Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Longest Night

When I woke up this afternoon, I could have happily slept for several hours more. A quick look at my sleep and it's no surprise really that I was still tired!

I do love an app, and this sleeptime one is quite cool, it tells you how deep your sleep is, and when you set an alarm it wakes you up when you're in a lighter phase of sleep (apparently) so you're not groggy. I'm not sure how well that works, but it does seem to record my sleep patterns quite well.

Anyway, enough wittering about apps, sometimes I do forget that you're here for the food, sorry :) When I got up at 3pm, I wasn't feeling particularly hungry, but when you have a 12 hour shift ahead of you, you have to eat and so I made myself some magic soup.

For those that don't know, magic soup is a very quick and easy store cupboard soup that tastes quite similar to Heinz cream of tomato. There are two recipes that I've seen, but this is the one I prefer.

Magic Soup

Tin of baked beans
2 Tins of tomatoes
A pickled onion ( I used two small ones)
1/2 pint of vegetable stock

Just simmer them all together for a while and then blend. That's all there is to it :) It does make a ton, I had two bowls and I've still got a pretty hefty portion for later on this week at work, it's a soup you can make for less than a quid, and it's so filling, what's not to like?

Whilst the soup was simmering, I had my efficient hat on and got all my food ready for work. On a 12 hour shift I get two meal breaks, and 3 shorter breaks, and so as you can imagine, I had quite a lot to sort out! One of the worst thing about a 12 hour night shift is that I have to leave 15 minutes earlier than I would normally, so I'm out of the house for a stupid amount of time, close to 14 hours *sigh* Still, the bills don't pay themselves eh?

Anyway, first break came around and I wasn't hugely hungry so just had a bottle of water and an apple (which I forgot to take a picture of), so when my first meal break arrived at 9pm I was pretty hungry. Luckily today's meal was a large portion of veggie chilli, into which I mixed 2 Laughing Cow extra light triangles, followed by a yogurt and some pineapple. was the result, exactly what I needed! Unsurprisingly I wasn't hungry again until my next meal break, and this wasn't quite so heavy.

Ryvitas, LC triangles, tomatoes, a yogurt and some French Fries. Definitely what I needed at that time in the morning, something a bit lighter so I don't want to fall asleep afterwards!

I still wasn't hungry at my final break, and so just had some more water whilst clock watching until my 12 hours were done! When I finally got home, I was totally shattered, so no hot chocolate today, just bed!

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
baked beans
pickled onion
vegetable chilli

Healthy Extras
A - 6 LC extra light triangles
B - 4 original Ryvita

2 Shape delight crumble yogurts    1
French Fries                                 4

Total syns                                     5

This week seems to have been a treadmill of work, sleep, eat - so sorry for the repetitive nature of the blogs! 

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