Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Nightly Noms

As you may know by now, night shifts throw my blogging routine out of whack a wee bit. You get yesterdays food a day late as when I get in from work all I want to do is climb into bed! Hence this evening's blog being about the delights I had yesterday after my rather lovely weigh in...Did I mention my book is now covered in stickies? :)

Sorry, but I was rather excited about it! It was a lovely, shiney little sparkle in my long old week of work!

Anyway, onto food. After weigh in, we didn't have much time to get food sorted, so I threw together some soup, which I shall christen roast dinner soup as it contained brussels, mixed frozen veg, parsnips and potatoes. I had part roasted the potatoes and parsnips before group, so just turned the oven back on whilst I boiled up the veggies in some stock. When the parsnips and potatoes were done I just threw them in the pan with the other veggies and blitzed them. 

It was really thick, and lovely and filling. Plus I have another bowlful left over for another day at work! It certainly set me up nicely for work anyway.

With soup all nommed up it was time to head to work - just the 8 hours last night though, which was a hell of a lot better than Monday's shift! My work munchies do tend to stay quite similar, but get first break snackage wasn't a banana and an alpen light bar ;)

I know! Shocking isn't it? Snack a Jacks, one of my savoury muffins and a teeny clementine. Rather enjoyable too, and I have some in the oven right now ready for the rest of the week :)

Lunch was quite similar to yesterday, but then I am quite partial to Ryvita's with cheese, and it does make a change from leftovers.

It does look scarily like diet food though doesn't it? That's something that will have to rectified today ;)

Final break and we were back on track with an Alpen Light bar and a banana!

After that it was a mere 75 minutes until the off, and as my lovely colleague send me off 10 minutes early I was snuggled up in bed by twenty past six. Bliss.

Food Diary (Tuesday)

Free Food
brussel sprouts
mixed froze veg (carrots, broccoli, peas and cauliflower)
vegetable stock
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 4 laughing cow blue cheese lights
B - 4 Ryvita orginal

Caramel snack a jacks              5
muffin thingums (3)                   1.5
Alpen Light                              3

Total syns                                9.5

Not a bad syns total for the day, but I'm having a bit of a mix up of my meals today, and probably the best anti-diet food ever for my work lunch :) I'm glad it's humpday though, my week off is starting to feel a lot closer from here!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

12 Hours and More Stickies!

A quick one tonight I'm afraid - with a 12 hour shift yesterday and weigh in today, I've not had time to fire up the laptop, let alone get blogging!

After a lovely weekend, yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system - a 12 hour night shift is one hell of a way to come back down to earth!

I got up with not much time to spare, and Hague sorted me out my dinner/breakfast/whatever you call a meal you eat when you get up!

A couple of Quorn sticky fillets, with coleslaw, wedges and some fried eggs - so sort of breakfasty/lunchy! The sweet craving kicked in afterwards and was quenched by some good old Mikado :)

Work was long, busy and I couldn't wait for it to be over, although I did have two more people comment on my weight loss, obviously it only takes 5 stone or so for men to notice ;)  As always on a 12 hour shift, I took plenty of noms in with me, although after a slight miscalculation of HeB's I had to leave an Alpen Light and some Bear YoYo's in the bag for another day!

Some more of the leftover stew - with a Shape delight yogurt. Lovely and filling.

I finally got to try the muffins I made the other day, and they were gorgeous! I'll definitely be making them again! I had some ryvitas, blue cheese laughing cows and tomatoes to go with them too.

So with work done and dusted, and several more bruises to add to the collection on my arms - seriously, I look like I've been grabbed and pulled and all sorts, rather than just leaning into a machine - it was time for bed, sweet, sweet bed.....

