Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Snip Snip!

It's rather funny how your confidence grows as your weight goes down. I'm now around a third of the way to my target and am already feeling so much better about myself. The Press Play challenge has helped as well as it's made me realise that there is no point in waiting. I've fancied having a straight, fifties-esque fringe for quite a while now, but always put it on the Things I'll Do When I Get To Target list. Having lost some weight, and signed up for Press Play (and having a wee bit of spare cash this month), I decided to take the plunge and get a fringe cut in.

The general Facebook consensus is a rather wonderful thumbs up, and I LOVE it! I'm so glad that I didn't wait! (Please note the make-up, as part of the Press Play challenge). Hague likes it, but is rather shell shocked as despite me telling him I was having a fringe, this wasn't what he expected. Quite what he expected I'm not sure :) 

Anyway - onto foodly delights as that is why you put up with my random witterings after all :) I actually managed to have breakfast shortly after waking up today, and after only one cuppa! Progress indeed!

I am loving my pineapple at the moment, and it was perfect before heading to the hairdressers, where as well as having a fringe cut in, and my hair dyed black again (goodbye greys!) I got to catch up with my lovely hairdresser Faye, as it had been way too long since I'd been and so we had a good ol' natter :)

After several hours of lovely pampering and chatting (and coming home via McDonalds for Hague) I was rather hungry when I got in. Luckily I only fancied something simple and so it was ready quickly.

Pasta in a tomato sauce. The sauce couldn't have been easier, a tin of tomatoes with some oregano, black pepper, tomato puree and garlic. Then just topped with 50g of Feta, sometimes all you want is something simple and this really hit the spot.

I guess that the next picture you're expecting here is my dinner....erm....we are in a rather drinky kind of mood this evening, and so this is what I'm swallowing next.

Sorry - it's my week off, it's been a while since myself and Hague have had the money to treat ourselves to some booze and we have both been looking forward to trying the honey Jack Daniels forever and so this evening Slimming World shall take a backseat whilst we drink ourselves silly. Now, I still have a HeB and HeA choice and so I have some flexibility for snacks later without resorting to off plan food, so the damage shall purely be liquid, delicious, intoxicating liquid :)

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 50g of Feta and....?
B - to be eaten later :)

Quite a scarily large amount of booze!

I did receive the next Press Play challenge a day or two ago as well. It's a very intriguing one I must say. I'll certainly be trying out the ideas from the video, and will be taking the plunge with something scary too - am guessing I can't use the new haircut ;)

Press Play Challenge #3

On to our next challenge, scientists really believe that you can fake lots of things by mimicking body language and habits of the people who posses the things you want to have. So right now you might not be feeling to confident but you can fake confidence until you become confident. And we are going to fake some stuff until we no longer need to fake it.
challenge #3 watch the video posted below and then choose something to fake. I am going to fake being confident enough to go going in the street! But it could be joining a book club or going on a night out, dancing, singing, anything. How? Just do it, pretend that your not scared to death and just go for it.
I also promised we would look at body image. I want you take some you time to take this test and look at some of the hints below. I am not an expert I am on the same journey as you so this section is taken from the livestrong website.

How does your body image shape up?
The following items are how people assess their body image. Using these items how does your body image shape up? Put an "X" next to those statements that are true for you:
___ I dislike seeing myself in mirrors.
__  I find shopping for clothes unpleasant.
___ I am ashamed to be seen in public.
___ I like to pretend to be invisible in public settings.
___ I am initially shy in social gatherings or when I meet new people.
___ I think my body is ugly.
___ I usually dress in a way to hide my body.
___ I am self-conscious about my body in the presence of a person of the opposite sex.
___ I feel that other people must think my body is unattractive.
___ I feel self-conscious in a bathing suit.
___ I avoid social occasions like swim parties, beach picnics or hotel pools where swim suits are usually worn.
___ I feel that my family and friends are often embarrassed to be seen with me in public.
___ I find that I am constantly comparing my body to those of others.
___ I avoid going out in public because I am so self-conscious about my body.
___ I find it difficult to enjoy activities because I am conscious of my physical appearance.
___ I do not enjoy dressing up for special occasions because I am never happy with how I look.
___ I feel self-conscious sitting in a beauty salon or barber shop because of my physical appearance.
___ I feel self-conscious over my weight problem and how it affects my looks.
___ I am always negative and critical whenever I think of my body.
___ I am intimidated by people who have bodies which I believe look better than mine.
If you checked three or more items, your body image is affecting your self-image in a negative way.

Ways to change your body image
It is important for you to keep your body image current so that you will act in a way to reinforce this image, i.e., by eating in moderation, exercising, etc. To help yourself to see yourself as you are:
* Begin looking in mirrors frequently.
* Keep an old picture of yourself next to a new picture of you on the refrigerator and bathroom mirror so that your new image is reinforced.
* Accept compliments on your body size and believe them.
* Go to clothing stores and try on clothes.
* Treat self to new hairstyle.
* Try new make up.
* Try out more stylish clothes.
* Start new activities that you once shied away from because you felt you were too fat, e.g.: take dance lessons, go swimming, learn to ski (water and snow), play tennis, etc.
* Work on improved social skills that enhance your new self-image.

Fake it till you make it. This is an amazing inspirational video from an amazing lady. Watch it and be ready to fake it till you make it!

Okay, so that's the next challenge - the statements in red are the ones that I do....quite a few more than three as you can see :) Hopefully that'll come down as the challenges progress. As you can see I've already got the haircut done, and since it's been done I've not stopped looking in the mirror! Give the video a look too, it's very interesting, and something I'll be trying.


  1. Like the bangs, and they are back in style too.
    Your list surprised me, really didn't think that some things bothered me, and I guess maybe they do and for sure shouldn't.

    1. Thanks!
      I think sometimes it takes a list like that, or really sitting down and thinking about our behaviour that makes us realise how we shoot ourselves down so much.