemed rather flimsy - but Lakeland came to the rescue with these little cuties....

Little silicone turtles :o), aren't they sweet? No excuse now not to make myself lots of scrummy snacks - although I think most will be egg based to start with!

So back to food, although not mine. Hague was rather proud of his dinner this evening, and so wanted to include it in my blog. The whole lot was 2 syns!

Burgers made with extra lean mince, topped with cheese and served up with salad, coleslaw and wedges. He was a very happy chappy with his dinner, he's alright at this cooking lark is my wonderful man :o)

With my stomach still insisting it wasn't full, I took advantage of a hot oven to throw in a jacket potato (seriously, how brilliant is Slimming World?).

I even managed my superfree! Hiding under that cottage cheese are a couple of extra light Laughing Cows as well, got to have that cheese fix! With the potato safely in my tummy, I'm finally feeling satisfied, which is rather a good thing seeing as I need to get myself to bed shortly!!

Food Diary (Green Day)

Free Food
coleslaw mix

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli

Alpen Light bar                                3
Shape delight yogurt                         1/2
Snack-a-jacks                                  5
Milk in tea (3)                                   1 1/2 (I've measured how much I have, and it's under 1/2 a syn's worth)
Hellman's extra light mayo (2 tbsp)     1
2 LC extra light triangles                     2

Total syns                                          13 

Despite my grumbles at the start of the blog, today hasn't really been a bad day. Work went past quite quickly, I've had a nice relaxing evening and the size 20 dress I picked up today fits beautifully (although I'll need some tights to control my damn wobbly tummy). But now it's closing in on 9pm, and with the weather warning of more bloody snow, I'd best get myself up to bed, as I'll have to set an earlier alarm just in case I wake up to Narnia in the morning!!

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