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
Quorn sticky fillets
coleslaw mix
leftover stew
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 4 Laughing Cow blue cheese lights
B - 4 original Ryvita

Alpen Light                                     3
8 Mikado                                       4
Shape delight yogurts (2)                1
Muffiny thingums (4)                       2
1 tbsp Hellmans extra light mayo     1

Total syns                                      11

I shall blog about today, tomorrow, as I normally do on night shifts, but I just wanted to share the results of this week's weigh in with you :)

I lost another 4.5 lbs this week, taking me to a total since June last year of 5 stone 13.5lbs, just a teasing little 1/2lb from my next award! That WILL be mine next week :) Hague also lost 4.5lbs, taking him to a 13lb loss in just 3 weeks. Fantastic! Add to that the fact that we were also joint Slimmers of the Week, and I also got Slimmer of the Month I think you can safely say that it was rather a lovely evening at weigh in! Just a shame that I now have to head to work!

Look at my book! I'll have to start on the front now :)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Weekend In One

Another day, another catch up! So bear with me whilst I share a whole ton of food with you right through from 7am yesterday! It has been a weirdly long and short weekend. With Saturday starting at 4.30am and not ending until 6am this morning, but with my shift tomorrow starting early (another 12), it's quite a short one really - but as we were up so long yesterday, I guess I can't complain about lack of time.

On earlies, we have to work on the Saturday, just to make the shift all the worse, as if that's possible! Yesterday we were in right up until the end as well - so I had the full range of work grub.

I guess I'd best mention breakfast as it was a bit different to normal, as Friday's omelette was so huge, I packed up the other half to take into work - it made a really nice change, and it's something I'll be doing again.

With work done and dusted, it was time to head home where the weekend could start. As we were having friends over a nap was definitely needed, but first I just wanted to get a little bit of something on my stomach as I was already feeling hungry, so some tomato soup that had been in the fridge was quickly nuked and munched on before I went for a much needed sleeep.

With soup eaten, and nap successfully achieved, it was time to get ready for a film night. A couple of friends, and plenty of films were planned, as was the night off plan as we were trying a new takeaway. We ordered from a local diner, which actually made a really pleasant change, and I had a Phat Sandwich, which was as delicious as it sounds :)

Under those chips, there are plenty veggies hiding, as well as salad - it was absolutely delicious and worth every single syn that was stuffed in there ;) If you read this blog regularly, you won't be surprised to discover that some alcohol might have passed my lips as well!

The beer wasn't actually pink, but it looks quite marvellous doesn't it? :) I had some Port as well - first time - thanks Shane - and then went onto spirits, but I didn't go too bad, and probably only had about 6 measures over the course of the (11 hour) evening, so although it was an off plan night, I've had worse nights! It was a really good night as well, and we managed to get 4½ films watched too! 

Heading to bed at 6am isn't the cleverest of things to do, but I was out of bed before 1pm, which was nothing short of a miracle to be honest, and once our guests had been despatched home, it was time to get some breakfast down me. Well, I say breakfast, when it's eaten at 3pm, I guess you can safely say it was more brunch!

LM sausages, wedges, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. The perfect morning after meal! Completely back on track as well with not a syn in sight. I cooked some extra sausages too, to give something a go later.... Despite the rather huge amount of food, it was only a couple of hours later - time spent very productively watching Friends - that I felt peckish again. After seeing a post on a Facebook SW page, I decided to go with a bowl of microwaved swede, easy peasy.

I mixed in a blue cheese Laughing Cow triangle as well, and it really hit the spot. If you've not tried it, give it a  go. You literally just microwave the swede (I did mine for 15 minutes) and then cut it in half and scoop out the insides. Saves you peeling, chopping and boiling :)

Now, I'm sure you won't be surprised to know that there was a slight break in my Sunday at this point for a nap, after all I didn't get huge amounts of sleep last night, and I'm working nights tomorrow, so staying up late tonight is a bit of a must! 

I woke up after my nap feeling decidedly icky. I'm not sure if it was the huge sandwich from last night, or just feeling generally yucky, but it took me a while to get myself back downstairs. I decided that food might be the answer (of course) and set about preparing my dinner. 

