Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Long and Short Of It!

Bad Karen! Two days without a blog, with tiredness being the only reason. I can only apologise, but they have been an odd couple of days to be fair!

I woke up early on Monday, at 10am for some reason, despite knowing I'd be working all night, but went with it and had my usual 2 cups of tea before eating. I felt like something a wee bit different today, but overestimated a tad...

Scrambled eggs, mini roasted potatoes, and a mix of baked beans, tinned tomatoes and mushrooms. I only used half a tin of beans and half a tin of tomatoes but it seemed to take over my whole plate!! Greedy guts here ate it all up though and very nice it was too :)

After an hour or so, I felt t a bit peckish (I know!) so had a few grapes with another cuppa before I decided to head up for a nap to prepare for my night shift.

With my grapes eaten, and the clock heading towards 4.30, I headed for my nap. I managed to get a couple of hours, and thanks to my advance planning whilst I was cooking breakfast, I had a Quorn chicken casserole waiting for me :)

Rather lovely it was too, although next time, I think I'll mix a dollop (tbsp) of brown sauce into it as it was just missing that "something". As is usual for my slow cooker recipes, I utilised the Bung It All In method, this time quorn chicken, potatoes, a courgette, a tin of baked beans, a tin of chickpeas and some frozen casserole mix were bunged, along with some oregano and a stock pot. Hague had some, I had this bowlful and there is also a healthy portion in the freezer for when I need something for work. Slow cooker, I love you!

With that eaten it was time to head for work. It was only one shift, as a payback for my Halloween party night :) It seemed like a long one though, but I got through it. As always with the help of plenty of snackage :)

As you can see, I didn't skimp on the syns today either, all week I've been deliberately having a few more syns that I would normally have, as a lot of posts on the various Slimming World boards have spoken of having more syns and getting bigger losses....I was intrigued, so gave it a go :) Across these 3 breaks I had 12 syns - 4 for the French Fries, 3 for the Alpen Light and the two cans of Tango for 5. I even had a "lunch" at 2am too :)

When I have meals like this at work, I do wonder if people think I just diet once a week or so, as this looks so much like a "proper" diet meal. However, the blue cheese triangles on the ryvitas really taste good and have that crunch to them that I sometimes need :) So another 1/2 a syn there. It was a relief to get through the shift I must say, as my week off couldn't begin until it was done! I headed home and treated myself to a lovely hot chocolate before heading to bed.

I do love the white chocolate options, and made with some milk (HeA) it really is lovely and feels really naughty. With that drunk, I went up to bed, planning for a huge sleep.....

Food Diary (Monday)

Free Food
baked beans
tinned tomatoes
quorn chicken
casserole mix
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi skimmed milk, 4 Laughing Cow light blue cheese
B - 4 original Ryvitas

French Fries           4
250ml Tango x2     5
Alpen Light            3
Shape yogurt          0.5
Hot chocolate        2

Total syns              14.5

However, I woke up at 12 and couldn't get back to sleep. So I fortified myself with a small cuppa and then headed up for a nice soak. I had a double whammy today you see - the Press Play challenge means I can't leave the house without making that little bit of effort AND it was the Miss Slinky awards at group and so I wanted to make sure I looked good. I soaked for WAY too long, mostly as me and Hague had a bit of a heart to heart and so I didn't have that much time to get ready.

I had no idea what to wear, and tried a few things on in my wardrobe that hadn't fitted in a long while. I pulled out an old favourite of mine, not expecting it to do up - but it did. I felt really good in it too, as I loved wearing that dress and a quick look in the mirror actually gave me a shock as to how slim it made me look! So a bit of slap later (and TWO watery eyes due to an eyeliner incident on one and a mascara wand incident on the other) I was ready to head to Slimming World. I was hoping for a loss, but got rid of an astonishing 4.5lbs, which brings my total to 4 stone and 6lbs in the 23 weeks since I joined. Gobsmacked! I lost out on Miss Slinky, but as my vote went to the winner, the gorgeous and inspirational Steph, who is now a target member after losing close to 5 stone, you'll hear no whinging here! I DID get Slimmer of the Week though, and now have to try plums as there were two punnets of them in the basket :)

As you may have noticed, I didn't eat again before group and so by the time I got home I was rather hungry and the lovely Hague had a meal waiting for me.

Under that mountain of cheese is some egg mayonnaise. One of my favourite meals! I could live on jacket potatoes, you can't beat a lovely soft, fluffy spud with a proper hard, baked skin. Yum.

At around 10 I fancied a snack and as I hadn't had my HeB it was an easy choice for me :)

After such a wonderful loss, I'm going to stick with having more of my syns every day, and a Graze box delivery helped me out there, as that rather delicious looking piece of cake at the bottom of the picture was a lovey moist square of carrot cake from my Graze box, at just 4.5 syns and it tasted gorgeous! When I'd eaten my snacks I was shattered, and so I headed to bed not much after 11, I did start writing my blog - but I was just too tired to concentrate properly! If you fancy a Graze box - head to and use code YYX2MZND to claim a free box :)

Food Diary (Tuesday)

Free Food
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 30g cheddar x2
B - 2 Alpen Lights

Milk in tea (2)                2
tbsp salad cream            2
Carrot cake                   4.5
Hot chocolate                2

Total syns                      10.5

I also got my latest Press Play challenge to day, but I shall fill you in on that later. Again, apologies for my slackness, but normal service will be resumed with today's blog being :) See you in a few hours!

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