Friday, 2 November 2012

Party Time!

I'm confusing myself with this blog. I didn't work last night and so I didn't have a whole night of food to blog about - but if I leave it until later I might wake up too late and not have time. So I've decided to do one now, and anything I eat later I'll put in tomorrow's blog. Oh, and my head still thinks it's Thursday as I have to have a proper sleep before I go to work tonight! Are you confused now too? Good :)

I woke up at a reasonable hour as I wasn't working, and of course had myself a huge cuppa. As we were heading out at about 7, and I had to dress up, dinner had to be done and dusted quite early, as always Hague did the business for me :)

Ooh it was delish, lots of veggies and a whole tub of LowLow too, for me, that's almost the perfect dinner! I certainly wanted it to fill me up as I had to face a buffet later on!

As I've mentioned before, I LOVE the opportunity to dress up, and Halloween is the perfect time :) We were heading to a little party, but that didn't stop me going a bit OTT!

Teamed with a corset and a petticoat (and a devil tail) I rather enjoyed the dressing up, and it was nice to fit back into an old favourite corset, although it's nearly at it's tightest limit :( I had a few drinks whilst we were out, and resisted the buffet for quite a long time, but I did crack after a few hours, but not hideously.

I went for the wholemeal sandwiches, 2 were cream cheese and cucumber and one was cheese and pickle. In the scheme of things, not awful - but they would have pushed me into a flexi day, despite the bread being a HeB. When teamed with 4 Jack Daniels, it was definitely a flexi day.....

Oh, and there was cake....*blush* I DID choose the smallest slice though, and it was gorgeous as it was homemade and just melt in the mouth delicious. So a bit of an unintentional flexi day, but much enjoyed nonetheless :)

Food Diary

Free Food
erm...cucumber in my sandwiches? ;)

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 60g of Low Low
B - 60g (ish) of wholemeal bread

milk in 3 cups of tea                                              3
4 25ml of Jack Daniels                                          10
cheese                                                                   3
pickle                                                                    1/2
birthday cake (I'm going to guesstimate it at 75g     15
cream cheese                                                        3

Total syns                                                              34 1/2 (eek)

I know the odd flexi day is okay, and my syns haven't been too outlandish this week - but I still worry that I won't have lost when I go back to group this week. As you've seen, I've not been overly bad over the last few weeks, but I just have that nagging little doubt that I won't get that pesky 1/2lb to get my 4 stone award. Silly eh? 

Catch you tomorrow when the working week is done and dusted, and a weekend without Hague beckons!

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