Nice and simple tonight, some courgette, red onion, broccoli and spinach with pasta, topped with my HeB of stilton. Whilst that was cooking, I had a bit of an experiment...

I've seen lots of posts for savoury muffins on various FB pages and thought it was about time I gave them a go, especially as I now have my silicone muffin cases! So I chopped up the extra sausages from earlier, added some red onion and tomatoes and put them in the bottom of the cases. I then mixed up 4 eggs, some cottage cheese and 40g of reduced fat cheddar and topped up the cases. I then cooked them at 180 degrees for about 20 mins. Due to the cheese, they'll come in at ½ a syn each - not bad at all for something to grab as a quick snack eh?

Quite the nommy bale of turtles there (yes, apparently a group of turtles is a bale). They'll certainly come in useful at work this week (if Hague doesn't eat them all first!) ;o) His verdict "Mmmm good, very good" so there you go, endorsed by Hague, it doesn't come better than that! After polishing off dinner, and Hague polishing off a couple of the muffins, it was definitely dessert time. After the blow out of yesterday, I decided to keep my day nice and low syn and went with fruit.and some mini meringues.

Just the one syn there for the meringues, sweet and a delicious way to end the weekend.

Food Diary (Sunday)

Free Food
LM sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 30g Stilton

1 Laughing Cow light blue cheese triangle            1½
10 mini meringues                                               1

Total syns                                                           2½

And so another weekend draws to a close. At least earlies are done and dusted for another few weeks, and my week off looks a lot closer from here! Despite appearances, a couple of jobs have got done this weekend. I sorted out a calendar with my work roster on it, so we can see at a glance what I'm working, when I'm working it and when my 12's are, which will make life a bit easier, and Hague has finally set up the Wii, so I can get on the Wii Fit (eventually). Although at the moment, another member of the family is taking advantage of it...

I think it shall be christened the Boo Fit :) I hope you've all had a good weekend, and that this coming week is kind to you, be it on the scales on in other ways.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Hungry Days and Special Guests

Normally I love a Friday, the looming weekend, the freedom of a few days away from work - but not on earlies. Just to add to the torture of my week of earlies, we also have to work the Saturday, so today is just another day during the week, with no respite until 2pm tomorrow *sigh* Anyway, enough whinging about my early starts, and onto the mountain of food I've devoured today as I'm having the mother of all hungry days!

I woke up hungry, which is never a good thing, and so needed my first break to come around nice and early so I could demolish my snacks.

Despite my first break food normally keeping me nicely satisfied until breakfast, I was still hungry. So when breakfast came around, I ate all of it, plus the snack-a-jacks I'd taken in just in case.

I had a bit of a variation today, with some of the Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli and yogurt rather than just fruit, so in theory more filling! Wasn't though, it wasn't long before I was hungry again, but alas, had brought no more food with me - the curse of having no shopping in!

I had to go via Aldi, Asda and Dorothy Perkins on the way home, to collect some fruit and veg, the weekly shopping, and some bargain-a-licious clothes (size 20 again - go me). I do despair about some of our Asda staff though, as a replacement for two 15 packs of eggs, I was given 6 1/2 dozen boxes of eggs! Perhaps they just didn't know when to stop scanning them in? So coming up in the next few weeks on The Slimming World Files - tons of egg recipes ;)

When I finally reached home, I was absolutely hank, and so Hague came to the rescue with a rather lovely (egg-based) dinner!

An omelette stuffed with veggies (mushrooms, courgettes, onions and tomatoes) and topped with a HeA of cheese, with some coleslaw and sweet potato wedges. I've still got half the omelette left for breakfast at work too :o)

Being a super hungry day, I needed dessert and so had a healthy helping of fruit - you can tell we've been shopping!

