Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Money Grabbing!

Firstly I have to update yet another food diary. Sunday was a long day, and a very hungry one too. After I'd declared that I'd be having nothing more to eat, I got hungry (again) and so I made myself something to eat.

This is why Slimming World works for me, if I'm hungry, I can eat - and not a celery stick and cottage cheese, I can eat some real food, that will fill me up and leave me satisfied. I know there isn't a 1/3 superfree on the plate, but I did quite well with my superfree on Sunday so I'm not too concerned! Obviously we had a late one on Sunday, which was pretty good really as it got me into a sleeping pattern for this week's shifts.

Now, if you pay attention, you'll know that I normally work a 4 week shift pattern, a week on earlies, a week of nights, a week of lates and then I'm off for a week. This should be a week off, however greed has got the better of me and so this week I'm doing a bit of money grabbing (overtime), well I can't have you all short of Robinsons Squash for Christmas can I? ;) Anyway, that's why I'm on nights when I should be off, after all, new laptops don't pay for themselves.

We were woken up first by the postman, the poor guy was laden down with parcels and packages, most of which were presents for Hague, although one of the presents for Hague's boys was in there too. I do hope he didn't take too close a look at them though, as some said where they were from! He says he didn't, so hopefully he'll be surprised on Christmas Day! Anyway, with that bit of excitement over I had some more sleep until it was time to take Hague to the station, rushing home to be in for yet another parcel before heading to bed once more.

When I finally got up, I knew I fancied something hearty, but I didn't know what. I knew I had leftover pasta bake for work, so didn't want pasta, and so I decided on an old favourite I hadn't had for a while - cous cous quiche. Today's had a topping of spinach, courgette, onion, mushrooms and tomatoes, all topped with my HeA of cheese.

Served with the obligatory wedges and today I splashed out a couple of syns on some extra light mayo from Asda. Lovely! With dinner eaten, and people on Facebook chatted to, it was time to get ready for work, it always seems so much harder when you shouldn't be there....

First break came along quite quickly though, and I was already hungry again, and so I plumped for a banana, Bear yoyo and some water.

Lunch was the pasta bake, as I said, but I had some pineapple with it and a yogurt. After I'd eaten those though, I fancied something else and so ate my other yoyo - a rather big hit in the Mixing Up My Healthy Extras challenge they've been :)

When the final break came around, I was rather tired and it was rather late. I take an Alpen Light bar in withe me every day, but I don't always have it, today I needed that little sweet boost to get me to the end of the shift!

Food Diary

Free Food
mixed herbs
tomato puree
leftover pasta bake

Healthy Extras
A - 45g reduced fat cheddar
B - 4 Bear yoyo rolls


Advent Choc                              ½
Shape yogurt                              ½
pasta bake                                  3½ (for the 50g of Feta on top)
Alpen Light bar                           3
Asda Extra Light Mayo 2 tbsp    2
Options hot choc                        2
Splash of milk (in hot choc)         1

Total syns                                   12½

And so here I am, just finishing up both my hot chocolate and this blog, with my Advent choccie waiting for me. It wasn't pleasant getting home today, it was freezing as I walked to the car, not to mention icy, and it snowed as I was driving as well. Add to that the fact that I have no water in my washers and you can see why it was such a relief to finally get home, get my work shoes off and enjoy my hot chocolate. I need to warm up before I get into bed....Hague would kill me otherwise lol!

I'm not quite sure what the chocolate is meant to be today. Once again Blogger has decided that it needs to be on it's side anyway - my vote is on a lamb, but I could be wrong, and as I've now eaten him, we shall never know for sure :) As my hot chocolate is gone, my choccy is gone, and my blog is now written, it must surely be time for me to drag my weary self up to bed, after all, busy day tomorrow....weigh in! Eeek!

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