Sunday, 16 December 2012

Electronics Beware!

Yesterday was a Barnsley day, that meant getting up early and a long old drive. For some reason, rather than waiting for the 7am alarm, my body decided that 5.15am was the perfect time to wake up. Despite trying to stay in bed, I gave up and decided to be efficient instead, and so I got a Quorn lamb casserole in the slow cooker, and made myself a huge cup of coffee.

Today's photos will have several Bayleigh Boo cameo's, mostly to make Billie smile (waves at Billie). With that delicious, milky coffee downed I decided to make a cooked breakfast too, a bit of a change from the Alpen Light bars whilst driving that Barnsley trips normally involve for breakfast!

Eggs, wedges and some mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes, at 6.30am. Seriously. I knew I'd pay for it on the drive home.....with breakfast eaten, it was time to wake up Hague and get the show on the road - with another coffee for the journey.

With 180 miles driven, and Hague dropped off to spend the day with his boys, I treated myself to my usual snack from Morrisons.

1 1/2 syns and it was reduced too, win win situation. I did pick up some candles for the table on Christmas day too, along with some fairy lights, napkins and a hand whisk to make - look away now Claire - eggnog on Christmas Eve :) Nothing like a shop to cheer you up eh?

With the shopping done, I decided to do something a bit different today and headed to the local Wetherspoon where I thought I could have a reasonably syn free lunch and a few cuppas whilst relaxing with my Kindle.

My Kindle had other ideas :(

This is what I was greeted with when I tried to power it up. I think the technical term is that it's buggered :( A quick phone call to Amazon, and they informed me it was beyond repair, and out of warranty :( I wasn't a happy bunny, and had to resort to my rapidly dying phone (did I mention that I've also broken my in car charger for my phone) for entertainment, so thanks must go out to Karen for listening to me whinge about my broken Kindle, and Shane for sending me an emergency email containing the book I was reading :) My friends are truly awesome!

As for the food, I decided on the Superfood wholewheat pesto pasta salad, the app stated that superfood salad was 7 1/2 syns with dressing and 2 without. Seeing as I didn't get asked about dressing, and this was a pasta salad, I'm not sure if the syns were correct. The only synful things in the bowl were the pesto (which was nut free), and the sun dried tomatoes, so even if I did go over syns with the meal, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been by much as a tbsp of pesto is around 3 syns, and sun dried tomatoes are around 11 for 100g, and I had nowhere near 100g of them in this little serving. As you can see I had a side salad too, and the dressing stayed firmly in the little bowl.

I'll take the 7 1/2 syns anyway, as well as a couple of syns for my teas. The salad was in fact, delicious. Full of veggies and flavour, I just wish I could be sure if the syns were right. Anyway, it's was eaten, it was enjoyed, nowt to be done about it now eh?

After lunch I did a bit more shopping and picked up cards for all the family before heading back to the car and then picking up Hague. The drive home was insanely difficult, as I'd had 4 hours sleep and had been up for way too long. I normally struggle, but I made it, and I have to thank Hague for keeping me going right up until we got home :)

As I'd been so madly efficient this morning, we had a lamb casserole waiting - Hague made some yorkshire puds to go with his and I had mine au natural.

Normally my casseroles are syn free, but this one had a couple in as I'd put in some mint sauce, which I must say worked really well :) 

Lamb Casserole (2 syns for tons)
Quorn lamb strips
mixed veg
casserole mix
pearl barley 
mushy peas
vegetable stock
2 tbsp Colman's classic mint sauce (2 syns)

As always, lobbed into the slow cooker, and left. I'll definitely do this one again, the mint sauce added a lovely bit of flavour to the Quorn lamb and I went back for seconds!

Food Diary

Free Food
side salad
lamb casserole

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml of semi-skimmed milk (in two milky coffees)
B - Which I've just realised I've not had, so shall I say 1 tbsp of olive oil? Cut back those pesky lunch syns?

Sushi                                   1 1/2
Milk in tea (2)                      2
Wetherspoons lunch            7 1/2
Mint sauce                           1

Total syns                            12 syns (I figure that's about right, with olive oil as a HeB)

I made quite a pleasant discovery today. As you may, or may not know, worcestershire sauce isn't vegetarian. It's rather annoying as it can add great taste to meals, but it's a no go for me. Whilst wandering around Morrisons I spotted something intriguing, and so I thought I'd pick it up and give it a go.

Oh, and there's Boo again :) I'm looking forward to giving it a go and I'll let you know what it's like. I also had some good news this morning......

An email from Amazon confirming an order for a new Kindle Keyboard 3G, with a total to be paid of £0.00. So my Kindle shall be replaced shortly, which is pretty good customer service, although to be fair, a Kindle really should last more than 16 months don't you think?

Anyway, that's Saturday done and dusted, see you in a few hours for today's blog!

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  1. It was no problem at all hun x it's nice to be there for a friend in need and im glad amazon stepped up!! I like the idea of the lamb casserole with mint sauce, may have to try that as i wasn't convinced on the lamb strips