Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Happy Christmas :)

Be warned. There isn't much Slimming World friendly food ahead - when I said Christmas Day would be off plan I wasn't kidding :) There are many syns ahead of you Dear Reader, but I enjoyed every single one of them, as me and Hague had a truly fabulous day!

I woke up early, as I'm a big kid when it comes to Christmas, but managed to get myself back to sleep for another couple of hours to get past my 8am curfew :) First things first and I had a huge cup of coffee with lots of milk to perk me up as we opened up our pressies. With the presents opened and adored it was time for breakfast.

At first look, breakfast doesn't look too bad, but I had butter on my toast, and a healthy glass of orange juice, and followed it up with my incredibly disappointing Advent chocolate, I was expecting at least a present or a Father Christmas - not some holly, oh well, what do you expect from a 99p calendar? With breakfast eaten, as it's Christmas, it was time to start drinking, with the socially acceptable choice of Bucks Fizz :)

With a couple of Bucks Fizz's inside us it was time to prep for our dinner. Hague was taking the lead on the cooking, and I just had to assist with prepping the veggies, so not too much work really, and by 2.30 we were sitting down to a delicious dinner.

I had a prawn cocktail without the prawns, which was followed up by a wonderful Christmas dinner. It actually wasn't too terrible syns wise, as the potatoes were roasted in frylight, and the Quorn roast is free. There may have been a few syns in the huge dollop of cauliflower cheese and the honey glazed carrots and parsnips though :) 

Even Boo got a Christmas dinner!

After that delicious meal, we were absolutely stuffed, with no room for dessert, however, I still had room for the lovely pink fizzy wine we'd opened over dinner and followed that up with some Rose wine as well. The tin of Hero's from the hamper seemed to find itself open as well at this point....

I didn't have tons and tons, but I had quite a few, around 6 or 8 before I made Hague take them away from me, otherwise I'd have been mindlessly stuffing my face with them for ages. I did eventually find some room for dessert though, and I have to say, top marks must go to Asda for their Sherry trifle which was absolutely gorgeous! 

That did me for food for a fair old while, although the drink kept on flowing, and the bottle of honey Jack Daniels that was packed inside our hamper didn't last too long....

Despite a busy day of watching Christmas telly, having lots of cuddles and just enjoying the general wonderfulness of Christmas, we didn't feel hungry enough for tea for quite a while. I'd laid out the table with all sorts of munchables, but it was quite late before I had the room to dig into my biggest weakness.......CHEESE!

The Parentals had put a cheese board in the hamper and so I indulged myself with creamy brie, gorgeous stilton, mature cheddar, wensleydale with cranberries and some delicious chutney. Just divine, and we still have SO much left! As you may have noticed there are also some sneaky little Stollen bites hidden in the pictures above. They were 6 syns each, but oh they were so good. Seeing as I had 5 of them, that's two days syns right there - Christmas never was going to be very Slimming World friendly was it?? 

But - I had a lovely day, a really lovely day. Just how Christmas should be, but more relaxed as it was just us and the animals, so no worries about leaving Boo on her own, about drinking too much or about getting home. Lovely :)

Now to see how much damage has been done....especially as I won't be properly back on plan now until the 27th when I'm back at work.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day, and that you enjoyed every moment, whether you were off or on plan! Here's to us all being much slimmer by this time next year :)

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  1. Merry Christmas Karen! Glad you had a lovely day :-) I'm also on day 2 off plan and have to say I can't wait to get back on tomorrow! Although I've enjoyed the freedom I'm not enjoying the bloatedness Im feeling today! X