I'm still loving the clementines, especially as they're from Aldi so nice and cheap. I shall take a moment out from my mountain of food to show you one of my latest purchases. I am a bit of a sucker for the sales, and I've been looking for some silicone baking cases so that I can make mini versions of quiches, curry loaves and magic pancakes, and although I'd seen some cheap ones they seemed rather flimsy - but Lakeland came to the rescue with these little cuties....

Little silicone turtles :o), aren't they sweet? No excuse now not to make myself lots of scrummy snacks - although I think most will be egg based to start with!

So back to food, although not mine. Hague was rather proud of his dinner this evening, and so wanted to include it in my blog. The whole lot was 2 syns!

Burgers made with extra lean mince, topped with cheese and served up with salad, coleslaw and wedges. He was a very happy chappy with his dinner, he's alright at this cooking lark is my wonderful man :o)

With my stomach still insisting it wasn't full, I took advantage of a hot oven to throw in a jacket potato (seriously, how brilliant is Slimming World?).

I even managed my superfree! Hiding under that cottage cheese are a couple of extra light Laughing Cows as well, got to have that cheese fix! With the potato safely in my tummy, I'm finally feeling satisfied, which is rather a good thing seeing as I need to get myself to bed shortly!!

Food Diary (Green Day)

Free Food
coleslaw mix

Healthy Extras
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli

Alpen Light bar                                3
Shape delight yogurt                         1/2
Snack-a-jacks                                  5
Milk in tea (3)                                   1 1/2 (I've measured how much I have, and it's under 1/2 a syn's worth)
Hellman's extra light mayo (2 tbsp)     1
2 LC extra light triangles                     2

Total syns                                          13 

Despite my grumbles at the start of the blog, today hasn't really been a bad day. Work went past quite quickly, I've had a nice relaxing evening and the size 20 dress I picked up today fits beautifully (although I'll need some tights to control my damn wobbly tummy). But now it's closing in on 9pm, and with the weather warning of more bloody snow, I'd best get myself up to bed, as I'll have to set an earlier alarm just in case I wake up to Narnia in the morning!!

Good Things

It's that time of the week when I'm really starting to struggle - each morning it gets that little bit harder to drag myself out of bed, and each evening sees me wanting to get into bed earlier and earlier. Hence my blogs being typed up whilst at work, rather than whilst I'm on the sofa relaxing after work ;o)

At least (at the moment) there's no more snow, so I can leave at my normal time of 5am to get into work, rather than anything later!

Work was actually much better today, the machines were behaving themselves and it wasn't too frantic which was rather pleasant, fingers crossed it says the same today! Food wise, I'm afraid it's all a bit groundhog day this week! So once again, my first break snack was an Alpen Light and a banana, today accompanied by a couple of Fruit Shoots.

This was followed on my breakfast, which was this week's usual of a bowl of fruit, although without the raspberries, and with a rather disappointing pineapple - there's a first world problem right there!

After my breakfast, I had a meeting to discuss my absence levels, as I'm sure you can tell from reading this blog, the last few months have not been the heathiest for me, and some of that is a knock on effect from my continuing recover from depression, anyway, I was hugely nervous beforehand, but the outcome was okay,  basically that I need to be at work more, which is pretty much a given! So the horrible obstacle of the day was out of the way and I could continue on with yet another break before heading back to my machines.

Just tea and an Alpen bar as usual :o) Although even after eating it I was still hungry, and I spent the last few hours of the shift (include an extra hour for a briefing) really looking forward to getting home. When you're really hungry, and it's cold outside, comfort food is definitely what's required, and Hague certainly came up trumps when I got home :o)

How's that for a plate of perfect comfort food? A pile of mash (with my HeA worth of LC extra light triangles), sausages (LM) pluse onions, mushrooms and some Hello Kitty spaghetti. It was gorgeous, and really hit the spot, thank goodness that this is all classed as "diet" food on SW!!

