Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Big, Fat Boxing Day!

After yesterday, and the rather large amounts of booze I consumed, today was never going to start very early - and so it was midday before we crawled out of bed.

Before eating anything I polished off the rest of the orange juice and had a couple of large cups of tea as well. I did feel surprisingly okay, not hungover at all - but it did take me a while to feel hungry. Not really a shock after everything I ate yesterday! When I finally got around to breakfast/brunch it was something quick and easy, and in the finest tradition of Christmas, consisting of leftovers :)

Quorn roast and cheese sandwich with some mayonnaise and clementines. It was a lot more filling that it looked, and I didn't feel hungry again for ages. When I did next eat, it was just an accompaniment to a cuppa. A hugely synful accompaniment, but that's all it was :)

I managed to polish off the rest of the Stollen bites and some Cadbury's fingers - more goodies from the bottomless hamper provided by The Parentals. Dan will be in no danger of running out of sweet things for the next few weeks that's for sure!

When the time came for dinner, it made sense to get rid of more of the hamper temptations before getting back onto plan tomorrow, and so dinner was rather picky in nature, consisting of dippy things, munchy things and of course, more cheese :)

The cracker type things are actually Ryvita thins, one of the more SW friendly items that Mum put in the hamper for when I'm back on plan, they're sweet chilli flavour and one of them is only 1.5 syns, so not bad really if you do yourself a syn free dip.

I managed to devour quite a lot of cheese as well, but we still have tons and tons left. Good job I can still eat it on plan, as it'll last for quite a while :) Of course, as you may have noticed, I've not had a mince pie yet, and it's just not Christmas without one, and so even after all those pickings for dinner I managed to stuff a couple in!

Topped with clotted cream - just delicious :) However, as I sit here, stuffed to the gills, I can quite honestly say that I'm looking forward to getting back on plan tomorrow, although I'm not particularly looking forward to getting up for work at 4.30am that's for sure.

Tomorrow I shall also find out just how much damage has been caused by my off plan Christmas, as well as finding out what new bits and bobs are in the new Slimming World packs, I guess most of tomorrow evening will be spent with my nose buried in that :) 

So for the last time this year, I shall leave you with no food diary - something that shall be fully rectified tomorrow! I hope your Christmas has been as wonderful as mine, and if you've been off plan, you find it nice and easy to get back onto plan whenever you choose to take that step :)

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