Friday, 21 December 2012

It's CHRISTMAS! is done. Fabulous. What a lovely feeling, no more work until after Christmas, just nice relaxing time with Hague and The Menagerie. Bliss :) Plus no more getting up at 4.30am until the 27th!

It was struggle getting up this morning, it really is a relief to know I haven't got to get up early for a few days, and the house is really lacking in food so once again today's work food was a bit....erm....lacking shall we say? In fact, all I actually took to work were some clementines, told you we were lacking in food!

So I'm guessing the photo of my food for first break won't be overly surprising....

I'll have to pop back to Aldi and pick up some more I think, you can't argue with 69p can you really? Much as I enjoyed them though, they didn't really fill me up, and so by the time breakfast arrived I was pretty hungry, as I'd not bothered my arse to actually get breakfast ready I had to head for the canteen again.

As you can see, I pushed the boat out today, with two slices of toast and 3 poached eggs. I reckon they skimped on the beans a bit today though :( Still, it filled me up nicely - although I could have quite happily nodded off afterwards! Unfortunately that wasn't an option, and after breakfast work seemed to just go mad - very busy, but at least that meant time went quickly. Ooh and I was informed that I came across very well in my interview the other day, so fingers crossed there!

I was so excited to leave work, as Hague would be at home and as far as I was concerned that means Christmas could begin :) Firstly I stopped at Tesco hoping that they might have some Cheese Footballs, but no, sold out, not a one to be found. In one way that's a good thing, as it saves me some syns on Christmas Day, but damn I love those bad boys and now we'll have none :( We have plenty of other munchies though, so I'm sure I'll survive!

Now, I'm sure most of you have had your decorations up for weeks now, but as you may have noticed things have all been a bit mad round here for the last few weeks here in the Mitchell/Hague household, and so we just haven't had the chance to get the decorations up. To be honest, I don't like putting them up too early as I like Christmas to feel special, to be that couple of weeks were everything is pretty and sparkly, and people are in a happy mood - rather than 6-8 weeks of decorations so I'm sick of them! But now, at last, Christmas has well and truly arrived.

Jade wasn't overly impressed as we've put the tree on the table she normally sleeps on - oh well, as long as she doesn't pull it down it'll be fine :) So with the decorations done, it was time to eat. After sorting out 3 trees, 8 sets of fairy lights, plus various other bits and bobs, including making Bayleigh's cage all pretty, it was never going to be a fancy meal.

A jacket spud, with cottage cheese and cheddar plus some salad, maybe not adventurous, but after not eating for a fair old while it went down well :) I followed it up with today's choccy. Another easy peasy one today.

Snowman = nom :)

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
baked beans
cherry tomatoes
fat free salad dressing

Healthy Extras
A - 45g reduced fat cheddar
B - slice of wholemeal bread from 800g loaf

slice of wholemeal bread                        5
milk in tea (3)                                        3
Advent choccy                                      ½

Total syns                                             8 ½

Hague is off to Barnsley tomorrow to spend the weekend with his boys, with a Christmas Day on Sunday, and so I shall be alone, in my little grotto full of fairy lights for the weekend. Not such a bad thing. I still have his presents to wrap and cards to write, plus some tidying to do before the big day, so I'll be quite a busy girl! I can safely say that once he's dropped off at the station at 7am I'll be heading back to bed for quite a while :) 

Anyway, I shall now leave you with my favourite Christmas decoration. One that Hague really doesn't like as it annoys the hell out of him, but I LOVE it.....

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