Sunday, 6 January 2013

Before and After

I have been so slack with blogging over the last few days, but I do have a good excuse, I've been horribly ill over the last few days and have barely had the get up and go to get out of bed, let alone blog :(

This shall just be a quickie catch up I'm afraid, as I'm not eating too well, and really not feeling like doing much of anything if I'm honest!

Thursday was a normal-ish day, with a late first meal due to working Wednesday night.

Thanks to The Other Karen I'm indulging my childish side with shaped spaghetti, and today's was Moshi Monster shapes, along with Linda McCartney sausages (rosemary and red onion) and a sort of bubble and squeak creation with crushed potatoes, sprouts, red cabbage and onion which I boiled, crushed and then put in the oven for a while topped with cheese. Different, syn free and delicious :)

We had a party to go to, and I managed to stay on track by staying away from the buffet and just drinking diet coke, although after hearing at least one other friend has been ill, I have a feeling that it was there that I caught this bug :( At the time I thoroughly enjoyed myself though.

When I got in I was rather hungry and so did myself a late tea.

Eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes on toast, followed by some fruit and snack-a-jacks. So I headed off to bed, feeling fine and pleased with myself for having a good day...

Free Food
red cabbage
LM sausages
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf

Milk in tea (2)                          2
Snack-a-Jacks                        5.5

Total syns                                7.5

And so onto Friday, which started at 6.30am when I dropped Hague off at the station for a weekend in Barnsley before heading back to bed....then it all started to go wrong, as I woke up with awful stomach pains and then the vomiting began. Lovely.

So since then, I've not exactly eaten a lot, although for some reason the food that I DID eat included the leftover Yule Log, I've no idea what came over me. I was feeling sick anyway - but thinking a chocolate cake was a good idea is a new low even for me, and I paid for it quite quickly. What a wally :(

Anyway, below is what I've eaten (minus Yule Log, which I didn't photography) since Friday, most of which exited me quite quickly via one route or another (sorry......)

To eat, or not to eat, to put something on my stomach to ease the light headed-ness or to go hungry - that's been the main issue for me over the last few days, and none of the above - eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach on toast, pasta n sauce, with tons of veggies and cheese, and snack-a-jacks with an alpen light - none of which really agreed with me :(

So now you're up to date, and today will probably be a day of light food and fruit tea in a bid to feel well enough for work tomorrow!

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