As I'd been pretty low on my syns today, and I needed a little chocolate fix after my bath, it was Mikado to the resuce once more - 13 today, as I don't like having ½ syns  - yes I've accepted my weirdness, it's what makes me so awesome lol!! ;o)

Food Diary (Green Day)

Free Food
LM sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles
B - 2 Alpen Light bars

2 Fruit Shoots               1
Activia yogurt                2½
13 Mikado                   6½

Total syns                    10

Not a bad day really, but earlies feel so short, as I get home, eat, bath and then pretty much head straight to bed, it plays havoc on your social life* and means I don't have a huge amount to report either, although today's Good Thing, was the greeting I got from the wonderful Dawn at the company shop today, who I haven't seen since before Christmas, she told me I looked amazing and that I was disappearing before her was lovely to hear, and she's been one of my earliest supporters, always wanting to know how I'm doing, and encouraging me every step of the way! Thanks Dawn x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Catching Up!

Today has been a long day. I guess by definition a 12 hour shift is always going to be long, but this is the first one I've done since before Christmas, and I'll be honest, it was a struggle! I was on the go, pretty much non-stop for the first 10 hours of my shift and it got me thinking about my guilt over doing "no" body magic. I work in a factory, where we make squash. I run the machines that collate the single bottles into the 12 packs that get sent out to the supermarkets and shops. All day I'm on my feet, going between the machines to fix them when they stop. Climing up onto a step to reach into the machine, many, many times a shift. Plus lifting packs (weighing 14kg) on and off the line. Filling the machines with the cardboard trays, which means bending to lift them, and bending again to put them in the machine....for at least 8 hours every day, yet I spend my time feeling guilty that I don't do any exercise to put into my Fit Log. That's just insane really - I'm already more active than I've been in years, so I shall stop beating myself up and give myself credit for what I already do!!

Who needs a gym right? Got my step class and weights right here...

I always pack myself plenty of food for a 12 hour shift, I'd rather have too much and bring some home, than not take enough, get hungry and be tempted by the vending machine, which is populated with crisps, snacks and chocolate, not a healthy thingum to be found! Besides, I find snacking throughout my shift helps keep my energy up too.

First break brought the familiar sight of my banana and Alpen Light bar though, some things never change.

Although the fact that I ate them first is new ;o) Sorry, was a tad peckish (and tired). After that, the shift seemed to pass in a haze of busyness and breaks, so I'll just post up my noms as I'm sure you don't want to be bored with tales of life in a squash factory (the 12 hour remix).

My very yummy breakfast of raspberries, grapes, pineapple and banana, plus a yogurt.

Another break, and another banana, this time accompanied by yet more Rooibos tea and some Crunchy Curls (3 ½ syns of yum)

Dinner break number two, this time some leftover vegetable stew, another yogurt and a couple of fruit shoots.

Last break, the final stretch, and I had my other Alpen Light bar with yet more tea, and the knowledge that it was nearly time to head home :o)

When I finally got home, the lovely Hague had a chilli ready in the slow cooker and some wedges in the oven, and so I just about had time to get changed and settled before dinner was served.

It was a bit of a mish-mash chilli, as he'd used all the part packets of vegetables we'd got in the freezer,so along with the more usual tomatoes, baked beans and kidney beans, we had peas, carrot and cauliflower, along with Quorn chunks, but hey, it worked! That, with the wedges and cheese hit the spot perfectly. I decided to splurge some syns on a dessert though, and went with a white chocolate invention.

I know it doesn't look overly appetising, but it's a tub of Quark, mixed with a white chocolate Options and with some white chocolate Mikado broken in. It was rather yummy, almost like a mixed up cheesecake :o) Mind you, with that eaten, and a cuppa drunk, it was time to head to bed!

