Monday, 19 November 2012

Ouchy and Icky

I'm afraid it's another grumbly blog today. I woke up at 3am with an absolute stonker of a headache - dosed myself on ibuprofen and attempted to go back to sleep. When my alarm went off at 4.30am it was worse. Migraine territory, with the wonderful addition of nausea, dizzyness and light sensitivity. Lovely. A phone call to work later and back to bed I went.

I finally emerged at around midday, with yet another ibuprofen down me and made myself a cuppa. When I feel like this, I'm hard pushed to eat anything, but I knew I had to eat and so did myself a bit of a mish-mash which ended up being rather a huge brunch!

Bit of a BBQ brunch as well, as I fried the mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes in BBQ fry light! Hiding under those are 4 Quorn burgers, some cheesy potato wedges and a couple of eggs. It certainly filled me up, and I'd forgotten how nice the BBQ fry light was :)

Once brunch had finally gone down, I could do nothing but head up to bed. The nausea had eased slightly, but the headache was still raging and so a lie down was required. I didn't feel that much better after my nap, but came downstairs anyway and medicated with more ibuprofen and tea. As we sat down to watch the football (COYI!), Hague told me I had to have something else to eat. I really didn't fancy anything much, so put together a meal during half-time.

Obviously I'm still really enjoying my Ryvitas, especially with the blue cheese Laughing Cow's! Under the cottage cheese is quite a healthy pile of cucumber as it was one of the goodies in my SotW basket last week :) It made a bit of a change from all the lovely comfort food I've been enjoying recently as well. I followed dinner up with some grapes, whilst bemoaning the lack of a winning goal during tonight's footy :( 

I've also allocated some syns for an Alpen Light bar and hot chocolate, as that will be just the ticket before bed!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 45g of reduced fat cheddar, 4 blue cheese LC light triangles
B - 4 original Ryvita

4 Quorn burgers              2
Milk in tea                       2
Hot chocolate                  2
Alpen Light                      3

Total syns                        9

I've received another Press Play challenge today, one which I could cheat at and use something I did last week, but I guess that's not quite the point :) I'll share it with you all tomorrow, as to be honest, all I want to do right now is close my eyes and wake up without a headache!


  1. I so admire your ability to stay on plan even when you're ill! Get well soon Karen xx