Sunday, 9 December 2012

Body Swap?

First things first, I need to add a syn to yesterday's food diary....

For some reason, Blogger has decided that this is the correct orientation for this photo even though my little chocolate wise man and my little chocolate reindeer are on their side. Grrrr. Anyway, my Advent calendar chocolates are only half a syn each, so both of these were an additional syn for yesterday. So that's me all up to date with my Food Diary :)

Today has been rather odd though. Normally on the weekends (as you might have noticed) we do a whole lot of nothing whatsover. However, when we got up today - me rather reluctantly I'll be honest - I felt a strange urge to be productive. We sorted out the kitchen, and rather than the quick once over we normally give it, I put a bit more effort in. Then I tidied up my big pile o'crap that has got bigger and bigger whilst waiting to be sorted, after that I put the new skin on my phone and set up the rest of the bits and bobs on my laptop. 

It doesn't sound like a lot, but for this lazy little moo, it's rather a productive few hours. Even weirder is that I still feel like I want to get stuff done. I'll have to get Hague to take my temperature, I must be coming down with something! That little lot was carried out whilst I was fortifying myself with large cups of tea, but when I was done I realised that I was starving and so set my mind to brunch.

I'm sure you're not surprised to see eggs and wedges on my plate for breakfast, it really is my favourite, and I felt like adding the little fancy arse touch of roasted tomatoes on the vine ;)  It certainly did the job and I wasn't hungry again for ages. 

When I did start to get peckish, I didn't know what I fancied and so had a bit of a thrown together dinner of a pasta bake with a difference. I made it with Orzo, and layered it up with aubergines between the veg, so it was almost a lasagne type thing. I topped it with my white sauce mix but added in some Feta as well.

It tasted better than it looks, honest :) It's just a whole lot of veg (spinach, mushrooms, aubergine, courgettes and onion) mixed with some orzo, chopped tomatoes, herbs, garlic and tomato puree, layered between slices of aubergine and topped with my yogurt, egg and nutmeg white sauce then baked for half an hour. It was hugely filling and I've got enough left over for 2 meals for work too. 

Normal service was resumed for the evening, with the telly and laptop on :) Much as we weren't doing much, I was peckish again just after midnight - I seriously work on a different time scale to most other people, sorry - and so I put myself together a bit of a snack.

I think we can safely say I've had my superfree today eh? The dollop is 55g of reduced fat hoummous, something I love, and had forgotten was a HeB until last week when I decided to mix them up a bit, perfect for picky, snacky noms. With the shopping collected yesterday that meant we had a fridge full of SW friendly foods and so I also had some grapes.

Food Diary

Free Food
chopped tomatoes
tomato puree
fat free yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 45g reduced fat cheddar
B - 55g reduced fat hoummous

50g Feta                       7
Advent chocolate          1/2
Milk in tea (3)               3

Total syns                     10 1/2

Hmm lots of superfree today, and I'll be honest, I struggled with only having one of each Healthy Extra today, it's a good job I don't tend to use many syns! How do people follow Extra Easy with only one of each all the time? Plus no cheese as a HeB? I'm not sure I could do it, I'm obviously a green girl at heart. Still, if I get a good loss this week, it might look a whole lot more attractive :)

Although I'm only having one HeA and one HeB, I'm still following the Green plan, as it has a wider range of HeB's designed to help us veggies get their protein - items like nuts, the hoummous I had today and cheese. Just thought I'd mention it so that my Food Diary doesn't get too confusing, as some of my HeB's are not HeB's on Extra Easy 

Karen x

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