Food Diary (Green)

Free Food
leftover vegetable stew
Quorn chunks
baked beans
kidney beans
frozen mixed veg

Healthy Options
A - 40g reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - 2 Alpen Light bars

2 Shape delighs yogurts          1
2 Fruit Shoots                         1
Crunchy Curls                        3½
Options hot chocolate            2
8 Mikado                              4

Total syns                               11½

Apologies for not getting my blog done and dusted yesterday, but I literally had time to get in, eat, catch up with FB and Twitter and briefly chat to Hague before it was 8.30 and time for bed. Yuck. Roll on next week and lovely nights!

Oh, and I feel I need a quick catch up for the last few days!
  • I have slimmed out of a lovely dress that I couldn't wait to slim into
  • My lovely consultant commented on how much my face had changed with the weight loss
  • I have gained nearly 50 followers this week on Twitter which has made me very smiley
  • I have found the most amazing thing of all time ever online and I must have it (It's a mini plush unicorn bouquet - yes you read that correctly)
  • I'm having to order new work trousers as I can now take my current ones off without undoing them :)
Another blog coming you way tonight! x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Things You Forget

When you're big, you take some things for granted. Not being able to fit into the clothes you love, sore feet from lugging about your bulk, and (for me anyway) having to put up with hideously uncomfortable bras. I know, it's an odd one, but I seem to have spent years being stabbed by, impaled on, falling out of and just generally being hideously uncomfortable in bras. A lot of it is down to the fact that I have a large back, and teeny boobs. Not the best of combinations, as it's stupidly hard to find a B cup bra in a large back size, so I end up with either too large cups, or a bra that cuts into me constantly. 

Whilst at work today, it dawned on me that my newly purchased bra was just being a bra - it wasn't digging into me, the underwire wasn't attempting keyhole surgery, and I hadn't had to try and readjust the bloody thing discreetly once. In fact I had barely even noticed I was wearing it. I guess this is one of the rather huge benefits of now fitting into a more regular sized bra (38C - get me - going up a cup size)! It was a rather pleasant realisation, and a comfortable one! In fact, that could be the reason for my strangely happy mood at work today!

Anyway.....onto my food :) Pretty much all of it lovingly prepared by Hague today - he's a good'un that man :) I'll get work out of the way first, as it was much of a muchness compared to yesterday, and besides, I was bored at work and so I was tweeting about it all day, so if any of you follow me on Twitter, you'll already know how my day went lol!

Plenty of fruit, trying to keep it nice and light as it's weigh in day today! Plus one of the delicious Activia yogurts that are my latest addiction.

With work done and dusted, I headed home ready to put my feet up for a while before heading to SW. The class today was starting early, due to the weather, and so we took advantage of that to get in and out quickly so I could get dinner eaten, and my blog written before too late tonight as I have a 12 hour shift to plough through tomorrow :(

I'll be honest, despite my protestations that I'm always happy with any loss, I was a wee bit disappointed with losing 2lbs this week - I was expecting a bit more after 5 days of Success Express - but, it's a loss, and it meant I got rid of last week's gain, so I'm back on track! Team Hague has stormed even further into the lead as he lost 3.5lbs this week and gained his 1/2 stone certificate, proper proud of him :)

With weigh in done, next on the agenda was dinner. I'm proper tired today - and when I get that tired I don't feel hungry, and always have a huge case of the Can't Be Arsed's. I really didn't know what I want, so when Hague declared that he fancied Quorn roast and macaroni cheese, it sounded good to me :)

Under the Quorn roast is a mix of Batchelors macaroni cheese and veg. It was actually quite nice! With a dessert of a cuppa and 10 Mikado, I'm all done for the day!

Food Diary (Green Day)

Free Food
Quorn roast

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 40g reduced fat cheddar

Alpen Light                            3
Activia                                   2.5
Batchelors macaroni cheese   2
10 Mikado                            5

Total syns                              12.5

Sorry for today's blog being so short and to the point, but despite it only being 7pm I'm shattered and ready for bed, so once my tea is drunk, I'm heading up for an early night!