Saturday, 10 November 2012

Proud of Myself!

I am rather proud of myself today. In the 11 months that I have been trying to return to work I haven't managed to complete a full set of shifts, that's a week of earlies, then nights, and finally lates. Sounds easy doesn't it, but until today, I hadn't done it, but now I have. A definite sign that I'm well and truly on the mend.

Anyway, enough patting myself on the back, you're here for food! I had a bit of a crappy night and found myself wide awake at 7.30 this morning, I tried to get some more sleep, but gave it up as a bad job an hour later. I decided to actually spend the time productively rather than just ligging on the sofa, and so cooked some orzo to use in a salad for work, and mixed some oats and yogurt to soak ready for some magic pancakes.Impressive eh? Sadly not - when I went to actually cook the pancakes, we had no eggs.....I really am no good at this domestic goddess thing am I?

Without eggs, breakfast can be a struggle, so I went for a HeB of muesli with plenty of fat free natural yogurt and some grapes and bananas mixed in, then topped with a tablespoon of honey. It wasn't magic pancakes, but it was rather nice and made a change - and I still have the oats and yogurt in the fridge for tomorrow morning :)

Work snackage was pretty standard, the usual banana, Alpen Light and apple, I did have something a bit different for my main meal (we'd run out of frozen leftovers).

I roasted off some sweet potato, courgettes and peppers and mixed them into the orzo along with some fat free italian dressing and tomatoes. It was really nice, perhaps more of a summery dish, but I really fancied a change from all the hearty meals recently. 

Work wasn't quite as busy today, so only 3.7 miles walked, but it was enough that I was tired and achey and counting down the minutes until I could get home! As today is payday, we had shopping delivered, and I finally got some large jacket potatoes - I've been craving one for weeks now, and so that was dinner!

Ooh it was good, and really hit the spot! The potato was loaded with some egg mayonnaise and topped with both my HeA's of cheddar. Just yummy!

The cold that Hague so generously passed on after his weekend in Barnsley is now taking proper hold, so it won't be long before I head to bed, where I can have a lovely lie in in the morning :) Lovely!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
sweet potato
fat free salad dressing

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 30g of cheddar
B - 40g of Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli


tbsp honey                       2 1/2
Shape yogurt                    1/2
tbsp light salad cream        2
milk in tea (4)                   4

Total syns                         9 syns

I also got my second Press Play challenge today, and it's one which will last for the rest of November, so quite a serious challenge to fulfill :)

Challenge #2: So this challenge is to make more effort with our appearance, no exceptions for the rest of the month! No lounge clothes outside of the house, even if you are dropping someone off and don't plan to leave the car. Let's live the rest of the month as though at any moment we might bump into (insert celebrity crush here). This is going to mean different things to different people so have a good think about how this applies to you. For me this means getting up earlier so that l don't leave the house with wet hair/ rely on my dry shampoo. It means not wearing my sweat pants in public. And putting my make up on even when I feel as though I would rather not bother. Like I said it will be different for you, don't feel you have to wear make up if that's not you or that you have to buy all new stuff, we just want to look our best at all times to see how that effects our mood and the choices we make.

For me, this will mean putting on my make up when I got out - which is pretty minimal, but I still don't normally bother - and put a bit more thought into the clothes I'm wearing, and how I do my hair. I'm actually really excited about this one, and I like the idea behind it. That if we make more effort, we'll feel better about ourselves and make better choices. A simple idea, but one that I think holds a lot of truth in I shall be doing my absolute best to complete this one, and maybe see what clothes I can dig out to wear again too!

The Press Play Facebook page is right HERE if you want to join in.

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