Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Over Excitement!

I should have blogged yesterday, I have no excuse. Alright so I was tired after my early start, and I got home a bit later than normal due to Hague and me having a little mini-date after work, but I could still have fitted it in. There is really only one thing to blame....

Yep, I got me an iPad :) I spent way too long playing with it last night  - and the blog went by the wayside. Bad Karen!

Anyway, yesterday's food was pretty standard for an early shift. I'd been together enough on Sunday night to get my food sorted, and so had something to eat. By the time my first break rolled around I was starving. Probably down to the fact that I didn't eat huge amounts yesterday, and so I couldn't wait to eat something.

I guess that's pretty substantial for 7.30 in the morning, good job Hague cut the pineapple up for me really. He is good to me that man :) I thought a bit of sugar was a good idea too, hence the Tango!

With that eaten, and a busy morning on shift, I couldn't wait for breakfast time to roll around, and polished it off rather quickly.

40g of the Simply Fruity Dorset Cereals, some grapes and a Shape yogurt, which did the job nicely. I didn't have anything but a cuppa for my last break, mainly as I'd eaten every thing I'd brought in with me :)

After work, I headed to Norwich Station, as Hague had had a rather lovely idea. Due to shifts this week, me working 6-2, and him working 3-9, we literally wouldn't see each other all week long, as I leave the house at 5am, leaving a barely conscious Hague in bed, which he then leaves at around 1.30pm normally to catch his train, I get back in at around 2.15, and would be fast asleep by 10.30 when he gets in. Not a good situation at all, and when you consider he's going to be in Barnsley all weekend it starts to look rather immensely poo! However, Hague had a little idea to get the train into Norwich an hour early, that way he gets there at about 2, just when I'm finishing work, and we could spend that hour together, sort of like a little date :) Fabulous idea, and so that's what we did. It was lovely to have a cuppa, and just a little chat - something that would have been taken for granted during any other week, but this week, time is precious, and I LOVE that he had such a wonderful idea :)

So with our little sojourn completed, I headed home, once again starving, and now rather tired as well. I did manage to gather up the energy to do myself something for dinner though.

I know there's no superfree, but sometimes a girl just needs an easy life, and some comfort food, and what could be more comforting that sausage, mash and beans ? Cheesey mash at that, as there are 6 extra light Laughing Cow triangles lurking in that pile of mash. Yum :)

After dinner, I was utterly distracted by the iPad, and so had no Advent choc or dessert (or blog).

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
baked beans
LM rosemary and red onion sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 6 LC extra light triangles
B - 40g Simply Fruity Dorset Cereals muesli

250ml can of Tango            2½
Shape yogurt                      ½
Milk in tea                          1

Total syns                           4

I'm quite looking forward to today, another date with Hague, the Christmas Party at group - for which I'll be wearing my gorgeous dress that now fits me - a little meet up with friends and then picking up Hague at the station....I'm guessing I shall be exhausted! Roll on 2pm Friday when work is done and dusted until after Christmas (when I say after Christmas, unfortunately I mean until 5.45am on December 27th) Yuk :(

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