Friday, 25 January 2013

Good Things

It's that time of the week when I'm really starting to struggle - each morning it gets that little bit harder to drag myself out of bed, and each evening sees me wanting to get into bed earlier and earlier. Hence my blogs being typed up whilst at work, rather than whilst I'm on the sofa relaxing after work ;o)

At least (at the moment) there's no more snow, so I can leave at my normal time of 5am to get into work, rather than anything later!

Work was actually much better today, the machines were behaving themselves and it wasn't too frantic which was rather pleasant, fingers crossed it says the same today! Food wise, I'm afraid it's all a bit groundhog day this week! So once again, my first break snack was an Alpen Light and a banana, today accompanied by a couple of Fruit Shoots.

This was followed on my breakfast, which was this week's usual of a bowl of fruit, although without the raspberries, and with a rather disappointing pineapple - there's a first world problem right there!

After my breakfast, I had a meeting to discuss my absence levels, as I'm sure you can tell from reading this blog, the last few months have not been the heathiest for me, and some of that is a knock on effect from my continuing recover from depression, anyway, I was hugely nervous beforehand, but the outcome was okay,  basically that I need to be at work more, which is pretty much a given! So the horrible obstacle of the day was out of the way and I could continue on with yet another break before heading back to my machines.

Just tea and an Alpen bar as usual :o) Although even after eating it I was still hungry, and I spent the last few hours of the shift (include an extra hour for a briefing) really looking forward to getting home. When you're really hungry, and it's cold outside, comfort food is definitely what's required, and Hague certainly came up trumps when I got home :o)

How's that for a plate of perfect comfort food? A pile of mash (with my HeA worth of LC extra light triangles), sausages (LM) pluse onions, mushrooms and some Hello Kitty spaghetti. It was gorgeous, and really hit the spot, thank goodness that this is all classed as "diet" food on SW!!

As I'd been pretty low on my syns today, and I needed a little chocolate fix after my bath, it was Mikado to the resuce once more - 13 today, as I don't like having ½ syns  - yes I've accepted my weirdness, it's what makes me so awesome lol!! ;o)

Food Diary (Green Day)

Free Food
LM sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
B - 2 Alpen Light bars

2 Fruit Shoots               1
Activia yogurt                2½
13 Mikado                   6½

Total syns                    10

Not a bad day really, but earlies feel so short, as I get home, eat, bath and then pretty much head straight to bed, it plays havoc on your social life* and means I don't have a huge amount to report either, although today's Good Thing, was the greeting I got from the wonderful Dawn at the company shop today, who I haven't seen since before Christmas, she told me I looked amazing and that I was disappearing before her was lovely to hear, and she's been one of my earliest supporters, always wanting to know how I'm doing, and encouraging me every step of the way! Thanks Dawn x

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