Monday, 5 November 2012

Starting to Press Play :)

Today is the start of my third week at work, and the last before my week off. And it's the day that Hague finally came home, from what seems like months in Barnsley ;) I was quite sensible last night and went to bed pretty early at about 1am, and dropped off at about 2. However, I then woke up at 6am. Wide awake, and despite trying, I couldn't go back to sleep :( 

On one hand that was good as it meant I got a bit of time before work, but on the other hand, I'm shattered, and won't be up much longer after this blog is up! I decided to make myself some magic pancakes for breakfast as I had that spare time, and so soaked the oats whilst I made myself a nice cuppa. After about 45 minutes I whisked in 2 eggs and then got them in the frying pan. Whilst they were cooking, I also started on dinner by loaded up the slow cooker.....anyway, back to the pancakes, I had managed to pick up one of the precious rhubarb crumble yogurts rather than the apple ones, but it still worked, and served up with bananas, grapes, yogurts and a tablespoon of honey then were divine!

I then got to work on the first Press Play challenge, which I'll talk about later, before getting sorted for work. Work was rather tedious - for the first 5 hours nothing ran, and so I found myself bored out of my head which really didn't help with feeling tired...still, I got through it, fortified as always by quite a few snacks :)

It does make a nice change to have some crisps I must admit, and the leftover chilli from Saturday was perfect for my main break (I forgot to take a picture until I was nearly done though...oops!)

The chilli really filled me up, and so I didn't have anything else whilst I was at work. I couldn't wait to get home though, as Hague was there! I know it's soppy, and sickly, and silly, but I have really missed him and it was wonderful to walk through the door and give him a huge cuddle :) As I said, I had loaded up the slow cooker before work, and so there was a lamb casserole/stew type thing waiting for me, and Hague had made some mash to go with it too. 

As it's been a very cold day, it was just what I wanted and has left me nicely satisfied! I'll have a hot chocolate before bed, and that will be me done for the day!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
leftover chilli
asda frozen casserole mix
Quorn lamb strips
chopped tomatoes
baked beans
pearl barley

Healthy Extras
A - 250m semi-skimmed milk, 60g of LowLow cheese spread (in my mash)
B - 35g of oats

1 tbsp of honey                 2.5
2 Shape delights yogurts    1
French Fries                     4
Hot chocolate                   2

Total syns                         9.5

As I mentioned earlier, today is the first day of the Press Play challenge, and I couldn't wait to receive my email - this was the first challenge...

"Over the next three days I challenge you to find one or two hours for yourself. It could be a nice candle lit bath, going for a walk or swim. You could even drive to the top of a hill tonight and watch the fireworks below. Whatever it is it has to be for you. Don't go for a swim if you hate swimming or swim suits make you feel uneasy or if you use exercise as a punishment. It has to be relaxing and it has to be for you. In this time I would like you to think of all the reasons you are taking part and what you want to achieve. Then you have two choices, you can either write a list seal it in an envelope ready to read later on this month (part of another challenge) or you can email me and I will send it back to you when we are ready"

With Hague returning today, I knew I needed to have some me time this morning, and that's what I did. I ran myself a lovely hot bath, and relaxed in there for a good hour with my book. I DID spend the time in there thinking about the challenge, and what I want to achieve, and I shall be emailing that list back tomorrow. It was nice to just take time out and reflect on the challenge, on why I am doing it, why the whole idea of having my life on pause struck such a chord with me, and what I want to take from it. I just need the extra night to work those thoughts out in my mind before returning the email.

If you've signed up with me, how did you get on with your challenge today? Or are you waiting a day or so to find the perfect me time?

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